The best life is that you no longer need to prove yourself
  Fifteen years ago, I worked in a chain restaurant in the south of France. Semi-self-service restaurant with a choice of drinks, cold dishes, cheese and desserts, paying for the dishes and ordering hot dishes.
  My work is in the self-selected area. What is missing? If the dessert is not enough, I will give the kitchen a shit. If the drink is not enough, I will go to the warehouse.
  There is a white-bearded old gentleman who often comes to lunch. He is dressed in ordinary clothes and looks ordinary, but people are very kind, and the speech is gentleman and funny. He called me "Little Girl" and always smiled and asked: "Little girl, which one is recommended dessert today?"
  The restaurant has a recommended dessert every day, which is four euros cheaper than other desserts. The old gentleman will also discuss with me: "Little girl? Add me a cream flower on the dessert, can I? I want to drink coffee."
  Cream flowers, usually added to the problematic dessert, are similar to scorching, left, or cut by my primary rookie, plus cream flowers, cover the shortcomings, and enhance the selling. Anyway, the restaurant is not mine, no need to consider the cost, the old gentleman is very kind, so people are close to each other. I give him every time, and add a big one.
  His smile is very bright, revealing a very neat tooth. He always said happily: "Thank you, you are the best little girl!" The tone is unquestionable sincerity.
  Once, he came to eat at night. Recommended desserts are sold. The old gentleman was a little disappointed and said: "Unfortunately, today is my birthday."
  I am a little pitiful in my heart, because he is always a person, and always recommend cheap desserts. France is a lonely society with many lonely old people.
  I said, "You pay for it first, I am baked, and I will send it to you."
  The recommended dessert was "Norman Apple Tower" that day. I specially added two cream flowers and gave him a small candle.
  He was holding a glass of red wine in a special product, saw the cake, and his face lit up. He said, "Do you know, little girl. My mother is a Norman. When I was a child, my mother gave me an apple tower every week. ""
  He opened the money clip and took out a 50 Euro banknote, "Thank you."
  In France, restaurant tips are not required, especially for this semi-self-service restaurant. In 2002, a tip of 50 euros was a huge sum of money. I don’t want to leave, the old gentleman put the money in my hand and said, “Accept this money, even if you give me a birthday present.”
  This is really a reason why people can't refuse. I am happy to accept the money. When I got back to the work area, the duty manager asked: "Do you know who he is?"
  I shook my head. The manager gestured with a hand and said: "Do you see the gas station across the road? There is also an empty grape field behind the gas station. It is his. In addition, the land of our commercial center is also his. ”
  "Ah?" I grabbed my mouth in surprise. "So why is he coming to eat here? I still recommend it on the same day."
  The cashier was calling the manager in the past. He shrugged as he walked. "The world of rich people doesn't understand."
  In the early autumn, I went to the city library to line up with computers. I met the old gentleman at the gate, and he wore the usual plaid shirt and khaki pants, and the beard was trimmed neatly.
  He smiled and greeted me, behind the glass curtain wall, there was a poster with an avatar similar to his real person. I was surprised to see the poster and look at him. He said, "Oh, I donated some books."
  I can't help but cover my mouth and say, "Wow, you really have money!"
  He laughed and said: "The little girl waits for you to grow up. You will someday understand that money is just a bunch of numbers, and value is important. See you next time, don't say I have money. ”
  After he finished, he waved and left. In the crowd, he is such a common little old man, completely without money and rich, with a halo, a sense of imposing manner.
  I looked at his back and thought that it was good to have money. I thought how to be willful. If I have to have so much money, I must not wear such ordinary cloth shirts, and I will not go to the recommended desserts in our restaurant. I have to wear famous brands every day, I have to train Michelin. I have to customize Ferrari, even though I don’t even have a driver’s license. But what does it matter, anyway, I have money...
  For many, many years, I have always thought that wealth determines the value of life.
  I can't reach the level of the old gentleman, because I didn't accumulate enough wealth. A person who can't meet his own needs at all has no right to think about the so-called levels, patterns, realms and accomplishments.
  If you want to straighten your waist, feel contented and live decently, then I have to bend down, bow my head, do whatever it takes, and do my best to work hard.
  Today, we live in an over-commercial society. Every day, people are high. The righteousness is telling you: the gap between first class and economy class; the gap between brand-name bags and land-distributing goods; The gap between the silks, the class is like in the clouds, the value is like the air, it is clearly where it is, but it is not something that cannot be touched, so the money becomes the only visible ladder that can climb up.
  However, in the society, buying 200 million of the two lottery tickets is really a chance to meet and not be able to ask; the ability to fight on the father or stick to the husband is also a mode that is not very good to copy.
  Therefore, in the face of the majority of the general public, wanting to be arrogant in front of people, the fresh clothes are alive, the society has arranged to see the so-called " successful learning" thinking logic mode:
  Desperate hard work, earning money from life, conscientious consumption, and not doing it yourself. Since we can't find our own value, then we can find a value that we can see and replace it with our own.
  In fact, it is an illusion, not a fact.
  Two days ago, I had a friend who came to Shanghai for a meeting. Her trip was very full. In order to optimize her time, she took me to an industry reception.
  The reception is a self-service cold meal with some tables to eat. Eating at a table, everyone introduced each other symbolically. It was our turn to have two round yellow faces, wearing ordinary middle-aged women, and no one cares, just nodded casually.
  The people on the table, while eating and bragging, this said, our company is going to get financing; that said, I just returned from Dubai, we lived for a month in the sailing building; the third said, we just bought a villa in Shanghai ......
  I really don't like this kind of cocktail party. Because of this occasion, the level of power of human society in its natural state can best be revealed.
  We are talking, the CEO of the reception company found a friend in the crowd. Run over to toast, thanked her for coming, even I was dimmed, the boss gave a business card.
  After the boss left, the value of friends on the wine table went up straight, and everyone talked to her, trying to guess what she had.
  The friend smiled and said, "I am a researcher. We have recently had a relationship with their company, so I have seen one side."
  We got up and got the dessert. I asked her, "Don't you say it?"
  She is the project leader for a multi-million euro laboratory invested by the European Union. Her cutting-edge research projects can generate hundreds of millions of profits.
  She shrugged and said, "Where is it? I am not a husband, a 20-year mortgage, a middle-aged woman who is overwhelmed. In fact, at my age, I don't need others to affirm my value."
  Some people have rivers and lakes. Everyone hopes that they can live decently in the respect and admiration of others. We often think that what others respect is our money. In fact, what others respect is our value.
  When young and young, we are afraid that others will look down on ourselves, for fear that others will not know, and willing to turn all their achievements into tattoos, so that others can be awe-inspiring at a glance.
  However, half a life slips over, I know more than anyone else. Who am I, how much I am worth, I can judge my own value, and I don't need to get respect from others to satisfy myself.
  This is a society that brushes the face, brushes the price, brushes the value, and brushes the strength. In the same dyeing tank, if there is no self-awareness, it will inevitably not let others jump into a fighting spirit.
  But life is not a war, there is no such thing as winning or losing.
  It turns out that the best realm of life, no longer need to do all the living, you can watch the others show off in front of your eyes, and no longer need to do everything to sell yourself.
  Of course, life must do its best, but not for others, but for yourself.