The inspirational slogan of the college entrance examination , there is no most thunder, only more thunder

  Remember the slogan behind the high school classroom that year ? Innumerable moments to do the problem, you look up, you will look at the bloody slogan.

  First, Lei Ren articles

  1, tested the rich and handsome, defeated the official second generation.

  2, do not learn how to feed your many women.

  3, my three provinces my body: high? Rich? Handsome? Yes, go home; no, go to study.

  4, people are ugly, not much reading, where is the confidence ? Still playing, say you!

  5, sleep! Play now! Graduation together to get rid of it!

  5, do not fight no wife, do not have no husband.

  7, do not learn? In the future, the wall of other people's niches is your build!

  8, father-in-law, your golden turtle has lost!

  Second, chicken soup articles

  1, fight for three years, win no regrets!

  2, the current tough Bo Feng wave, tomorrow, the North Campus of the Qing!

  3, there is a way, no retreat; leaving the road is a road.

  4, why do you sleep for a long time, will sleep after death.

  5, tired of thinking about parents, tired of looking at the future.

  6. I will not bury my head today, and I will look up tomorrow.

  Third, struggle articles

  1. Senior, I will marry you at Tsinghua!

  2, as long as you can't learn to die, you will learn to die.

  3. The road to Tsinghua University is paved with paper!

  4, the woman who does not learn only two end: the endless vegetable market, the endless goods. There are only two men who don’t study: the Adi hanging silk that can’t be worn, and the broken bottle and cans that can’t be finished.

  5. Improve one point and kill thousands of people.

  6, Stars and old immortals, magical boundless, help me college entrance examination, sweeping thousands.

  7, not as backward as a wildebeest, to fight like a wild dog.

  8, to be successful , first crazy, determined to move forward.

  9, parents pleaded, bearing in mind, waiting for my gold list title.

  10, born and proud, how can you afford to lose.

  11, can you live with me; can't help, give me death.

  12, children do not be afraid, there are parents behind you, those who struggled will fail if they fail.

  13, the children cheer, the parents are proud of you, I hope you fly high and fly to a brilliant tomorrow.