Yu Minhong : 22 books that must be read in the workplace
  The first book: "Working 4 hours a week"
  An alternative view of Timothy Ferriss time 4 hours a day is a lazy dream? Author Timothy Ferriss doesn't think so. He experimented with himself and found that in order to achieve 4 hours of work, all you have to do is learn to reject, overcome fear, telecommuting, and flee the office...
  The author believes that if you are short of time, then what kind of car you drive in the future, how much deposit in the bank, does not make sense. Time is the most valuable non-renewable resource in the future world. The most outstanding people in the world always do at least 10 times more work in less than a third.
  We should consider taking time as a commodity and changing the perception that time has been used as a tool (talent, non-renewable, priceless).
  Of course, the author offers two ways to help you reach a future that only works for 4 hours:
  1. Only do important things to reduce working hours (80/20 rule).
  2. Reduce working hours to do the most important thing (Parkinson's Law). As for whether you can do it, it depends on you.
  The second book, The Kingdom of Freelancers
  Daniel H. Pink Daniel H. Pink pointed out that the era of working for myself has arrived. More than 25 million people in the United States have regarded themselves as "Free Agents" (freelancers) with the following four characteristics:
  I am responsible (I am responsible)
  They see work as “participation” rather than being hired. The focus of this work will shift to how to implement the project to the extent of excellence, thereby enhancing its value.
  Social network builder
  They spread the risk of career to different projects, customers, skills and consumers. To achieve the best working portfolio, building a relationship network becomes a very important skill.
  Team a team expert (be a team player)
  Because work is dispersed into participating in various “projects”, teamwork is often the key to determining the success or failure of a project.
  Personal growth and professional development planning
  In order to differentiate themselves from competitors, they will arrange a fixed reading time of no less than one hour per day, five days a week for personal growth, and plan to participate in various challenging tasks, regularly attend professional courses and lectures, and train professional skill.
  The third "warm?" Stop it! 》
  Bjorn Lomborg Is the global warming of Taiwan's Boya Bookstore the end of the world, or is it a well-designed scam? The author believes that these two boundaries do not really support the data. The "lights off" campaign was in vain, and the candles on the spot pushed more carbon dioxide into the air; the natural disasters such as the hurricane that Gore said were turned into the most anticipated propaganda of asset insurers. Environmental protection is a topic that every future worker can't escape. This book will help you rethink environmental protection, not follow suit.
  The fourth "The Shock of the Future"
  Alvin Toffler CITIC Publishing House This is the best book of many of Toffler's books, and is more fashionable than many replicas. If you want to escape the future and enter the country, you would rather go to the "simple and ignorant" life. If you read this book, you will feel the same; if you do the market and want to understand the society keenly, it will not let you down.
  The fifth "The World of Heat and Flatness"
  Thomas Friedman Every book in Friedman seems to cause a wave of thoughts. In the book, he has always caused the confrontation between the East and the West through environmental issues. This kind of collision finally explored the Eastern fatalism philosophy and the Western "people to win the heavens" complex, saying that today's East is not like the East and West is not like the West, so there is a problem. It is a bit interesting to talk about culture in terms of the environment.
  Sixth Love and Sex with Robots
  David Levy's wonderfully inspiring theme. A book about predicting the first pair of human-machine couples appearing in 2050. From the perspective of artificial intelligence, the author believes that robots can simulate the 12 factors that cause love among humans. After reading, you will have a new understanding of love, robots and intelligence.
  The seventh of The Design of Things to Come
  Craig M. Vogel You can see how some of the most inspiring products that cater to potential needs are simply designed.
  The eighth Futurecast: How Superpowers, Populations, and Globalization Will Change the Way You Live and Work Robert J. Shapiro
  The author has a special identity as a member of Obama's new government think tank. This newly published book deals with superpowers, demographic trends, and globalization. It predicts the future from fundamentals, and there are not many basic books.
  The ninth Out of Time: Designs for the Twentieth Century Future
  Norman Brosterman lists the predictions that have been realized or are slightly outdated today, such as egg carts, flying cities, humanoid robots, monorail trains, rocket ships, and so on. The sense of scale of prophecy and realization time is worth the taste.
  The Tenth Generations: The History of America's Future, 1584-2069
  Neil Howe, William Strauss understands the history of the United States, understands the American era, and understands American politics. Well, it is such a book. Published in 1992, the author assumes that the living generation at that time was basically dead in 2069, quite funny.
  The eleventh Mind Set!—Reset Your Thinking and See the Future
  John Naisbitt's Chinese translation is called "Finishing". From the mode of thinking, you can help you to get the most out of the chaotic world, do a good job in information collection, analysis and judgment, and foresee the future. I classify it as a must-see in the behavioral psychology class.
  The twelfth book "Future Archives - In Response to the Future 53 Laws of Survival"
  Richard Watson's "X-Files" in the workplace, if you want to know what will happen to the dead in the future, why the bath will wash longer, why are the cases of witnessing death and waiting for death increasing, why do we lose our thoughts and imagination... Just take a look.
  Thirteenth More Than Human
  Ramez Naam's book predicts that humans will become "artificial people" in the future. Blind people can drive through the brain implanted chips, and pilots can use the idea to fly the plane. A part of the human body will become a circuit, and this can stimulate more potential for people. Genetic studies have shown that these will gradually become a reality in the near future.
  The fourteenth book 2060: a love story in a utopian future
  Janette Rainwater We recommend the only love story about the future . Because the virus destroys the Y chromosome and the male becomes a minority in 2060, in this context, a wise story slowly unfolds, and the bold assumptions of the novel re-examine the humanity, morality, and equality.
  The fifteenth book "Singular Creatures Dominating the Earth after Human Extinction"
  Dougal Dixon looks at the future from a biological perspective. The author "reasons" a group of creatures that are both creative and habitual. Very exercise thinking.
  The final theory: Rethinking our scientific legacy
  Mark McCutcheon looks at the future from a scientific perspective. A groundbreaking presentation of a model that can easily explain to the public such cutting-edge scientific theories as dark matter and quantum effects is the best of its kind.
  Seventeenth Progress in Man
  Josh Valdes looks at the future from an educational perspective. The status of education in China has always been high and low, and its important role in the future has always been ignored. Read this book.
  Eighteen Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever
  Ray Kurzweil looks at the future from a health perspective. It is also very interesting to actually understand your body.
  The 19th Molly Moon, Micky Minus, & the Mind Machine
  Georgia Byng The only sci-fi fairy tale we recommend for the future. What is the future that children can appreciate?
  The 20th On Capital
  Karl Marx This 141-year-old book has never been more educational than it is today. Time has finally polished the author's inferences to the truth. But is it true? We still need more time and more economic crises to verify that at least the Chinese people are closer to their beliefs for the first time.
  The twenty-first "Monica's Mango Rain"
  What is Kris Holloway more dramatic than those in Africa that are over-exposed? The author of this book joined the "Peace Working Group" to serve in the West African Republic of Mali in the early 1990s. She has lived here for three years, knowing her partner John and her lifelong friend, maternity Monica, which is written around Monica's emotions, innocent thoughts and innate wisdom. This book about friendship and "peace work" workers is very interesting as more and more people invest in non-profit organizations and the world continues to understand each other.
  Twenty-second Yesterday's Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American Future
  Joseph J.Corn It shows us how our predecessors predicted our day and future. Reading this book is like enjoying a science fiction movie 50 years ago. The cartoon-like whimsy is both nostalgic and romantic. Whether or not their dreams become reality today, the book is full of respect for prophecy.