Mature people need to learn these four points
  Whether a person is mature or not has nothing to do with age. Sometimes you are old, but you are still hollow; sometimes, you are young, but you are old!
  Whether a person is mature or not is related to the experience. The road you have traveled, the people you have met, the books you have read, these are your experiences. Judging whether you are maturing, depends on these experiences, whether there is a positive impact on your attitude towards life and spiritual cultivation. Does it prompt you to accelerate your growth and make you calm and peaceful. Have you learned the following points from these experiences:
  First, learn to get along with yourself
  "In the world of life, suddenly like a traveler", in your life , there will be many people passing by, but they are destined to be passers-by. You will slowly feel the longer you grow up, the more lonely you are. The journey of life sometimes goes hand in hand. More often, there is only one person who can really accompany you to complete the journey. This person is yourself.
  So, you have to learn to get along with yourself. Learn to be alone, feel the peace and beauty, learn to take care of yourself. Over the years, you have only been on the road, making friends, and finally, found that there are not many true friends, you are sorry for yourself.
  Second, learn to understand and tolerance
  Perhaps, only when we have experienced the damage, can we truly mature and learn to understand and tolerate. A mature person will not judge a person casually, he will feel that everyone is not easy. Then, learn to tolerate yourself, tolerate others, and even tolerate the enemy. Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue! Leave others alone and let go of yourself!
  Third, learn to be rational and enthusiastic
  Mature people can still love life after seeing the truth of the world! Because they learned reason and enthusiasm! People are emotional at first, and sensibility helps us to be fresh and curious about the world, but sensibility also makes us subject to feelings, only to the appearance of things, so that we are easily confused by appearances, giving birth to many troubles and pain!
  Therefore, people must have the ability to see through the phenomenon, which depends on the rational spirit of human beings. Therefore, mature people must be rational, but one cannot be overly rational, otherwise they will become selfish and unrequited, and people must maintain their enthusiasm for life. This is the true maturity.
  Fourth, learn to give up and cherish
  We are always on the road! When people reach a certain age, they must learn to go to the light, give up the give up, and seize the cherished. Mature people must throw away four things, meaningless wine bureaus, people who don't love you, look down on your relatives, friends who are false and false. We must cherish four things, the confidence in the face , the kindness in the heart, the bones of the blood, and the strength in life !
  Maturity is a requirement and perfection to the self, an experience and reflection on one's own experience, and a state of life! From green to maturity, we will experience a lot, learn a lot, no matter what, as long as you have been on the road to growth!