For the past, it is light.
  I have read such a story:
  The train is about to start, and a person rushes over. When he got in the car, one of his feet was caught by the door, and a shoe fell under the car. When the train started, the man quickly took off another shoe and threw it down without hesitation in the place where the first shoe fell. Someone asked him why he did this. He said, "Why can't you take the shoes that you can't get back? It's better to give a pair of shoes to those who come."
  Sometimes the ending is fixed and cannot be recovered. Instead of entangled with it, it would be better to choose to let go. Life is not everything can be as you wish, there will be regrets, there will be regrets, there will be unwillingness. It’s just that you can’t hold the sand, it’s better to raise it; if you can’t wait, you can’t forget him.
  When you arrive at the Yellow River, you will die. If the South Wall hits more, just look back. Love is not allowed, but it can't be thought of, it is the normal state of life. The more distracting thoughts in your heart, the less space you have left for happiness.
  Don't let those who are frustrated, stop them from discovering the beautiful eyes of the world; don't let those regrets stop the search for the beautiful steps of the world. Those obsessives, sometimes like shackles, are placed on your body, making you walk hard and carry heavy loads. And let go of those obsessives, you can be relieved and enjoy the years.
  If you don’t make a mistake, you can meet the right one. Let go of your troubles in order to have a good time.
  For now, it is a pity.
  Life comes and goes, and the coming days are not long. The best moment in life is not the past, not the future, but the present.
  Always talk to a good friend, and get together again. I thought that when I came to Japan, who would think that there might be no future, I would like to talk to my parents, and when I’m done, I will go home and see. But who wants to finish this time, and for a while; talk to the child, wait until you have finished your work and go with you, dragging and dragging, the child will grow up, and you miss the paragraph that can accompany him to grow up. Years.
  There are a lot of unprepared things in life, not everything can come back. Instead of arbitrarily promised, it is better to cherish the present. Don't wait until you are too late to regret it.
  There is no regret medicine in the world. Every step you take has no turning back; every decision you make has no withdrawal button. Don't make a decision against your own intentions because you are angry at the moment; don't slow down your body and your loved ones because of your busy work.
  Everything is still there, to fulfill your unfulfilled wish, to see the people you miss, to appreciate the scenery you like, to eat your favorite food.
  Instead of cherishing the longevity, it is better to cherish the possession now.
  For the future, you have to believe.
  Everyone will have a difficult time: it may be overnight and overnight, and the plan will be revised over and over again. The boss said that he has to redo it; it may be that the founding company is hard to get on the right track, but it has suddenly changed, and everything is zero; maybe it is weekdays. Parents who seem to be physically tough, but suddenly seriously hospitalized, urgently need a large amount of treatment costs; may be a partner who has been in love for many years, suddenly proposed to break up...
  Those difficult times will have many setbacks and there will be many blows. After a series of setbacks, three times and five times of blows, people seem to be unable to reach the other side of success , can not see the dawn of hope.
  In fact, deciding how far a person can go is not what he has experienced, but what kind of mentality he uses to face life. If you have hope for life, life will certainly give you hope; if you only have despair in life, life will only be despair.
  The biggest bankruptcy in life is no longer hopeful for the future. No one's life is easy. Don't give up in adversity, you will pass it, it will be a dark flower.
  I once read this sentence : "The real warrior is still steaming after seeing the truth of life." How many people are unable to support it, and they are stubborn for a while before they wait for the cloud. The fog is scattered; how many people are standing up when they are defeated, and they only stand up and see the peaks and turns.
  No matter how difficult, please have hope for the future. Because every effort you make will not be wasted, and your every insistence will not be disappointing. There are no natural and powerful people, only those who are persistent and do not give up.
  May you and me go through thousands of sails, and return is still a teenager. Always have a dream and hope for the future. Always young, always tears.