In marriage, the most affluent is not the child is the wife.
  When I was on the subway today, I met a very interesting thing.
  When the subway arrived at the station, I was out of a position next to me. A little boy of about three years old ran over and sat down, then said to the door of the car: "Mom is coming over, there is a place to sit here!"
  It didn't take long for a young couple to come up. The wife took her husband's hand and smiled and said to her son: "There is only one position, you can sit, I am standing with your father."
  The little boy said, "I don't have to sit with a boy, mother, sit down."
  But the little boy’s request, the mother sat down, and Dad rewarded his son’s little head with a reward.
  From their chat, I probably understood that my mother would take her son out to play, and send her father to work by the way. The son kept saying to his father, "Can you play with my mother?"
  Dad comforted his son and said, "You have to wait. When I get off work, I will pick you up and go to your mother and take you to your favorite banana boat."
  The little boy is still not very happy, has been licking his father's hand, but did not say anything.
  Later, when Dad arrived at the station, when he got out of the car, he suddenly said to his son very seriously: "You must take good care of my wife. Don't cry, don't make trouble, don't let her get it. That's my wife, understand? I'm going to give you money." !"
  The people I saw in the whole car laughed, and looked at the son and the small man in good faith to make a guarantee.
  At that time, I was thinking, in this family, their ranking is definitely mother-son-daughter.
  For his son, the education he may have received from childhood is the most important thing for his mother, so all things will be considered for the mother first, and the mother will be afraid of the mother.
  For the husband, it is also the most important thing for his wife in his heart, so educate his son to love his mother with him.
  In this family, the wife is raised rather than the son. In the end, the biggest profiter is the husband. He not only has a filial son, but also a gentle and considerate wife.
  I remembered that I had a morning tea with my mother. The big round table next to me was sitting on a big family, probably a husband, wife, son and parents of both parties.
  After all the people sat down, some people began to talk about the day, and another part of the people circled around the child, leaving the wife. After busy, they had to help their parents and grandmothers to pour tea and take care of their sons.
  Halfway through the husband and wife said: "You go to ask the waiter how to burn and not yet."
  The wife put down the food for the child and got up and went to the waiter.
  After returning to the waiter, the father-in-law asked her to help with the cup of tea. When the wife poured the tea, the teapot tilted a bit, and accidentally burned it, and the teapot slammed into the ground and broke.
  The waiter walked over to see the situation. The husband and the old man apologized to the waiter for a hundred years. His wife was clumsy. I saw that the woman’s eyes were red, but she still quietly cleaned up the new tea.
  Not long after, I suddenly heard the husband say aloud: "What are you doing, even a child can not take care of it!"
  At that time, I was chatting with my mother, and I was shocked by this loud drink. I saw that the child was crying, probably accidentally hitting my forehead.
  The wife, who is rushing to slap the child, seems to have collapsed a bit. The magic is that no matter her husband, her father-in-law, or even her father and mother, no one helped her.
  How can a wife be happy if her status at home is so low?
  I can even predict that the child will become a person who is arrogant to his mother when he grows up, and will never be a well-educated, excellent child.
  In a family, sometimes it is not the children but the wife who need to be rich.
  This kind of eutrophicity is not because of money, but because of love and respect.
  Speaking of the rich wife, I think of Huang Lei, a good husband who regards his wife as a daughter.
  There was a talk show by Huang Lei, saying that he and Sun Li were at home:
  "At night, I opened the door of the study room, read the book, wrote the script, and when I was tired, I sat down in the chair and went to the door to see her sitting in the living room watching TV, facing me, very relieved. What is love ? I think this is love."
  When Sun Li’s classmates reunited, the group of girls who were originally watery spirits are now women. Only Sun Li is still a female student.
  The friend said: "The first love she started from school has always talked about marriage, she has not been hurt and experienced emotionally, and she is well protected, so the mental state is still young."
  In Huang Lei and Sun Li, we can see that he is richer than his rich daughter. Rich, not just material, but also spiritual.
  The richness of matter can make your wife more calm.
  The thoughtfulness of life makes Sun Li complain of fatigue without having to wash her hands and make soups.
  Spiritual respect allows her to gain support to do what she wants, whether as an actress on stage or as a mother at home;
  Emotional love, make her a better, reserved and honorable, no need to please anyone.
  Only a mother with a full heart can bring out a child with a clear heart.
  Thinking of the stock god Buffett once said: "The most important investment in my life is not to buy which stock, but to choose who is my partner."
  A good marriage can make you work harder and better and better, let you feel more happy than one person, give you more confidence , let you go further and better.
  So men remember, your deepest love for a woman is not to take her home, but after she goes home, she still feels distressed to protect her, let your family and children go with me. Love her.
  I believe that a woman who is rich will also have a greater return to the family. She will give you gentle and considerate, will teach a child who is sensible, and will give you an ordinary and warm home.