Things that seem to be meaningless are actually paving the way for your life.
  Colleague Li, the age of fifties, in addition to preparing lessons, class, and correcting homework, practice calligraphy in the seat.
  Speaking of this calligraphy, it is not that Teacher Li liked it from an early age, but after attending work in the same year, because of the rules of the superior: to improve the level of calligraphy of each teacher, in order to play an role model in teaching, so that students can write from an early age. Good words, read good books.
  The school stipulates that each teacher submits a pen word, a brush word and a layout of chalk words, which is the so-called "three-word" training.
  At the beginning, everyone was still enthusiastic, and they turned in on time every day. For a long time, there were fewer and fewer people who insisted on it, and more and more people were dealing with the errands.
  Until later, only Teacher Li was serious about completing the daily tasks.
  However, Teacher Li never regarded this task as a task, but actually realized a lot of valuable life principles from practicing calligraphy.
  I often hear Teacher Li say: meditation can replenish God, and indifferent to fame and fortune can go further.
  In the eyes of many people, everyone's fonts have been finalized, and they can't practice a realm. It doesn't make much sense to persist.
  However, in the view of Teacher Li, those things that seem to be meaningless are only temporarily invisible, and in the process of persistence, they are already full of unknown meaning.
  After decades of practicing calligraphy, Mr. Li’s calligraphy is also a small achievement. In these years, Teacher Li often won the competition in various calligraphy competitions, and once again won a provincial calligraphy competition.
  The glory of these other people’s envy comes from the fact that Mr. Li has come all the way, and those seemingly meaningless things have accumulated.
  A lot of things, maybe we don't see much meaning at the time, but the meaning often exists all the time, but it will only be revealed in some inadvertently.
  I saw an autobiographical article yesterday, and there was a memoir from the author's childhood, which made me particularly impressed.
  The author of this book is a translator, but she took the path of the translator, not like many professional translators, deliberately practicing, accumulating and learning . When the author was in elementary school, he occasionally reported an English tutoring class. It was not boring to learn, and he was also interested in learning English.
  But she didn't know at the time that the English she learned was actually paving the way for her life.
  She only regards learning English as her life , just as it is natural to learn Chinese mathematics, earnestly go to school, and accumulate as a word and a sentence.
  She did not have a clear goal to become a "translator", but she followed her own rhythm and followed her heart.
  It was not until later that a book was translated for a friend that it was discovered that the English knowledge that I had learned before was not white, but played a role at a critical moment.
  Since then, she has embarked on the road of translation. She said that many people later asked her if she was a professional English translator, but she felt that she was inexplicable on this road.
  As the author wrote in the text: The things she did did not have any substantial value for herself at the time, just an obsession, even in the eyes of many people, it was just a way to pass the time.
  Indeed, many times, when we do something, when it is not very strong, it will be easier to stick to it.
  We can't see short-term effects, and we can't see the results of the future, but we can follow our own heart and take every step of the way. Invisibly, there will be a force pushing us forward.
  In the end, things that seem to have no practical meaning will be transformed into another value.
  The times are changing, the pace of life is accelerating, and everything that is developing rapidly has made us become more engaged in high speed and quick results, and we are rarely able to slow down and do things that we can't see results for the time being.
  Just like reading, many people think that it is not the same to read more books. It is not the same as getting married and having children. It’s not like the joys and sorrows of life.
  actually not.
  I have seen such a sentence : in your temperament, hide the road you have walked, the books you have read, and the people you loved.
  All those seemingly meaningless experiences have actually been integrated into our bodies and transformed into our external behavior and temperament.
  Therefore, I will say: Those things that seem to be meaningless are actually paving the way for our lives.