Inspirational book list
  I. "Shawshank Redemption"
  The film of the same name in this book is famous. This book is Stephen. Kim’s most outstanding and outstanding masterpiece earned his four novels. One of the most prestigious is the Shawshank Redemption (also translated as "Iritation 1995"), which was nominated for seven Oscars and is known as the most perfect film in the history of film. This novel shows the extraordinary skill of Stephen King in his excitement. A masterpiece that you can't miss, and you can't help but experience the desperate and hopeful journey of humanity as the seasons change.
  Second, "Who Moved My Cheese"
  Author Spencer Johnson, MD, is a world-renowned thought pioneer, orator and bestselling author. Many of his views have enabled thousands of people to discover the simple truths of life and make people's lives healthier, more successful , and easier. In the face of complex problems, simple and effective solutions are proposed. In this regard, he is considered to be the best expert. He is the author or co-author of many bestsellers. His "Who moved my cheese?" It provides an excellent way to cope with change.
  Third, "How can I stop anxiety and start a new life?" Carnegie
  These are books that have helped me, help me get rid of the confusion of life, quit 4 years of online-free addiction, establish a life goal, maintain a positive attitude, and of course greatly improve the English level. Although I have not achieved real career success at the moment, I believe that success is only a matter of time for me. I hope that they can also enlighten the latecomers.
  Fourth, "Soldier Assault"
  This book caused a "soldier heat" after the heat in mainland China. Xu Sanduo and Steel Qilian said that "do not abandon, do not give up" believe that we feel the strength of the once fragile. From the oil bottle of the company to the old A soldier, Xu Sandu showed us the greatness of the ordinary people.
  V. "Forrest Gump"
  As the book is adapted into a movie, I believe everyone is familiar with it. The film of the same name adapted from the original book won the 67th Oscar for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Editing in 1995. Six awards for best visual effects. The film was adapted from Winston R26; Grum's novel of the same name. We have an A-Gump in every heart. There are many differences between the original and the movie, and it is more original than the original one.
  Sixth, "Awakening the Giant in the Heart" Chinese version Anthony Robbins
  Wake up! Control your life! Anthony Robbins is the world's top motivator . You will share this unique and powerful course with this master in this book to wake up the crouching giant in your heart. He is recognized as an expert in controlling psychological change. In this book, he provides a basic step-by-step curriculum that allows you to form emotions and emotions through inspirational and fun anecdotes, examples, and step-by-step strategies. A program that is financially difficult and has a life of giants to help you discover your true purpose and control your life and inspire your ability to control your destiny.
  Seven, "Retain the dream"
  Maybe this book is a bit strange to some readers. In fact, this is the first documentary documentary of volunteer education in the west of China. The author, as a college student, came to the United Nations in 2006 to participate in the “World’s Most Unsuitable Area for Human Survival” – a one-year volunteer in the Xihaigu area of ​​Ningxia. Teaching work. Aims to tell you he can see to the west of the experience before, to tell you on the Loess Plateau, a group struggling for their own ideal of recourse of the children's story, to tell you what happened every day calm in the hinterland of northwest China but tragic s story. In the book, everything is real.  I believe that this simple teaching document will be the voice of the simple language. The first step toward maturity is to cherish the present and cherish the people around you. Everyone has the right to pursue their dreams .
  Eight, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series
  Both Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen are American inspirational speakers who have helped millions of people to find their courage. They cooperated to launch "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and won the first best-selling book in the New York Times. The title of "writer" is warmly welcomed by readers all over the world. Their work has been translated into dozens of languages. His works include "Soul Chicken Soup" 1-6 episodes, "Soul Chicken Soup - Inspiring Women", "Soul Chicken Soup - To the World, Lovers", "Soul Chicken Soup - Family Records" and other books.
  Nine, "Ordinary World"
  The Chinese writer Lu Yao’s lifelong painstaking work. The novel focuses on the destiny of Sun, Tian and Jin in the Shuangshui Village of the Loess Plateau in northern Shaanxi, reflecting the broad social outlook from the late Cultural Revolution to the early days of the reform. Mr. Lu Yao later died of cancer because of his death. This novel has inspired many Chinese youth.
  X. "Give a letter to Garcia"
  A successful model that leads from initiative to excellence, with more than 800 million copies sold worldwide! A management concept and working method that has been circulating for hundreds of years. A legendary story about sending letters contains the true meaning of corporate success and personal development. The story of a hero reveals a pattern of success. The hero in the story is the one who sent the letter to Garcia. Today, every business is calling for someone who can “send a letter to Garcia”. Being the person who sent the letter to Garcia, the person who sent the letter to Garcia, and the person who used the letter to Garcia became the main theme of today's workplace. This book is a successful Bible study.