1. There is nothing that can't be done, only the mood of not going. The most gratifying thing for people: parents who are alive, confidant two or three, and thieves who cannot steal. Everything else is an illusion, don't worry too much.
  2, only know when you are in a downturn, and how many people are willing to pull you. It is important to talk about using your brain and doing things to consider the consequences. This is a very important thing for people to do things.
  3, life is just a list, you want, you do not, people who calculate too clearly are usually very clever, but in exchange for the troubles and hard work.
  4. The pain of the mortal world is mostly due to the inability to let go. Life is too short, no time left for regret.
  5. If it is not the end point, please smile and move forward. People will be alone because people are used to casting walls in their hearts, not bridges.
  6. There are three things in life that cannot be retained: life, time and love, so what we can do is to cherish.
  7. Our biggest mistake is to give the worst temper and the worst side to the closest person.
  8, people who live a confused, easy to be happy; people who live awake, easy to worry. The simpler the better, in rejecting this matter.
  9, around to explain for a long time, will only make you feel that you owe to others, or let the other party feel that you owe him, and add a lot of troubles.
  10. Don't let the sad reminders of the past, or the worries of the future, ruin your own happiness.
  11, life experience is like a pencil, the beginning is very sharp, the experience has become more sleek, if you can not afford it will be broken. It’s a big deal, just don’t hurt anyone.
  12, cherish today, cherish the present, who knows tomorrow and accident, which will come first. Singing can be tune, but being a man can't be out of tune.
  13. There are three ways to be happy: to be willing, let go, and forget. There are four elements of happiness: change can be changed, improvement can not be changed, can not be improved, and can not be put down.
  14. People will not suffer for a lifetime, but they will always suffer for a while. Many people have suffered for a lifetime in order to escape suffering for a while.
  15. Don't envy the surface of others. In fact, everyone has their own inner suffering. Worry does not stay overnight, forgetfulness is happy.
  16, life is tired, a small part of the source of survival, most of which stems from the comparison. People who know me don't have to explain. Those who do not understand me, why explain?
  17. Don't let yourself be controlled by three things: the past, others and money. If one thinks too much, it will lose the fun of being a man.
  18, the difficulty is that it is difficult to get stuck in the house; the way out is to go out and have a way. The greatest charm of people is the mentality of a sunshine.
  19. The heart is full of sunshine, it is the eternal beauty. People are happy as soon as they are simple, and they become old as soon as they are. Life is, more and more yesterday, less and less tomorrow.
  20, the most precious thing in life is not the material you have, but the person who is with you. Remember three sentences when you are upset: forget it, it doesn't matter, it will pass.
  21, life is: one eats, one sleeps, one smashed, one smiled, one left, one died, one buried.
  22. When a person feels contented, his heart is not bothered, his body is not tired, he has nothing to ask for, and his heart can be safe, happiness is in it.
  23, when a person feels that they can eat, play, sleep well, are not concerned, when they are satisfied, happiness is in it.
  24. As time goes by, there are fewer and fewer important people around us, and the people who stay around are becoming more and more important.
  25. Don't talk when you don't understand. When you know it, don't say more. When you are in a state of confusion, say it slowly. Don't say anything when you have nothing to say. Confidence is the most comfortable pillow in life.
  26, the heart is small, the little things are big. When the heart is big, the big thing is small. The character is not high, and the total word is not broken. If the school does not advance, it is always a lazy word.
  27, the human heart is not dyed, the heart is quiet and clear. Life is not easy, try to be as simple as possible. Happiness is not how big the house is, but how sweet the laughter in the room is. It is better to have less roots than to have more heart.
  28. People are often scared off by a phrase "What to do in the future." It’s so long, it’s not coming out, it’s coming out.
  29, don't waste time on the villain, the general has a sword, not flies. The greatest cultivation of a person is to know people and not to judge people.
  30. People should save trouble and should not be afraid of things. People should be refined and not refined. It should not be timely, not time-consuming. Ask people to swallow a three-footed sword, relying on people like the nine heavens.
  31, have money, do things well, no money, do people well, this is life!