Many people often complain that they are tired, but the difference is that some people can look for bright and sunny growth after complaining, and some people will only huddle in the shadows.
  We must all experience the peaks and lows of life, and we will also appreciate the joys and sorrows of human beings. Therefore, it is more important than to be able to let go. It is more important than to possess to learn to lose calmly. More important than resentment is to learn to forgive.
  First, relax your heart.
  Many people feel unhappy because of the gaps or contradictions between people, but as they get older, they find that many things are really unnecessary.
  For example, in the workplace , the infighting, the business is intriguing, the competitors are dismantling each other, we think that we have won the desired name and benefit. It was only later that I realized that mutual trust, understanding and tolerance between people is far more valuable than the ones that I earned.
  We are alive, not for some fame. What makes people feel happy is often something that seems to be insignificant, such as mutual understanding between colleagues, mutual help between peers, and even mutual encouragement between rivals . A person is not good, everyone is really good.
  Don't deliberately block the way of others because of greed, because everyone will walk together and the road will become wider and wider. Don't deliberately go bad about others because you are embarrassed. Because others are not good, you will not be very good. Don't deliberately fight for what you have because of your triumph, because there is often no embarrassment for virtue.
  Money can never be earned, and happiness can never be enjoyed. But for being kind and kind, eating a little and making a few steps, you can bring you good luck with a steady stream of sources.
  Second, not entangled.
  Have you ever cried for the spilled milk, depressed for the wrong way, and sad for someone who is not worth it? There are always a lot of regrets in life. Compared to continuing to entangle, a better choice is actually a timely stop loss.
  Lost things, no matter how you recover, are lost. Those who love the wrong, no matter how much you regret, are also wrong. Most of the time, we spend too much time and energy worth pursuing, exploring, and experiencing people, things, and things that are not worth, have been missed, or cannot be changed.
  But instead of competing with past mistakes, it is better to accept it, face it, and change it.
  First of all, you have to know that time will not go backwards, only will continue to move forward, you can not return everything. Secondly, you have to understand that no one is perfect enough. If you are wrong, you must recognize it. If you recognize it, you may change it later. If you just evade, then the days will only get worse. Even if something can't be changed, we can still change the mindset of looking at things.
  Third, less care.
  Have you ever been worried about anything? For example, if the leader has arranged a little work for you, you will show all kinds of dissatisfaction; for example, if a friend gives less money, you always remember it and try to get the other person back; for example, the lover has said a few words, You will take the chicken feathers as an arrow, and you will always mention the old things, and your mouth will not be forgiving.
  In fact, there are a lot of things we don't have to worry about, and even it doesn't make much sense. There is a saying that the world's widest is the ocean, the sky is wider than the ocean, and the human mind is wider than the sky.
  When you have the ability, do more things, not only exercise you, but the leaders will also look in the eyes. When a meal can't be succumbed to you, the account is more than a few times, and the friend can't forget you. When a few words do not have much impact on you, don't go to be really strong, and your lover will put your goodness in your heart.
  If you over-compute some of the trivial things, you will lose because of the small. When you enlarge the pattern a bit, improve the realm, and relax your mind, your entanglement, pain, and disappointment will be much less.
  Just like your eyes, if you only stare at the square of your feet, you naturally don't look at the scenery you see when you are far away, so beautiful, so open.
  Some people say that life is not good, nine out of ten, but most of the troubles are that we can master and dispel.
  The momentary life experience has something to do with the situation we face, but the final state of your whole person is determined by your mentality.
  May you have good luck, if you don't have it for a while, I hope you can learn calmly in the plain.
  May you have a good relationship. If you don't have it for a while, I hope you will learn tolerance in misunderstanding.
  May you have a good life, if not for the time being, may you learn compassion in misfortune.
  May you have these three good attitudes, peace, simplicity, and happiness to live each day.