I have been married for 3 years and summed up the pits of 22 marriages for you.
  The peer-to-peer marriage relationship is stable, and there is no sense of superiority in the middle of love to make a difference.
  Equivalence is spiritual reciprocity, three equals, and evenly matched. The old saying goes, "Not a family, not a family."
  Marriage must have a certain relationship with the original family of both sides. If you climb high, you may be wronged in your husband's family. If you are low, your husband may be wronged at your home. If you are wronged, you will not say it. This is to bury yourself.
  The map of the car map money, have been very good, but the picture is poor, love is not old.
  Keep it look good, the better you look, the better, no one will hate the delicate woman. Your face, your smile, your body, know more than you are married to love.
  Far-marriage is a lonely trip, advise you to leave a return ticket, tickets can be used, but can not be.
  After getting married, I have the conditions to try not to live with my parents. The two generations have a bowl of soup. The distance is just right. Living together will add a lot of trouble to life. If the two families have no boundaries, there will be no contradictory buffer zone.
  It is easy to solve some of the problems of contradicting mother-in-law and turning her husband into a mother and son.
  Any marriage that makes you hesitate, into marriage, becomes a torment. If the chicken pieces are tender and crisp, you should hang the pulp before entering the oil pan. Marriage does not toss, toss is not married.
  Rice is still safe and delicious. If you take out a lot of takeaways, you should be a lazy, no fire-smelling home. What is the difference with a hotel?
  You can't do the bride price, but you have to have a good life.
  After marriage, 80% of the quarrel problems are caused by money, and money can be solved, and the remaining 19% have to add money. Therefore, efforts to make money can make marriage lead to freedom.
  Money can buy a lot of small happiness, such as cones, hot pots, and donuts. Such as lipstick, bags, saliva chicken. Such as perfume, rose, spicy pot.
  More fascinating is the comfortable chat, physical and mental fit, soul excitement, the longer you get married, the more you can find it.
  Holding a hug before quarreling, quarreling and holding a hug, the process in the middle is to discuss the craft of debate.
  Never underestimate the child's ability to destroy, basically the same as the Husky learned to open the excavator, put all the messy things in place, both bothered and laborious, so the housework is done together, the husband and wife equals two fitness card .
  When you are a mother, don’t lose your job. The phrase “I raise you” is good to say, not good! When you don't know what to do, read it. This era is very friendly to the readers, and you must learn to use the time gently.
  Children are not the reason to maintain love, give love to their lover, children will feel love, give love to children, this is basically the rhythm of family separation.
  The best way for children to learn to love is to love each other, from beginning to end, serious and romantic.
  Don't leave your good face to strangers and vent your bad feelings on your lover. Give the other side a little space to digest negative emotions, a little bit physically, a little bit on the mind. A couple is worthy of having a smile on each other.
  Learn to control the desire to buy, buy, and buy, and start saving. After marriage, the place to spend money is much more than you expected. It is not easy for people to reach middle age. There are old and young people. It is inevitable that they will encounter the dilemma because of insufficient money.
  Trust the other party unconditionally.
  Love will change, if you don't follow changes, your bitterness, lollipops can't save. Sometimes, it is not that the lover is not cute, but that he does not love you the way you want. If you want to hold the girl's heart, you will throw the princess disease first. It is better to change people's mindset, and no one can guarantee that the next one will be better.
  twenty one
Encourage  each other and find ways to get along with each other .
  twenty two
  Don't enter a marriage easily, and don't give up a love easily.
  Marriage is long, tempting a lot, eating in a bowl, staring at the pot, easy to support.
  The above point of view is purely a nonsense after a few years of marriage.
  A love sentence in a sentence or two can be summarized, just listen, don't be serious, just like you think it is 22 guides, in fact, the above article does not have Article 15.
  If the marriage is always cutting corners, the first time, the second time, we will not find out, but, for the whole day, it will be shackled.
  I don't bully marriage, and marriage won't bully me.
  Everyone's experience of experience is different. The honey of others may be arsenic for you. You feel that happiness is king. Others, right is a pleasure.
  There are no two identical marriages. You only know when you enter the besieged city. Which one do you like the most in the shop in the city? The east has a fritter with soy milk, the west chicken is stewed with mushrooms, the south is fried with bacon, and the bacon is mixed. Rice, so-called sweet and sour, or self-deprecating, each has its own way, the most important thing is to live out its own momentum and rhythm.
  It is quite interesting to say that, in a good marriage, you can always fall in love with each other and control whether you just finished the fight last night.
  Why do people sleep? It’s all about dying, waking up to life and being born again, every day is a new life, every day is a reincarnation.
  It’s a matter of life, it’s a good thing to live. It’s the first time to love someone, you have to do your best!
  It is a part of being worthy of being yourself, and it is a good thing to be worthy of beings.
  I used to ask a girl, what is her husband?
  She smiled and said that her husband is at home, you see him, which is not pleasing to the eye, all kinds of complaints are disgusting, but he is not with you and you miss him very much. Husband is that I can say that he is not good, but others say that he is not good, I want to do something with others.
  Husband is very happy to have a relationship with him and learn from life.
  Sure enough, husband or wife, or their own best, do not accept any rebuttal.
  Please show your love in the comments, the sweeter the better!