Life must read 8 words rumors: good heart, wide heart, heart, heart
  1, good heart
  Kindness is a big nutrient for health. A 
  good deed 
  can often help the weak 
  to get rid of the difficulties. The 
  heart will feel 
  a sense of gratification. A person who is kind and helpful 
  will be in the best state 
  . Most people are healthy and longevity.
  2, heart width
  The wide heart means that the compatibility of the external world 
  also means that the inner world is open, 
  indicating that you are in harmony with the surrounding world. The 
  generosity and forgiveness of people and things 
  is the performance of healthy quality and noble quality. It is 
  also the best recipe for preventing and treating psychological diseases.
  3, heart is positive
  Do not do good conscience, afraid of ghosts knocking at the door 
  as long as dignified, clear vain man
  you can eat incense, sleep steady 
  contrary, too much greed, lust endless 
  day it led by the nose 
  to make you confused, arrogant, insane 
  It is impossible to live freely
  4, peace of mind
  When a person   is   peaceful , there is 
  no worry, no troubles, 
  no fear, no concern. 
       This feeling is very beautiful. 
  A normal heart. 
       Always let yourself be in peace. 
  Naturally, it will not 
  greatly affect your emotions .
  5, quiet
  The inner peace 
  is the comfort and freedom in the depths of the soul. I 
  don’t think about it, I don’t think about it, I don’t think about it, I don’t think about it, I do 
  n’t care about it, I do 
  n’t worry, I’m not tired, I’m so tired, I’m   really stunned 
  by the hustle and bustle of the world. 
  6, sincerity
  Sincere others 
  will gain the trust of others 
  if too suspicious or lack of good faith 
  we alert each other, suspicious 
  no laughter between people really 
  have a sincere will have a friend 
  you can tell the hearts of unpleasant 
  distraction bad mood, relieve life pressure
  7, Xinyi
  The journey of life 
  can't be smooth sailing. The 
  bumps and twists and turns can't be avoided. 
  Only by maintaining a happy state of mind 
  can you get the courage to overcome difficulties. 
  Facing the difficult challenges calmly. When you 
  laugh at life, you will turn your mind into 
  happiness and pursue happiness and longevity.