Hengli Group Chen Jianhua: "Chemical Fiber Giant" Business Legend
  From the small township factories that are on the verge of bankruptcy to the world's top 500 with annual sales of 371.7 billion, Chen Jianhua has seized opportunities, innovated and changed, and led Hengli Group to create a business miracle.
  First, start from scratch
  Chen Jianhua was born in the "Silk House" Suzhou Wujiang Shengze, and he was so fascinated by his eyes. Due to his family's poverty, he dropped out of school at the age of 14 and entered the silk industry.
  Chen Jianhua started from the scrap wire of the purchase of the factory. After that, he ran the business of the white factory silk and went to the whole country to collect the silk. Sleeping in the Datong shop is a common thing. Through unremitting efforts, he earned more than 2 million at the age of 20, showing his extraordinary business talent.
  In 1994, the second wave of entrepreneurship was in full swing. Chen Jianhua boldly bought Wujiang Chemical Fiber Weaving Factory, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, and embarked on a business journey.
  At that time, Wujiang Chemical Fiber Weaving Factory suffered serious losses, and wages were arrears, and employees left. In order to get out of the predicament, Chen Jianhua began to carry out reforms drastically.
  He first settled all the wages in arrears, stipulated that wages should be paid on the 15th of each month, and stabilize the military; then implement the "three noes" principle of "no guarantee, no debt, no friends, no friends" to avoid management malpractice; finally, for Raw material imports and product sales are strictly controlled to ensure fairness and integrity.
  In addition, Chen Jianhua carried out equipment upgrades. He first replaced the original shuttle looms with 1200 spindles, and then introduced water jet looms, pulp and other international advanced equipment to greatly increase production capacity. On the right track.
  What really makes the weaving factory take off is Chen Jianhua's preparation for market opportunities.
  Second, seize the opportunity
  In 1997, the Asian financial crisis broke out, the overcapacity of the domestic textile industry was highlighted, and weaving companies have reduced production.
  Chen Jianhua put forward the "cat snake theory" when he reviewed the situation. He believes that when the winter comes, companies should not go into hibernation like snakes, but like cats, they will accumulate strength and wait for the opportunity.
  Therefore, he seized the opportunity of this “bargain-hunting” and boldly purchased 500 international advanced water jet looms. Facts have proved that Chen Jianhua's decision is correct. After the market recovers, this batch of equipment makes the development of the weaving factory one step faster and obtains huge profits.
  In 2003, Chen Jianhua founded the Hengli Group. His motto is "What time is it to do?" He can always accurately predict the direction of the market and make a decisive attack.
  In 2008, the global financial crisis screamed and the textile industry fell into a depression.
  Chen Jianhua once again seized the opportunity and vigorously expanded the industrial chain. He has successively launched a 200,000-ton industrial silk project and a 600,000-ton chemical fiber polyester project, allowing the development of Hengli Group to enter the fast lane.
  In addition, Chen Jianhua also established the Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian Changxing Island) Industrial Park in the opportunity of “revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China” and formed a complete industrial chain.
  According to data released by Hengli Group, Hengli Group's annual sales reached 371.7 billion yuan in 2018.
  Today, Hengli Group has become the world's largest weaving company, and Chen Jianhua, known as the “chemical fiber giant”, is still moving towards “more advanced”.