Decent life, never need to complain
  We all look forward to living a life.
  Some are just pursuing physical decentness; others, longing for inner decent, of course, the highest realm is decent body and mind.
  The city held an expanded financial conference, and I met a friend who was a young friend.
  She looks awkward, but the light in her eyes tells me the surprise of the reunion. We haven't been in contact for many years. We have lost our news in these busy years.
  I learned from other friends that she divorced a few years ago. Her ex-husband was not authentic. When she divorced, she separated most of the family-owned restructured families. After her mother passed away, she took her children alone. Her income in the mall is not high.
  After experiencing joy and excitement, I couldn’t help but ask her: "Are you doing well in these years?"
  She paused and said, "I am very good. Although the income of the mall is not high, but it is enough to live, the children's grades are not sharp but stable, and I get along very well with my colleagues..."
  To say that it is a happy thing, she does not mention the death of her mother, the marriage is not smooth.
  I said to her distressedly, chestnut, I know that you are not easy these years.
  She smiled: "We only talk about happiness, not to blame."
  My heart suddenly warmed up, this is what she knows, still the happy woman.
  She said that some things can't be looked back, don't think about it.
  "Only saying happiness, not complaining about vicissitudes." Because the real life is much more cruel than these eight words, but she looks so strong and laughs so well.
  I like her attitude towards life and life. Many people like to complain too much. Some unhappy things are said everywhere. In the end, they seem to have really fallen into a deep heat, and life is shrouded in layers of haze.
  In fact, fortunately and unfortunately, people are often absent from the sky, but they feel lucky and unfortunate, but they are themselves.
  A wise person does not say sorrow, because others cannot see it. There is no need to show the inner wounds to others, which is detrimental to the image.
  There is a female neighbor who likes to talk.
  Who is caught?
  Opening your mouth is hard work every day, work is too busy, colleagues are not easy to get along with, husband is not worrying, returning home every day, children's grades are not good, so small and love to dress.
  At the beginning, I always stood there listening to her, and I comforted a few words from time to time. Later, it was the trivial things that went upside down. Goodbye to avoid it, lest I open her words.
  That day, I got off work, just happened to see her and another acquaintance said that she went home after work to see her husband did not do it, the bowl was not washed, the mother-in-law was hospitalized again, and the little uncle’s family did not come out. It was really hard, so I put on such a Family.
  We all collectively witnessed her most decent side.
  In fact, she has a decent job, her daughter is beautiful, her husband has a successful career, and she still looks very tall. But listening to her said more, now see her husband, his mind has emerged his image of a lazy man lying at home, dirty socks throwing, ash, and the appearance of the glamorous decent, making people disgusted.
  Of course, all of this comes from her chatter.
  I only care about my own mouth, but I don’t know how to lose my face.
  The originator of the complaint is no more than Xianglin, written by Mr. Lu Xun .
  She is a tragic figure in the novel Blessing.
  After experiencing the pain of losing her son, she talked daily and chattered.
  It’s just that the tragic story can’t stand the years. When Ama’s story turns into bagasse in his mouth, people start to spit. Whenever she talks about Ama, those people will take it. The story is repeated in a word, and then walks away with a smirk.
  Talk is bottom-line, and sympathy is time-sensitive.
  Although the usual numb soul needs constant stimulation, Xianglin’s apparently does not have the ability to constantly update the pain. She can only let others convert her sympathy into indifference, then convert from indifference to disgust, and then, far away open.
  Some people prefer to be fair in a way that is not decent, to be tolerant, to be sympathetic.
  Who has never been let down?
  There is no fresh routine under the sun, the crying still cries, the singer still sings, there is no absolute fairness in this world.
  However, people with connotations will seek help when they encounter pain, and they will find ways and occasionally express them, but they will never evolve into complaints. Otherwise, they will become more and more serious people.
  Decent is a unique temperament.
  I often see this kind of decent in some women, such as Mr. Yang Lan.
  Although she also has an old face as time goes by, she always has a full innocent heart.
  Everyone knows her suffering.
  She is always quiet, introverted, old and innocent.
  Xue Xiaochan said that this innocent, in the world, is a kind of silent virtue.
  The so-called maturity is to learn the ability to heal.
  I have found many successful people, all of whom are decent and do not say, do not argue.
  Those who try their best to use education and pattern, and strive to live in abundance in good times, are truly decent.
  There was a saying on the Internet that don't complain to anyone, because 80% don't care, and the remaining 20% ​​are very happy.
  This is life. Many relationships are more complicated than you think. It is not important to see you, other people, friends, friends.
  What are your unfortunate things?
  Don't complain easily, otherwise you will only hurt yourself at the moment you open your bow and open your mouth.
  The world is very busy. Some people are busy and have no time to be sad. They don't have time to hurt the spring and fall, and they don't have time to listen to you or complain to you.
  There were many wounds hidden behind them in a calm, indifferent way, and one quietly healed.
  Just saying happiness, not complaining about vicissitudes.
  This kind of life can only be full of flowers, and the fragrance is always with you.
  I really like Li Gongjun’s words: "It’s better to be a smile than to hold a headache, at least to be decent."
  For this decent, from now on, you can learn to close your mouth!