10 small things that keep you close to happiness
  Is "happiness" a big, far-reaching term? No, happiness exists in small things. Learn to pay attention to these 10 small things, your life will be a step up.
  1, sports
  To make a small plan for yourself, you don't need to exercise many times a week, and you don't need to go to the gym every day. If you insist on exercising for ten minutes every day , you will get good results.
  After a few decades, you will be glad that you made this decision.
  2, often thinking
  Frequent brains are not limited to science.
  Using a scientific way of thinking, good at observation, evidence collection and experimentation, a comprehensive and reasonable interpretation of the phenomenon will make you understand the true and false in any field.
  3, don't indulge in the network
  Don't let the web take control of your time and avoid falling into the endless trap of temptation.
  But the network should have a correct attitude and should not be resisted. More and more research shows that proper game play can not only improve the coordination ability of eyes and hands, but also benefit the brain.
  4, broken off
  Cut off unwanted things, discard excess waste, and get detached from the obsession with the item. Abandon the complicated, leaving the essence.
  Someone asked Michelangelo how he carved "David". He replied: "It's very simple. I went to the quarry and saw a huge marble. I saw David in it. All I have to do is cut the extra stones and remove the marble that shouldn't be there." Wei' was born."
  The same is true of life. Only by constantly removing the extra parts, the outline of "happiness" will gradually appear.
  5, make a photo album
  Photos can record a bit of life, although there are mobile phones, you can take pictures at any time, but the whole family is surrounded, looking at the time album, recalling good times, is the most warm moment.
  6, try to write a diary every day
  Writing a diary can not only exercise your writing skills, but also serve as a daily reminder to preserve good memories forever.
  The diary is your own garden. In the tense rhythm of life and work, record your life and let yourself have a spiritual habitat.
  After a few years, I opened the yellow pages again, and the memories came over. It turned out that life was so hurried.
  7. Travel with your loved ones
  The biggest meaning of travel is to walk through unfamiliar cities with your favorite people, browse the novel landscapes, warm each other and rely on each other.
  Life is in sports. People who like to travel know this truth more. They are far from disease, embrace nature, and rarely feel sad. Being with them will change the perspective and mentality of your world.
  8, make yourself a breakfast
  The importance of breakfast cannot be ignored, it is very important for people's health, because it provides the energy needed for a day.
  Moreover, the body hunger will increase without eating breakfast, and the future food intake will increase, reducing the metabolic rate and making it easier to gain weight.
  Get up early every morning for ten minutes, fry an egg for yourself, squeeze a glass of fresh juice... Simple ingredients, there is a expectation for a better life.
  9, quit a bad habit
  Everyone has bad habits, such as smoking and staying up late.
  It is a little difficult to correct all of them. It is better to start with a bad habit. After you really get rid of the five bad habits, you will also find that you have been reborn.
  10, leaving white
  Academics, work, and family sometimes press us to breathe, learn to keep white for ourselves, steal a half-day life, and learn to relax.
  Life needs to be blank.
  You can do nothing, quietly in a daze, watching the flowers bloom before the court, looking at the sky clouds and clouds. White space is a kind of great wisdom that can be possessed after a mundane thing. It is a free and easy look after flowers and flowers.
  Learn to leave blank to enjoy more beautiful poems in life.