How to get rid of unhappy quickly? Give you 7 of the simplest tips
  People always have a low time.
  I haven't encountered any great frustrations and sorrows . It was only for a while that I couldn't take any interest in anything. You are tired of day-to-day life, but you don't know where to change yourself.
  So, you are confused, you are inferior, you are anxious.
  People's emotions are like tides. The correct treatment, plus the healing of time, can always restore calm. But how can we get out of this state as soon as possible?
  I recently read an interesting little book called Brain Finishing. It starts with the principles of brain work and provides many practical tips for our personal growth. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of the low tide quickly.
  Open the curtains or go out to blow the hair
  When people are in a bad mood, they must go to a bright, well-ventilated place.
  Either open the curtains and let the sun shine in; either simply go outside and feel the breeze and the flowers. Anyway, don't sit alone in a claustrophobic dark place.
  The human brain receives signals through the retina. If the light is dim, the brain will secrete melatonin. Proper melatonin helps to calm and sleep, but too much melatonin affects the secretion of other factors in the body and increases the chances of people experiencing depression.
  Therefore, when you are in a bad mood, you must see the sun. As Hai Zi’s very beautiful little poem said.
  "You come to the world
  You have to look at the sun
  And your sweetheart
  Walking down the street together"
  Smile, just like you are in a good mood
  When you are in a bad mood, try to make yourself laugh more. For those around you, for those you love. Pretend that you still love life, maybe you will find that life is still worthy of your love.
  Human muscle activity can affect emotions, and our smiles will be transmitted back to the brain to create happy emotions.
  It's not good, you can also watch some simple and humorous book movies and make yourself laugh. Just like walking from a closed room to a cloister with an exit, you will be more likely to change from tired and irritated to calm and stretch, and slowly move towards the sky.
  Call your friend
  When you feel that you hate the world, don't sit alone, and don't look cold and shrink into your own world. When you are in a low mood, you need a friend with a stable mood and a positive attitude.
  It is not for you to catch him and complain. You just need a friend to simply accompany, calmly enjoy the time you spend together, eat and eat, chat or not, even if you don't do anything, go out for a walk together, all good.
  Because people are social animals, your emotions will be adjusted under the influence of others. Communicate with people you trust, and the part of your brain that is associated with positive emotions will be active and get out of depression.
  Exercise is a cure for all depression
  On the one hand, exercise can promote blood circulation in the human body. Even if it is simply stretched, it can make the oxygen-deficient blood in the brain circulate. The fresh blood fills the brain and limbs. Your body regains its vitality, and the nervous emotions are relieved, so that the mind is quick and happy.
  On the other hand, exercise can improve your heart and lung function, enhance your physical fitness, help you burn excess calories, and secrete hormones that make your brain happy, so that all organs of your body work at their best.
  Exercise is not a cosmetic, but it makes people look good; it is not a stick, but it makes people powerful; it is not a feather, but it can bring people to fly. Believe that every drop of sweat you flow will not be abandoned. One day, it will return to you in unexpected ways.
  Have a good meal
  "Lonely people, have to eat." When people are not so happy, be sure to treat your stomach.
  Eating well can reasonably supply the brain with the nutrients it needs, let it think clearly, maintain good attention, and give you the power to face this complex and ever-changing world.
  For example, in Finland and Japan, studies have found that people who eat fish often have a significantly lower suicide rate, and those who do not eat fish often have higher predice, crime, and future suicidal tendencies. This is because deep-sea fish are rich in essential fatty acids, which lay the foundation for healthy brain thinking and reasonable emotions.
  In addition, when people are lost and low tide, the sensory pleasure brought by the food, together with the memory it evokes, will become a great comfort. Even if the outside world is ups and downs, putting a bowl of hot soup noodles in front of the mother will warm the stomach.
  Do some positive little things
  Do some positive little things, such as cleaning up the room, running, or taking notes, they can save you from the feeling of being a good loss.
  Active work can activate the left brain responsible for positive thinking. Even if you just start doing something trivial, you can start to face the world with a positive and optimistic attitude, and gain a sense of accomplishment and control over life.
  At the same time, passiveness exacerbates depression. But when people use their brainless entertainment activities to kill time, such as watching TV, brushing friends, etc., he is responsible for passive thinking, and the right brain that is obediently dominates. In the long run, people can only be trapped in the same mood, unhappy.
  Start with the smallest things, motivate yourself a little , walk on the ground, and you will find that there is no mountain in life. When you cross the thorny grass, you will find yourself becoming the one who grows the thorns.
  Do one thing intently
  When starting small things, bring some changes to this world that you don't like very much. What you need to do next is to focus on it.
  Keep enough attention on everything you have to do. Don't do a few things at the same time, and don't jump from one thing to another. Let yourself be immersed in the things in front of you and devote yourself to it until it is done.
  Focusing can make your mind active, open the door to thinking, and promote the brain to work. On the one hand, this will help you to achieve better results. On the other hand, focusing on quiet, you can more smoothly forget those unrelated negative emotions.
  On the other hand, if you are uneasy, your attention will be diminished and your memory will drop, which will make you fall into greater anxiety.
  It is really beautiful that you are engrossed and live with your heart.
  A truly happy life does not have to sharpen the head and stand on the top of thousands of people; it does not have to have a house car ticket, and a bright future.
  Time is the cure for all wounds; and doing everything in a down-to-earth manner, living a good life every day, is the fundamental antidote to cure all fascination.
  I hope that you will get out of the dark emotions as soon as possible, not afraid of the future, not to the past, to be calm and happy, to be happy.