For 2018, it is an unforgettable year for me.
  This year, I made my first book.
  This year, after two years of accompanying my husband's anti-cancer, I will never lose my love.
  This year, the world has changed very quickly, and my life has been reshuffled.
  Regret, fear, shock, and shocking our minds from time to time, too late to feel that everything is too fast, we have to put on a gesture of swearing to death.
  At the end of the year, I don't want to sum up as usual, to sort out what I got, what I lost, what I did, and how much I ate.
  I just want to give myself eight life tips with a peace of mind.
  1. Learn to leave and give up between people
  Never try to convince a stupid person that you can only bring yourself into the gutter.
  This world is not everyone, it is worth your time, communication and communication.
  Not a person of the world, try to reduce the intersection, silence is the most effective way of "communication".
  Don't try to convince people who are contrary to their own values, that is in vain.
  Everyone is an adult, can understand, naturally, without any words.
  If you don't understand it, it's useless to say that it's a broken mouth.
  In this world, it is really worthwhile for you to spend time and energy to maintain relationships and cherish the people who will be accommodated. There will be no more than ten in total.
  Loved ones and friends are all included.
  When you are angry, anxious, insulted, or even insomnia for some people, think about whether TA is on the list of that tenth.
  2. The meaning of life lies in the process and the moment.
  I used to go out to play and like to fly directly from point to point. Go out and play now, prefer to drive.
  Maybe a little tired, but the scenery on the road itself is already the purpose of travel.
  In the past, I only looked at the results. Now I pay more attention to the process.
  I later learned that once I owned it, it might not be worse than the sky.
  It may be painful to get lost and lost, but it has never been experienced before, and perhaps the pain has turned into another kind of sweetness.
  Who can judge? Everything is in your heart.
  Some people live eighty years old, but they are already dead when they are twenty. Some people may have a short life , but the density is very large.
  When people come to this world, they will go through life without any ups and downs.
  The vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of life, the fascination of the world, the desperation, but also go.
  There is no good or bad between them.
  I remember someone said that a person’s life is not alive for a lifetime, but a few moments of living.
  indeed so.
  It is those moments of high light, and the time of grief that constitutes your real life.
  3, people must learn to heal themselves
  In this year, the key word for about half of people is that people are not worth it.
  The key word for the other half is that while you don't want to live, you bite your teeth.
  All adults, the fluctuations in life that must be faced, are the pain of despair before going to bed, and wake up is a new life.
  There is no more helplessness, sadness, anger, or nowhere to go. In fact, you can only digest it by yourself.
  After the age of 30, being alone is a compulsory course that requires you to study for life and cannot be absent.
  You can have a good friend who can walk, you can have a close lover, you can have a rest assured family.
  But the people who can rely on are only themselves, and everyone is essentially the same.
  Whether it is physical pain or mental torture, don't expect the outside world to give you salvation, you must learn to heal yourself.
  Only with strong self-healing ability and life's frustration immunity can we let us go steadily.
  4, wine friends are also very important
  I used to think that making friends can only pay those who have gone. I used to think that only those who have the same soul can become close friends.
  Later, I discovered that when people go to middle age, it is also very important to have friends and friends.
  Those who can bring you happiness, can accompany you on a drink, and can accompany you in a circle of mahjong, in fact, very very rare.
  Life always needs some moments to anesthetize yourself. It always needs some moments of inactivity, let yourself relax, recharge, and don't want anything.
  Give yourself the opportunity to indulge yourself and don't force yourself too tight.
  Life is already very tired. The person we ultimately need is the one who can accompany me, and the one who can make myself feel relaxed.
  5, people are group animals, don't live too alone
  I used to think that maverick is good, niche is good, and I am the best.
  Now I feel that people have to live in groups, learn to properly smooth the edges and corners, and be good to themselves and others.
  This is not a compromise. In many cases, it is a respect for each other.
  Lonely, proud, or arrogant, can't seem to be so arrogant.
  Hard-hitting gimmicks, nothing to show off, but also violent and can not represent how independent and proud you.
  Instead, those who are willing to fold themselves and serve others are more intelligent and mature.
  I used to like individual heroism, and now I admire people with team spirit.
  It is not difficult to be good at yourself. It is rare to be comfortable in one group and make everyone happy.
  Zhao Wei said that the most powerful place for Faye Wong is to be able to keep himself and live in harmony with the world.
  Deeply thought.
  As an adult, you can stick to yourself, but you should also be appropriate.
  6, always invest in life
  I never like to be perfunctory, and I hate being dull.
  The least you like to listen to a sentence , that is, you lose when you are serious.
  The most boring person in the world is the one who does nothing and does not care about anything.
  People who are never serious about not investing will never realize the joy of wholeheartedness, the satisfaction of selflessness and the intangible feeling of gain.
  Whether it is love , work, relationships, or even play, you can follow this truth.
  Don't move, I said, I don't care if I get it. Anyway, I didn't take it too much. It's not so much anymore, because I was hurt too much before.
  It won't look like you are mature, it can only set off your numbness.
  No pain, no resistance, no negative resistance, and potential negative energy are the biggest cancers in life.
  Remember, no matter what you have experienced, you can't predict what you will experience.
  What you can do is to do it seriously when you do one thing. If you love someone, you will love it wholeheartedly.
  Even if he has been deceived and misunderstood and hurt, even if he has not gained anything, he will dare to say that he will live this life if he has invested hard.
  Always young, always tears.
  7, the so-called self-discipline, is to act immediately
  Never wait, because you don't have time to lose weight.
  Going bigger, tomorrow and the accident you don't know which one will come first.
  You said that you have to do it again, maybe you have no chance to do it in this life. People who say goodbye, may never see. If you say that you have to go there again, it may be a regret for a lifetime.
  Too small to say that life is to drag a day, one less day.
  All your delays today must be repaid with anxiety in the future.
  All the lazy you are stealing today must be repaid with the hard work of future life.
  The so-called self-discipline is that it can continue to be implemented according to its own requirements.
  Persistence is the second step, and starting the action is the first step.
  When life is never completely ready, the beginning is the most important.
  The essence of self-discipline is mobility.
  Don't wait, don't be lazy. The important thing is to say it to yourself three times a day.
  8. The world disappoints you, but life still has light.
  This year, we were screened by various vicious incidents in the news, in the hot search, and in the circle of friends.
  We have sighed countless times, the darkness of human nature and the coldness of society.
  Many people shouted, winter is approaching, freedom is nowhere to be placed.
  Many people feel that the world is too bad, society is too chaotic, and life is too much.
  While thinking and thinking, I want to say that the big and small news that happens every day in this world is mostly irrelevant to your daily life.
  Don't lose your life because you pay too much attention to the outside world.
  Don't move, you are crazy, excited, and even lose your mind.
  What you see is just a small part of the world being magnified and intercepted.
  There are still many in this world, the warmth hidden in little things, and the joy and moving around you.
  The world we live in is not perfect, and sometimes people feel shivering, cold and desperate.
  But please always believe that there is always a beam of light in life. It will be more hopeful because of your belief.
  The above is the year of standing, giving some warnings to myself, some reminders.
  After tomorrow, bravely bid farewell to you!
  May everything be fine. mutual encouragement.