An ant buried his head in the ground and extended a leg. The rabbit saw it and asked, "What are you doing?" The ant said, "Oh, don't say anything, the elephant is coming, I am licking it." A little bit."
  Ants and elephants are not an order of magnitude at all, but happy ants still know how to take elephants out to tease and make jokes. There are too many helplessness in life, and many things are doomed to be the best. But we can still laugh at life and face the difficult life with an optimistic attitude.
  The best smile is not to give up the effort, but to have no regrets after the effort. On the court, the two teams are in a fierce battle, surrounded by screaming audiences. But in any case, the winner has only one party. After the game, the fans on both sides began to clash.
  At this time, the two teams on the court suddenly stood face to face, the audience on the side of the field stopped quarreling, and everyone's eyes returned to the center of the game. Everyone thought that there was a conflict between the players of the two teams. But what is unexpected is that after the two teams face each other, they embraced the people opposite.
  All the players, no matter the winner or the losing side, have a smile on their faces. Everyone was touched by the friendly atmosphere on the court. Moment, the entire audience is also boiling, and people laugh together, the hands of the hat, slogans such as licensing into the air.
  It turns out that whether it is a failure or a victory, we can face it with laughter . At any time in our lives , we can walk with laughter.
  Yes, you are not the best, you are not beautiful enough, and you are not tall. But what does it matter? You can still smile and let everyone know that you are happy!
  Yes, this exam has been poorly tested, and the scholarship you should have received is also ruined. However, you can still adjust your emotions and tell yourself that it doesn't matter. Frustration can only make you stronger . You can laugh and work hard to meet the next challenge.
  Yes, I have prepared for more than a month of activities, temporarily canceled, just because of a damn heavy rain. However, you still face with a smile, because this hard process of more than a month has taught you a lot.
  Yes, there are always a lot of disappointments in life. Many things are outside our ability. However, we can make these helpless and unsatisfactory laughter.
  Because, they are also our lives. We feel unhappy, mostly related to what we are facing. We always think about what we don't have. There are too many things to want, and things that I want to do are too difficult, so we are always unhappy. We are not happy because we rarely think of what we have.
  A young man is very depressed. An old man asks why he is not happy. The young man said that he had nothing. The old man said, who said that you have nothing, if you sell one of your eyes to me, 500,000, are you willing? The young man said, not willing. The old man asked again, then one arm is also 500,000? The young man still said, unwilling.
  The old man said that since you are not willing to hurt your body, then you sell me to youth, 1 million. The young man said, how can it be done? I have nothing but youth. The old man said that you have more than just youth, in fact, you have a lot. It’s just that you have been neglecting yourself, because it’s too common, so take it for granted.
  Think less about what we don't have and think about what we have. Someone once said: "How happy you are, how happy you can be." Happiness is not necessarily a goal that can be achieved when you reach a certain goal. If you want, you can be hard on the road. When you work hard, at any time, show your face and laugh.
  Happiness is actually a state of mind. Happiness is: be nice to yourself, be nice to friends, and face life with a good mood.
  Of course, we have not done enough, we do not have a lot, but we can still walk in the process of life, laugh and walk forward, to be a happy forward.