"Life is really unsatisfactory." In the afternoon, I received a message from my friend Wei Wei, only one such sigh.
  I asked her what happened. Wei Wei said: "It is something unhappy, I can't help but sigh. But I don't want to spread negative energy. I plan to go to work to watch the movie and then buy a small cake to eat. A new cake shop opened near the company and I heard that it tastes very good."
  I was teased by her and replied: "When you do, you can do it, be happy."
  I really like to chat with Wei Wei. She seems to be a natural optimist . If she is not happy, she may be offset by other fun and interesting things.
  Once we were shopping, and she expressed this view. Wei Wei couldn’t help but laugh, but then she said to me very seriously: "There are more things that are not good, always sad, there is still time. Going to enjoy the good things? When you are upset, you can feel a few words. If you are a human being , your heart should be simple and people should be 'confused.'"
  The heart is simple, and people have to be confused. I thought about it a few times, and the more I think it makes sense.
  Everyone will have an unhappy time. What do you do then? Is it a big fight with others, or is it a sulking life? Is it particularly irritating to overeating, or looking for someone to vomit a bad meal? The instinctive reaction of these unhappy times does not make things smooth, but it is easy to make people negative.
  When you are not happy, why not ask yourself why you are not happy? Is it your own fault or someone else's fault? Your own mistakes are just right, there is no need to go with yourself; others' mistakes have nothing to do with them, and there is no need to waste their energy.
  The heart is simple, people are "confusing" points, life can be more happy.
  Many troubles in life are often brought to you by yourself.
  When you sigh that life is not good, think about those who live in war-torn countries, you may understand that what you are used to may be the envy of others;
  When you are worried about a little trifle, think about how happy we are to live, and to be able to perceive the beauty of the world. Isn't this the biggest possession?
  Money and fame and fortune, life does not bring death without taking it, troubles and sorrow will eventually become a thing of the past. Since happiness is too much and unhappy is too much, why not choose a positive and optimistic lifestyle?
  People, the words hurt more, and I want to hurt more. Instead of hurting and hurting others, it is better to be clean and not bother.
  Just like what I have read: "When you are troubled, think about life is to reduce the law, see one side, one day, one day, and what are the troubles? Don't read people, don't forget people. It’s just that you don’t think about it, you don’t care about it, you just have to be worthy of your own conscience.”
  Everything is open to the public, it is better to look at people than to look at people. Instead of staring at the lives of others, it is better to reflect on your own words and deeds;
  Everything is light, in fact, many things that you worry about will not happen at all. In the end, it is only mediocrity. Instead of doing this, it is better to cherish every moment, and later on later;
  Everything is faint, some things don't belong to you, don't be too stubborn, think more about what you have, and less entangled those insignificant details. All possessions should be grateful , especially time and life .
  Many times, change your mind and change your mindset. If you want to understand, your troubles will naturally be less.