A thousand worlds, all beings. There is a component in personality charm called "atmosphere." No matter whether the status of a person is high or low, the cause is big or small, the status is obviously small, and the charm of a person depends on whether the atmosphere is "atmosphere" or not.
  What is the atmosphere?
  The atmosphere is the style, attitude, temperament and tolerance of a person doing things. It is an invisible force that is radiated from one person's comprehensive quality. The atmosphere is a kind of temperament, and it is a kind of calm, natural and natural, and has a mature and generous, quiet and harmonious atmosphere.
  Careful analysis, the human atmosphere, mainly in three aspects: people, things, and right:
  First, for people, be tolerant, don't care.
  Being open-minded and broad-minded is an external manifestation of a person's good self-cultivation. The ancients said: "The gentleman must bear the man can not bear, the person can not tolerate, the person can not be." To be good at communication, cherish the fate, help each other, cooperate with each other, treat each other with sincerity, see the sage, in the Seek cooperation under the common goal, seek cooperation in mutual cooperation, and seek development in mutual trust.
  Enemies are often built by themselves. Successful people in history have the ability to turn enemies into friends. It is admirable to accommodate, recognize, and use the mind and elegance of the people.
  Second, for things, be detached, don't get caught up in it.
  People have encountered too many things in their lives. Almost all eyes closed, and everything that happened was a thing. Unpredictable blows, unexpected setbacks , happen at any time. No matter how big or small, good or bad, don't care too much, too much. Don't be happy when you see a good thing, you can't be excited. When you get a bad thing, you will frown, and the frost will beat the eggplant. If you don't dare to take responsibility, how can you become a big device?
  Third, the right, must be open-minded, do not have a small stomach.
  A person, living in a real society, suffers from losses, is wronged, can't figure out, and often has things. Be open-minded and indifferent. If you always calculate your own gains and losses, and even use your own gains and losses as the standard of good and bad, happy and worried, and your heart is so narrow, how can you become a big device?
  The atmosphere is a kind of confusion. Don't lose big ground because of greed and small profits, keep the inner principle, seemingly confused, and bright inside.
  The atmosphere is a kind of tolerance. The virtues are loaded with things, the volume is accommodating, the people have already revered, and they complain with morality. They do not easily take their own cultivation to challenge others.
  The atmosphere is a thin one. Tantan swaying, being in the right form, standing in the millennium, no desire, just now, money and fame and fortune have passed, my heart has its own bright moon, and the heart is like water and the sun and the moon, looking like a mirror to see the Spring and Autumn.
  The atmosphere is a calm. The mentality of the sun can be seen open, can be put down, when entering, then enter, when retreat, retreat, steady and calm, perseverance, Taishan collapse in front and face does not change color.
  The atmosphere is a realm. Conquer the ego, mature and me; high-profile work, low-key people ; humiliation, arrogance and arrogance.
  The people of the atmosphere have the elegance of the orchids, the integrity of the bamboo, the style of the pine trees, the pride of the cold plums, the thickness of the mountains, and the vastness of the sea.
  Life is a life, grass and wood, autumn, meticulous work, atmosphere is a realm that everyone should pursue. Only those who have the atmosphere can become a big device, and those who have the atmosphere can stand in an invincible position!