Do this ten points, your life is more exciting
  01, don't look down on anyone
  He could not you will make money, but he will finance than you; he may not have your good grades, but he was clever than you; he might not you have talent, but he will be more than you man . Everyone has his own strengths, three people, there must be my teacher. Even if you have a courage, you may not be able to put down your dignity.
  02, don't wait until you are unemployed, come back and regret not working well.
  Work is the foundation of survival. Don't always think about finding a salary that is close to home and not hard work. No work is not hard, no one is not complicated. Do your job well and automatically extend your work spontaneously. It is the way to stand.
  03, don't want to pay
  Give a smile and harvest a smile. Give love and get love. If you don't pay in the spring, don't think about harvesting in the fall. There is no good thing in the world for nothing.
  04, don't wait until you need it, think of friends
  The care of people is mutual. If a friend has something, he can help, and don't stand by. Don't wait until you have something to do, just think of it and need the help of a friend. No one has an obligation to help someone who doesn't care about others.
  05, don't stop learning
  This world is changing rapidly. Only by continuous learning can we not be eliminated. This will not, and it will not be terrible; this does not want to, it is hopeless to not learn. If you learn more about the same skills, you will have less chance to ask for help. Live to the old, learn to the end. Learning is the most competitive thing.
  06, do not delay
  Today's business, today is complete. Immediate action is always the most effective execution.
  07, don't think that only money can help others
  A kind smile can bring warmth to people; a stimulating word can guide others; a good strategy can save others' losses.
  08, do not arbitrarily promise
  It is imperative to say that it is the minimum reliability of a person. Don't promise things you can't do, and promise to do things. Being reliable, you can be trusted by others.
  09, don't wait until the health is gone, then you know how to cherish life.
  Life belongs to us only once. Stay away from the dangers you see, stay away from junk people, know how to protect yourself, and cherish life.
  10, do not ignore money
  Plan your future when you have the ability. You can buy insurance that suits you, or you can buy a fund. It is a wise choice to plan ahead. It can escort your life.