I rushed forward and turned away from the laws of life.
  I graduated from college in 2008, so 2018 is the day of graduation. From the time of graduation, the little girl became the mother of two children, and of course added a lot of troubles and sorrows.
  As a child, I always thought that adults are very mature. But when I grow up, I know that adults are also very naive.
  No matter how old people are, they need the temper of life to understand the truth that some books or old people can tell.
  Adults like me have slowly become tough and tough in the tempering of every little thing of the past year.
  In various kinds of blows and difficulties, I want to understand a lot of truths, start to slow down the pace of life, and start to explore myself more than rushing forward.
  I used to think that many adults suddenly started to explore psychology and went to spiritual practice, mainly for leisure.
  But when I arrived at this age, I discovered that it was because I finally found out:
  The hardships and exhaustion of life make it difficult for myself to cope.
  I rushed forward and turned away from many laws of life.
  The so-called self-exploration is nothing more than making yourself more comfortable and able to blend with the laws of nature.
  Comfortable, has become the goal pursued by more and more people. It is not only the comfort of sleeping, but also the calm and tranquility of mind and body.
  We are all here, letting ourselves be physically and mentally united, and want to stop and listen to the age of our inner voice, even if we just stop to read a book.
  I began to become nostalgic, looking for things that made me have memories and history. In fact, I was looking for years, those times that made me feel comfortable and peaceful.
  We have been working hard to tear with the law.
  When I was torn into my 30s, I realized that I can only feel my strength in the state and environment I feel comfortable with.
  Rather than rushing forward in spite of all the screams, it is very likely that you will not get anything.
  When I was older, I learned to cover up and learned to understand others and be kind to others.
  A few days ago I saw a paragraph saying: In the lives of adults, no one is better than anyone else. It’s just that others can’t see you.
  This year, several friends around me told me in the dark night that I wanted to get a divorce. I also worked many times in the dark night to work overtime and stay back to back.
  Those around me who look very good and travel around the world every day, several have insomnia, can not sleep for one night.
  When I was older, I learned to cover up and learned to understand others and be kind to others.
  When I was young, I was slowly fading away, leaving a soft whisper but a voice.
  From the first day of graduation, we have tasted a lot of bitterness in the world of independent living. Many things were a big thing that made people cry at night, but at the end of the year, they couldn’t remember the smallness.
  The heart of an adult is just a little harder and no longer understands the child’s emotions.
  I used to have a hard time for a long time, but it was also a very cold time for me.
  No hobbies, no friends, no rest, only work. The needs and invitations of the people around you are ignored.
  Until the past two years, I had my own children, resigned and started a business, and began to contact people of all kinds, only to find that the soft heart can be sensitive enough to touch the beauty and beauty of the world.
  The former self, living too single, is too boring.
  Slowly begin to change and melt yourself, only to discover the beauty of life, the warmth of human feelings, and to realize the feelings of every word in the book.
  These skills, we are losing more and more, now we have to get more and more back.
  When we are older, we will find that we are no longer rich people, but those who will truly live. Those who can dress up their lives and their families will be loved.
  I envy such people, and I hope that one day I can be such a beautiful look.
  The loneliness of adults is the courage to shoulder the future of life .
  In the previous section, there was a friend who took the train. I remembered that when I was a child, I would give your parents a ride back to my hometown every year.
  She and her younger brother will only figure out when the delicious food in the bag can be eaten. How much can I receive this year's lucky money, go all the way to sleep, no worries.
  Now I want to come, the parents in the same train, how happy in the heart, is to figure out how much money can be spent in the New Year, the tuition of children in the spring of next year can not be handed over.
  And all of this, we grew up, and with the children, we can understand.
  Sometimes work stress, troublesome things, the heart has long been riddled with holes, but the child will also squeeze out a smile and a hug.
  I think this is the most difficult and lonely moment for adults.
  It is said that the child is a continuation of the life of the parents, but for me and many people around me, the child is our greatest motivation, and it is also the source that allows us to fight through the work of late night.
  At 11 o'clock in the evening, it was time for me to chat with my good friend BOBO. We haven't seen each other, but we chatted on WeChat for a while each night.
  We are the mothers of two children, but they belong to a class of people. They are reluctant to be self-sufficient and very generous to their children. Work hard to earn money and calculate the future of your child.
  When we are tired, when we are frustrated, we encourage each other and slowly fall asleep.
  Because I have children, because I have raised children, because I saw a soft life lying in my arms and sleeping quietly and confidently.
  I realized that I was still so capable and shouldered the future of a life.
  I have a child, I am very vulnerable, it is easy to cry and touch, sensitive is like a neuropathy, but also more embarrassing to myself.
  Invest in your own abilities and make accurate plans for the future
  The three things that I realized on the first day of 2019, the value of my change, have also made me pay attention to the internal drive and pay more and more attention to my own strength.
  It doesn't look like everyone else is full of things, doing a lot of things, but for me, it has changed many directions in my future.
  These three things have brought me from an unruly young man back to the days of life in the life of middle-aged people.
  I used to feel that I could do anything. As long as I tried to move forward, I couldn’t care about anything. I always felt that I knew more cows and I would have cows.
  But when I hit the wall, I saw more people, and I did more things, only to find my ability and IQ.
  In life, there are always many clouds that cannot be broken.
  I didn’t believe it before, but now I understand that the biggest change in life is not every year, but every little thing in life.
  Recently, there has been a special concept called "micro-change". At this age, we have already made countless grand ambitions, then?
  Most of the time, the grand ambition we set will not be implemented because the goal is too ambitious, and it will become annoyed and empty joy at the end of the year.
  And ourselves, day after day, "become a middle-aged uncle and aunt who have no fighting spirit and expertise."
  Seeing others who lived in the circle of friends, and then look at the quilt that they haven’t stacked in a month, change themselves and become nothing.
  Therefore, this year's flag, I will no longer stand up a lot, but will start from more small aspects, pay more attention to their own changes, rather than grand ambition.
  After you have penetrated your own abilities, you will have more precise plans and arrangements for yourself:
  Personal life and career:
  Exercise for 20 minutes a day, whether it is running or yoga or following the movement of any app;
  Read a book every week, send or sell the finished book, and update the library at home;
  Go to bed early and get up early, try to sleep at 6 o'clock at 6 o'clock, fitness work to send children to school.
  Family and children:
  Take a child's weekend trip once a month, domestic trips once every three months, and travel abroad for half a year. Start to seriously plan to do the Raiders, no longer say go and go, take a trip to the thigh, burn money is very confused, suitable for your own chic, it is not suitable for taking children to the waves;
  Try to take your child to class every night, and read the picture book to your child at least three nights a week.
  Practice driving, learn to park, send your children to school in the morning, do not let the three-year-old child get up early in the school bus than the third child.
  Investment and financial management:
  Further optimize your investment and financial management;
  Further improve and optimize family insurance, so that the whole family has protection;
  More depth and breadth of learning wealth management expertise, do not follow suit.
  Learning and progress:
  Read an MBA;
  Go online one week a week, and finish the online class on the mobile phone for one year;
  Meet and chat with 1-2 people every month to expand 1-2 new business lines.
  In general, I have no special grand ambitions for my 2019, I just hope that I can do very small things. Read books and exercise.
  In the past, because I was obsessed with work, many things were not done, and I didn’t care. Now I found out that I missed many good things in life and family, and made myself become a person with no interest.
  I am now, low-key, quiet, and restrained.
  Only do the daily quiet and do the things you want to do, raise your own children and the elderly, realize each of your own little dreams , and not trouble others.
  Every day is a little better than yesterday, just a little bit better.
  To be a real, practical person, if you can bring a little light and heat to the text in front of you, it is my great honour to warm your lonely heart when you are lonely and cold.
  I hope that every one of you in front of the text, no matter what you have done in 2018, no matter what kind of sorrow and joy you have had, in 2019, we will cheer together.
  Try to list a few minor changes, try to do it one by one, with me, change yourself from the smallest place!
  Micro-changes seem small, but if you can do it, it will be much more powerful than nothing.