Not long ago, a relative contacted me and said that I wanted his child to come to me for a few days. Relatives said helplessly: "His state has been bad, let him change the environment, change his mood, maybe he will figure it out."
  After I learned it, I learned that after I graduated from the University of Xunzi , I started my own business . After a few years of twists and turns, I finally failed. Then the whole person was stunned. I stayed at home every day to drink and sleep. It has been a month or two, and my family advised him to listen. Do not go in.
  In fact, many people, like nephews, have the courage to dare to give up stability to challenge the unknown, but they can't afford to lose. They can't accept setbacks and failures. Once they are hit, they are constantly declining.
  The most regrettable life is not to win, but to lose.
  My classmate, Lao Zhou, was once a bloody youth with an entrepreneurial dream. The family wants him to go home to test the civil servants, but Lao Zhou does not like the stability and peace in the system. The idea of ​​going to see the bigger world and going to sway has been hovering in his mind.
  Every time I fantasize about the future, I am full of blood, and my eyes are like light. But when I mention how the road should go, how to plan, how to start, the old week slammed his head and asked: "What should I do if I fail? ”
  Once, Lao Zhou and a group of like-minded friends joined an entrepreneurial project to sell their products to others. The whole week is full of fear and fear of being rejected by others. Later, as he expected, he ate a lot of closed doors on the first day and suffered many white eyes.
  Lao Zhou was particularly anxious and found me dejectedly. He told me that he would withdraw from the project because he felt that he would not succeed . What he continued would only be more humiliation and ridicule.
  Soon, the old week quit, and his entrepreneurial dream came to an abrupt end.
  What is most feared in life is not the fact that "I lost," but I dare not face losing, or even refuse to participate because of fear of losing. No one likes to fail, but if you want to continue walking, you will inevitably face two outcomes of “winning or losing”. Fear of failure, failure to lose, it means that you can only stay in place, even if the scenery in front is picturesque, you can only see the haze and gloom in front of you.
  Only those who can afford to win can continue to try and challenge, and then have the possibility to surpass themselves.
  In the semi-final of the women's team in a world table tennis team championship, the Chinese team successfully advanced to the final. Ding Ning, who played the first game, sprained her foot before the game. After playing, she was not slow enough to enter the state, and she was beaten fiercely by the opponent, and she quickly lost the first game. The latter two games were also not smooth, and Ding Ning eventually lost the first game with 0-3.
  When Ding Ning came back again, the performance at the beginning did not improve much. At this time, former Guoping coach Liu Guoliang commented: "Ding Ning is going to start from scratch, lose and lose, has passed... As a leading figure, you have to tell people that you can lose, but you will not be beaten. ""
  Life is also like the stadium, you can lose, but you can't be defeated.
  At the 2018 graduation ceremony of the Chinese Department of Peking University, a teacher said in his speech: "Maybe the first lesson of life is also a lifelong lesson, learning to lose... I wish you success, if you are not successful, or even lose Then, just lose it."
  Those who can't afford to lose, look forward to the future, suffer from loss; those who can't afford to lose, are free and brave.
  Losing it is a more important ability than winning.
  This is a kind of self-confidence . If you lose, you lose. If you fall, you will climb up and still have the courage to come back. It is also a kind of calmness. Winning or losing is not the whole meaning of life. Why bother to break the blood and let the win and lose become life. What about shackles?