Why should we work hard to make money? This is the best answer I have ever heard.
  In the hospital, the doctor told the old man that surgery was needed.
  He took a moment and asked: "How much is the surgery cost?" The doctor said: "After all, it is to remove the tumor inside the brain, at least 100,000 yuan!" The old man thought about it: "Can you treat it conservatively?" ”
  The doctor had not answered yet. A man with a washbasin outside the door came in and said, "Doctor, money is not a problem, give my dad the best medicine." Then turned to the old man on the bed and said: "Dad, don't worry about money. I have earned a lot of work in these years. As long as you can be discharged from the hospital, it doesn't matter how much you spend."
  The patient on the bed next to the man looked at the man and showed his approval.
  Why should we work hard to make money? For the sake of the parents and their own illness, they can not be overwhelmed by the cost of surgery, and they can say "not bad money" with confidence.
  She is 32 years old, and women around her age are married. The children are a few years old. But she was not in a hurry, her parents did not urge her.
  Going home for the New Year, a bunch of relatives got together and said with a broken mouth: "I don't marry when I am so old, I am afraid I can't marry." "Women are not married, nothing is good." Even encouraging her parents to introduce her. Object.
  Her father is a temper, can't hear these shreds. I took a shot directly and said: "My daughter has a house and a car. The annual salary is one million. She can afford it. You can't do anything that you can't get married. I hope to change the life of the woman by marrying. Can it be the same as my daughter?” The relatives were silent, and she couldn’t help but applaud her father.
  Why should we work hard to make money? In order not to be swear by words, you can wait for love .
  This month, she is the company's sales champion. Leading let her talk about reflections . She stood on the stage and said playfully: "Do you know that Gucci is new again? Cartier's diamond ring is also bright, but Dior's perfume is perfect. Someone asked me why I have to work hard to make money? I will say it again today because It’s really expensive to pack these limited editions!"
  Colleagues laughed, she shouted: "For Gucci, Lamer, Dior, LV, we have to work hard!"
  Why should we work hard to make money? In order to look at a certain product, the ability to pay, rather than looking at the price sigh. Independent of the economy, no need to rely on others.
  In love for five years, he first came to the door, a little nervous. Her parents sat opposite, and she sat next to her hand.
  Auntie first asked: "Xiaoyu, how many children are you in your family?" He reached out and said, "Two or two sons."
  His father said, "Don't be nervous." He nodded and wiped his sweat from his forehead. Aunt whispered: "Two sons, the pressure should be quite large."
  Aunt asked again: "If you are married, where are you going to live?"
  He took out the real estate license from the bag and said: "Auntie, I have not dared to come to your home for five years. You may feel that I only deliberately consume Xiaoli. In fact, I feel that men only have the ability to give a beloved woman a home. I can see her parents say marriage. I have been working hard for five years, this house is not big, but I hope you agree to marry my daughter."
  Why should we work hard to make money? In order to stand in front of the parents who love the woman, ask them to marry her, instead of letting her marry a person who has nothing.
  When the "world is so big, I want to see" feelings of the hot network, she is sitting on a boat in Venice, watching the beauty of the two sides, bathed in the sun.
  Since graduation, she has set herself the goal of traveling around the world. What do you need most around the world? No doubt: banknotes.
  She worked hard, and others felt that there were difficult projects. She took the initiative to apply. Although the process was painful, the benefits were obvious. She is working hard to make money while planning. A year later, she saved the first money and took the holiday to the first stop around the world: "Paris." After the tour, she returned to work and worked hard for the next destination. Up to now, she has traveled to 135 cities in 24 countries.
  Why should we work hard to make money? Because the world is really big and beautiful, I really have to look at it with my own eyes, not just think about it.
  In the mall, the son pointed to the Transformers in the window, pulled his sleeve and said: "Dad, I want it." He knelt down and looked at it, 988 yuan, said: "Dad can give you Buy this, but this time you have to listen to your mother’s words and go to practice the piano.” The son nodded and said, “Okay, Dad’s words are fixed!”
  Holding the son of Transformers, his face is full of smiles. On the way through the mall, other children looked at him enviously, and he was obviously more eager. After returning home, he really sat in front of the piano and bounced the piano.
  Looking at the trophy of his son on the cupboard, he smiled gratifiedly.
  Why should we work hard to make money? In order to give the family a better life, in order to let the children receive a more comprehensive education, in order to make the child's childhood not lost, in order to give the child a better future.
  Why should we work hard to make money? Because I don’t want to live in the same way for a lifetime. Because money can exchange a lot of things. When you have money, but the problems that money can solve, will not bother you.
  The reason for trying to make money can be written a lot, and the money is actually not tacky, because when you have no money, or struggle because of money, you will find that you are more tacky at that moment.
  I have been long and long in my life. No one wants to regret after the old age: I have never worked hard for myself.
  This society is such a reality, 90% of the problems can be solved with money, money can give you a sense of security, let you have the right to say "no", so that you can control your own destiny, and even change the fate of your child. Maintaining family, solid love, friendship, and living are inseparable from money.
  Efforts to make money are to give yourself a good future, to give a loved one a warm home, to be a solid backing for old parents and young children. Don't worry about money, and live better with the ability.