1. You are weak and the other side is strong.
  One day, a mother went to school to pick up the child late, and a trafficker seized the opportunity and took the opportunity to trick her child.
  The liar said, oh, little boy, I lost something in the toilet, can you help me find it now?
  She wants to lead her child to the toilet so that her companions can start.
  As a result, she asked three times in a row, and the child kept shaking her head. She is annoyed, your child, haven’t learned anything to help others?
  The child glanced at him and ran to the teacher. The trafficker saw the child alert and immediately converted the target.
  In less than ten minutes, they lied to another child, and when they were planning to drive away, they were caught by the police.
  It turned out that the little child ran to the teacher and told the teacher very calmly that these few people were bad guys. The teacher was dubious, but for the sake of safety, he reported the police.
  I didn't expect that they were really bad guys.
  The teacher asked the child how you know they are bad people.
  The child said that the mother said that if an adult asks you for help, don't ignore him, because if the adult encounters difficulties that cannot be solved, he will definitely seek adult help, instead of helping a child who is weaker than him.
  Adult men generally don't ask pregnant women for help. Strong adults generally don't let the elderly help. Adults generally don't ask for help from children. Seeking help is because you are better than him, so he only asks for your help.
  If you are weak, and the strong side wants you to help, then you must have another picture. At this time, please be sure to put away your kindness.
  2, avoid entering a closed environment
  A few years ago, there was a tragedy in Huanan County, Jiamusi City.
  A 17-year-old young female nurse saw a pregnant woman fall on the road, hurriedly stepped forward and sent the pregnant woman home.
  At 3:15 pm that day, the happy female nurse sent a message to her friend: "Send a pregnant woman aunt, come to her house."
  What everyone didn't expect was that this loving message became the last message that a good girl stayed in the world.
  The kind girl disappeared, the police scouted around, and soon captured the evil pregnant woman Tan Mou - the news on the Internet said that the woman, in order to please her husband, pretended to fall on the street, lure a good girl, and turned to the home to let her husband hurt.
  The girl who did not take precautions, after being sent to the rental house, was fascinated by a pregnant woman, Tan, with a bottle of yogurt mixed with sleeping pills, and then killed the kind girl.
  When an occasion turns from open to closed, without the supervision of everyone, it is hard to imagine what people will do.
  You may be a modest gentleman before a person, but when you are a person, it is obvious that you are in a closed environment where you are weak. You can only ask for it.
  Helping others can be fun, but try to avoid being in a closed space.
  3, the complexity of human nature, let good things be bad
  There is a well-known story. The tourists came to the mysterious Hoh Xil with the escort of the Game Reserve Protection Organization.
  A cute little Tibetan antelope ran and curiously probed the brain.
  Cute little creature. The tourists suddenly stunned and took pictures, took out food and water, and fed this cute little animal.
  Suddenly, a roar rang: "Get out!" The captain of the game reserve rushed over and ran the cute little Tibetan antelope, not allowing tourists to feed.
  The tourist was angry: "What are you doing? How can we treat small animals so rudely? We care for these little animals, what is wrong with them?"
  You are doing this! The captain of the protection replied: "If you are too friendly with wild animals, they will think that human beings are kind. Once they encounter poachers, they may be hunted."
  This way... the tourists were shocked.
  Your kindness must be able to withstand the complexity of the human heart.
  It seems to be a good thing, but it may become a bad thing because of the complex greed of people. It is necessary to examine the good deeds and what kind of consequences will your goodness have.
  4. Sometimes, being too kind is not a good thing.
  In the past, there were two families who were neighbors, and the relationship was not bad. One of the families is richer because they can do it.
  This year, God was angry and lowered the disaster, and Tanaka had no income. The poor family had no harvest and had to lie down and die.
  At this time, the rich family bought a lot of food, thinking that everyone is a neighbor, they sent a bucket of rice to the poor family and saved the emergency.
  This poor family is very grateful to the rich, thinking that this is really a benefactor! After the most difficult moments, the poor went to thank the rich.
  Talking, talking about the seeds of next year has not yet landed, the rich family said generously: "Like this, there are still a lot of food here, you will take another one."
  This poor, thankful, took a liter home.
  After returning home, his brother said, what can this liter of rice do?
  In addition to eating, it is simply not enough for us to seed in the field next year. This rich man is too much. Since you are so rich, you should send us some food and money. It is really bad to give this.
  This word reached the ears of the rich, he was very angry, thought, I gave you so much food in vain, you not only do not thank me, but also hate me as an enemy, really not people.
  So, the two families who had a good relationship. Since then, it has become an enemy.
  When a person is hungry and cold, you give him a bowl of rice, which is to solve his big problem, he will be grateful .
  However, if you continue to give him rice, he will take it for granted. A bowl of rice is not enough, two bowls of rice are not enough, three bowls and four bowls still feel that you have only given a drop in the ocean.
  This is often the case in life. When you first help a person, he will be grateful to you.
  The second time his gratitude will be diluted. After N times, he simply feels that this should be done for him. Even when there is no such help, he will resent the helper.
  Therefore, goodness must have a degree. When a person does not think ahead, and ask for help, please take away your kindness in time.