Have money, don't save
  Students do not already naked 
  to stay too healthy, not afraid not to make 
  for their health, do not save money 
  when can act
  Blessed, etc.
  Children   and   grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren. 
  Don’t be a horse for the children and grandchildren. 
  Enjoy the blessings of the eyes. Life is only once. 
Don’t work hard day and night. 
Children can eat bitter before they can grow up.
  Have love, don’t let
  How long is life, the fate is not waiting for people, 
  love and being loved are lucky. 
  Let's go today, this life will never come 
  again, pass by once, 
  regret for a lifetime.
  Have a temper
  The suffocation is qi, the qi is the disease, the 
  heart is mad, and the vomit 
  is the best ventilator for the friend. It is 
  also the pump for your vitality.
  Have hate not to remember
  Open-minded, fascinating things, 
  big things clever, small things confused, 
  grudges, old hate, not remembering, 
  smiling , enmity, 
  heart, frank, life is the most comfortable
  People are simple and happy. 
  Life is simple and happy. 
  Don't save, don't wait, don't let go, don't be angry, don't hate