It’s eight hours, I want to devour our second half of life.
  Yesterday I received a message from a reader in the background. She was deeply disappointed and resentful about her current career . She didn’t understand why she worked hard for a long time, but she didn’t have a chance when she was promoted and raised. She said sadly to me that she had missed the position of the supervisor three times in a row.
  From the line between her words, I saw a full sadness. Yes, when you don’t pay less than others, but good things are always out of your own. We always silently become a screw, until we lose our age and experience, we are defeated. In life, when day-to-day work kills our enthusiasm for work, what can we still have in the end? What else can I have?
  I walked the entire 13-year career path and finally understood a truth.
  Working this thing, in fact, like feelings, the twisted melon is always not sweet, the results you think may not be able to do so, including many times even if your position is promoted, but it is not really how strong your strength is. Really don't take your luck as strength.
  The luck is always inevitable, and most of this good fortune is given to you by the outside world. Instead of waiting for good luck to others, it is better to work hard to become a good luck card.
  It’s just my readers, and even myself is the same. For two or three consecutive years, the higher-level department has been transferred to other departments to participate in the task with the strongest work intensity. It is not tired for a long time, and the result of promotion and salary increase is still not related to my dime.
  Sometimes think about it, will.
  But is it mad?
  This answer is also obvious. I think you are like me. The more you do, the more you should know how to do it.
  Our life must be self-sufficient, and what others give is not counted. Others can give it to you today. If it is to be taken back tomorrow, the day after tomorrow?
  Therefore, instead of expecting others to give them good luck, it is better to make yourself a good and powerful good luck card through your own efforts.
  Just like I often ask myself: “What have you done in addition to working and sleeping? These times are the time when you can change your destiny. Are you sure you are not wasting?”
  Yes, you can't control freely when you go to work, but it doesn't mean you are not free from work.
  When we can change our own destiny, please seize another 8 hours of your life and make full use of this time. Maybe you will find yourself after work, it will be more exciting than yourself at work.
  I believe that those who have a smooth sailing in the workplace, after leaving their jobs, in fact, the dependence on this position and career over the years will also make them lose more possibilities. And we, probably because there are too many unrelenting passions and enthusiasm, are willing to try and explore all the unknown new fields, persist in hard work and practice, and slowly, really achieve a very fulfilling self.
  You have to believe that no one will be a permanent winner in the workplace. It is the truth of life that is often frustrated in the workplace.
  I remember that the first unit I used to work for, once had a superior supervisor, was because of some others, causing him to be excluded.
  As a result, he simply went out to the world after he resigned. Now he is a small and famous garden planner and developer in the city where I live. His wisdom and calmness have made him enough to bring many new opportunities to himself when the housing prices are flat and the real estate industry is in a downturn.
  When the former colleagues were eating, eating, buying and buying, when the prospects of the unit were bright, everyone was enjoying the time when they were quiet. How many nights he was studying alone under the lamp, holding the loneliness and raising himself silently. The professional skills eventually become the leader in the professional field, completely letting his life reverse.
  I still remember that there was a couple in a company next door. Because there was a difference in the status and treatment of the work in the system, others were cadres and both of them were workers. In an institutional reform, the two were considered to have lost their posts. Both leave the post.
  At that time, they were already in their 30s. They had to find a way to make a living for themselves. Two people decided to go to Tibet and opened a Sichuan restaurant in Tibet. Later, the business was good and opened several times, and they had suffered a lot. After a lot of tears, they spent almost eight years accumulating the wealth that the former colleagues had never accumulated in 30 years.
  Now they have also returned to the city where they left, and continue to maintain a sense of security with a capital dividend with new formats.
  Therefore, even if the road of the workplace does not work, life is not bleak!
  If you are willing to change yourself, in addition to working and sleeping for 16 hours in a day, how to spend the remaining 8 hours, after all, should have the final say.
  In these 8 hours, you can use it to improve yourself. You can be your own CEO, you can actively exercise for your own health, and you can enjoy life for your family's intimate relationship.
  In short, if you can maintain this 8 hours worthwhile and gain something, I believe that there will be more difficulties in the future. Even if there is more warmth and warmth in the workplace, it will not become a hurdle for you.
  Some mothers often tell me that they also want to do something after work to improve their income. But I feel that I don't have some specialties, and I don't know what to do?
  Every time I face such a problem, I am actually very upset. Even when you don’t know yourself, how can I know?
  There is a relatively good way, you must first consider clearly, what do you want to do?
  When a person always has something to do, he will be very happy. When this state appears, it means that the incident itself is what you want to do, and there are some things that can make money, but it is very laborious and makes you tired. Unspeakable, most of these things are impossible to do for a long time. Because you are not loving and accepting from the heart, you will have such emotions. And your body won't lie to you, it will tell you that this is your true state of mind.
  I have also said that I don't have the skills and money, I only have to do my own work now.
  In fact, this is also true. If you are willing to spend some more time to improve your professional ability in the other 8 hours, I believe that your professional level and skills will be far higher than the present, and the opportunity to raise your salary in the workplace is naturally Will be better than others. In this era, people who really need power, gold will eventually shine, but only if you want to become a piece of gold.
  Therefore, this work and sleep for 8 hours is the key time to quietly open the gap between people.
  It’s just how to use this time. It really needs to be determined according to your actual situation. Everyone is different. What others like is not what you are good at and like. Finding your deepest point of interest is the right path. It's hard to ask yourself for someone else's dreams , or else it's easier to give up.
  There is one more point that everyone may have overlooked.
  Even though each of us has many seemingly obvious differences in the level of professional development and wealth accumulation, as well as family origin, personal experience, physical health, etc., the 8-hour time base is the same for each of us.
  The only difference is that some people use the higher level of time, understand the scientific co-ordination, have excellent self-control, and can say goodbye to leisure, entertainment, food, drama, and game decisively, in order to ensure that this time is used to create It is a core skill of oneself that can be used as an opportunity to strive to realize their financial freedom and entrepreneurial dreams.
  Therefore, even if we do not have a skill to become a core competitiveness, we should start to deeply polish a hobby and ability that we are interested in. This should be a part of earning money and having long-term value after work. Things.
  On the surface, it is a very happy thing to earn money by doing part-time sales after work. But this wealth may be quickly taken away by you after more work, and finally found that the money earned has nothing to do with himself.
  And there is a big limitation in the money earned by the time of sale. That is, once you don't have the conditions to sell your time, your own source of income will be cut off.
  Instead of this, it is better to develop a long-term core competitiveness after work. And you have to scientifically assess whether this ability will become more and more valuable as time goes by, and if so, you will dare to do it.
  I believe that there are many opportunities for new careers in the future. They must belong to those who continue to improve themselves after work, so that their abilities can not rise and fall as time goes by.
  These abilities may be far more than just practicing speech, writing, improving English, learning to do PPT, and making spreadsheets after work. We don't know where the future window is. But those with core competencies will be keenly aware that new opportunities are coming to themselves.
  If you want to be a better self, you must constantly spend your time polishing your own things.
  When the next vent is coming, you will find that this vent is for you.
  May your eight hours, can help your dreams, do not be intimidated by the immediate plight, not for their own Sim suffering too.
  One day, all the things you have lost will be returned to you in another form in the future, becoming the most important gift in your life.
  At that moment, time will eventually meet the dream, they will help you remember everything.
  Please don't hesitate, start today and greet your own independent and beautiful 8 hours!