Top Ten Inspirational Books
  success of the top ten inspirational books contains two aspects. First, society recognizes the value of individuals and gives individuals appropriate rewards such as money, status, housing, respect, and so on. The second is to admit your own value, so that you are full of confidence , fullness and happiness. No matter what kind of success, it will make people feel fascinated. Almost everyone is eager to reach their dreams and achieve their own success. We believe that although each of us has different definitions of success, in order to achieve success, we must pay the labor that ordinary people can't afford, and we must follow certain "success rules." 
  Getting the "law of success" is not easy, and reading is one of the easiest ways. A good successful inspirational book can not only teach us a lot of successful methods, but also enlighten the wisdom of life, let us realize our ideals more quickly, and fully reflect the value of life, which is the success of inspirational books. The reason for the general concern of readers. However, there are so many kinds of books now, and it is not easy to find a good book that is really suitable for you in these books. To this end, Beijing Wanjuan Book Culture Center, together with China's relevant psychological experts, successful experts, life planning experts, media professionals and some successful people, selected in the 2011 book market for hundreds of psychological inspirational books and successful inspirational books. Top Ten Successful Inspirational Books in 2011." Among them, there are not only the best-selling books that the readers are familiar with, but also the high-quality books that are ignored by the readers. Through the joint efforts of many professionals, they are also excavated and recommended to the readers of the whole country. 
  1. " Faith of Faith ", Orrison Svet Maden, Chongqing Publishing House
  This book starts from all aspects of material poverty, mental weakness, physical weakness, and shyness in thinking. It analyzes one by one, indicating that “belief power” can play a miraculous role before many difficulties people have to face. Both positive and negative. Through a large number of cases and patient and meticulous arguments, this book allows readers to understand that correct and firm beliefs can reverse life and make life miraculously free from the double poverty of material and spiritual, and achieve peace and peace. (power), plenty, healthy and healthy. 
  2, "Going toward the Sun: The Life of the Wind and Rain of the Founder Li Jintao", Zhang Anyang, Writer Publishing House,
  long reportage. The protagonist Li Jinxi was made by the workers as the propaganda minister of the municipal party committee, and his career was broken and he returned to the workers. In the tide of reform and opening up, he rushed forward and created the Shuguang Group, becoming the leading boss in the national automobile axle industry. 
  In his "Towards the Sun", the author Zhang Anyang not only describes the stormy life path of Li Jintao before the establishment of Shuguang, but also writes about his experience in the "Cultural Revolution" after being pushed to the position of the Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and then fell to the bottom of the valley. He walked out of the difficult situation of the municipal party committee, and described in more detail the years after the birth of Shuguang with the pace of reform and opening up. For example, the experience of Kanghua Company being almost sold; Dawning listed, the twists and turns of the release of "Dawning Stock"; in the National Machinery Industry Minister He Guangyuan to do "matchmaker", Shuguang is ready to join the FAW experience and forced to "reorganize the three cities "The legend; Twilight "snake swallow" style of mergers and acquisitions of the old state-owned Huanghai Automobile Group's difficult experience; in the United States to fight against the fake foreign devils US Boliley Vice President Wang Yong's full of legendary and tragic experience, and so on, It is not only a legendary experience in which the dawn has changed from small to large, but also from weak to strong. It is also an important part of Li Jin’s life. 
  3, "Leopard goes to the end of the world" series (including "Dream Departure", "The Peak Witness", "Extreme Challenge") Jin Feibao, Yunnan People's Publishing House
  Mountaineering is a very adventurous and dangerous sport. The risk is an important component of this activity. Without danger, mountaineering cannot be distinguished from many other recreational activities. The mystery of life and death and the rare sights of the rare sights always attract people who love nature. They can stand on the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest, and it is the dream of all climbers. So the author came to Haba Snow Mountain and came to this practical school. He came to the cradle of this explorer, where he learned the most basic and gained courage and strength from here. From Haba Snow Mountain (5,396 meters) to Muztag Peak (7546 meters) to Cho Oyu (8201 meters), the author finally proudly stood on the peak of the world - Mount Everest (8844 meters). This book is the author of several mountain climbing seen and heard, thoughts and feelings, illustrated, highly readable. 
  4, "There is a place to have talent", Qiu Qingjian, the mechanical industry press
  "bit" is not born, no life is a great feat, high weight, admired. In the history of human civilization for thousands of years, most outstanding people have tried their best to "do it" when they have "no place", thus having their own place in the pages of history. "There is a talented person" comprehensively and thoroughly describes the dialectical relationship between "promising" and "having a position". The flag clearly states that "there is a place to have a place" and explains how to "do something" and how to perform well. “Position”, how to improve “Position” and other content through continuous “promising” is the first book in China that has the theme of “Having a talented person”. 
  5, "All the way to run: beauty anchors in the United States", Yang Yi, the Chinese Social Publishing House
  book with a simple and humorous brushstrokes, record the real experience of the author's transoceanic life, the lucky and bumpy among them into this story The "Handbook for the United States". The author does not look up, does not look down, does not exaggerate, is not extreme, does not listen to the way, does not listen to the wind is rain, with his own personal experience to write every detail from visa to life in the United States, to a point of view of the United States, through the point The story of the bit tells the reader a real America. 
  6, "I can see others when I succeed, I can see myself when I fail", edited by Yifu, Seismological Press
  When people have success and failure, the key is not the success and failure itself, but the attitude when people face them. Actual thinking and frustration can help to weaken people's subjective feelings. Many times success and failure depend more on external factors, so don't overestimate yourself when you are successful. Don't underestimate yourself when you fail. This way you can be smug and frustrated. 
  7, "Calling the unknown yourself: falling in love with imperfections in life ", Zhang Defen, Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House
  Why do we grow older, more lonely, more uneasy, the more unhappy? Because we are getting farther and farther away from the real self in the process of pursuing happiness! The author of the Chinese-speaking body and soul best-selling author, Zhang Defen, the author of the over-the-counter "Unknown Self", has gathered the essence of his personal and spiritual growth experience for many years, telling modern urbanites how to find lost self and find the root of unhappiness. Regain the initial happiness. In this book, Zhang Defen will share with us the wisdom of life in pursuit of harmony between body and mind, help us explore the essence of the true self, learn how to love ourselves, how to take full responsibility for our own happiness and life, how to embrace the shadow of life. How to make yourself, family and friends live a happier life! 
  8, "Difficult Conversation", Douglas Stone, Bruce Payton Hira Han, China City Press
  apologizes; customers hesitate; suppliers are in jeopardy; sudden public relations crisis; want others to help, It’s hard to tell... 
  The conversation at the moment is so difficult, but it’s always coming when you’re unprepared, is it facing or escaping? Yes, we have no choice but to face. After 15 years of painstaking research, the Harvard Negotiation Project team has thousands of professional consultations and tempered a powerful weapon to solve the top communication problems - the Harvard talk of "high difficulty talk" across the highest peak of communication. 
  9, "Alive is worth celebrating", Liu Wei, Guangming Daily Press
  This book is the first personal biography of the first "China Talent Show" champion Liu Wei, a history of spiritual growth that can incite everyone! An accident brought him to the gate of the ghost, how to miraculously escape from death? The loss of his arms caused a huge tilt in his life's balance. Where is the road? How does life continue? The mysterious appearance of a "forgetting" patient ignited his dream. Who is this guest in life? The final moment of the 2008 Paralympic Games gave up the game, a draft made him kick the iron board, forward or backward? What kind of "tiger mother" is the mother with hardships? Is the sister of "same hands and feet" a special existence? From the first attempt to play the piano with the toe to the Vienna Golden Hall, ten years of dreams, bitterness is still free and easy? Liu Wei, a 24-year-old Beijing boy, expressed all the suffering in a nearly humorous way. After reading this book, you will find that life is always full of hope and strength, and living is the happiest thing. 
  10, "You can do", Madden, Wenhui Publishing House
  You can do - but are you willing to do it? You are the "crystal of the times", and if you like, this era has given you a good environment, superior conditions and potential opportunities. Go forward and do what you want to do, as long as you like, you can do it. From now on, don't wait until tomorrow, tomorrow may not be more beneficial to you than today. Today is the best day of the year. Today is the day you set sail towards your goal, making today your first destination. step. You are born to be a winner. Whether you can win or not depends on yourself. 
  Let everyone's life flower bloom more beautifully, so that everyone can create their own path to success, this is the original intention of our "2011 Top Ten Successful Inspirational Books" activity.