Someone on the Internet asked: What is a happy family like? The highest praise is: happy families do not fight "right or wrong."
  I have seen a host who mentioned his mother when he hosted the show. He said that one of the favorite things that the 76-year-old mother likes to do is to turn off the lights, and the lights in the house are on. As long as no one is there, the mother will turn off the first time.
  At the beginning, he also told his mother that frequent opening and closing would affect the service life of the lamp. Sometimes it was only a short while, and there was no need to close it. But after discovering that the mother said "good" every time, and then closed it, he never thought about such a small thing with his mother.
  He said that saving electricity has become the mother's mindset. No matter what you say, she can't change the habits she has accumulated in the past.
  Think about whether our parents are like this: you tell them over and over again that it is best not to eat leftovers overnight, but they then put the leftovers in the refrigerator afterwards; you stressed over and over again that you should not buy snacks for your children. But they promised to turn around and bring their grandson to the supermarket...
  Many people have been arguing with their parents for the sake of "right" and hurt their parents.
  In the summer, my colleague and I complained about his father. He said that his mother died early, the summer was hot in the countryside, and his father came to the city to take a summer break. As a result, his father, who couldn’t help himself, went to the square to pick up the bottle the next day.
  He told his father that this would make others say that his son was not filial, and that his father said that he was used to labor and could not play the entertainment activities of the elderly in the city. The son said that his father did not know how to enjoy, and the father said that his son looked down on himself. Finally, the old man slammed the door and returned to his hometown.
  Children should understand that even if some behaviors of parents are outdated and decent in your eyes, considering these things about their living environment and their inherent living habits, these little things are no longer a problem.
  In "Book of Rites," it is said that "the raising of the filial son", first of all, "leace its heart" is to make parents happy.
  Something that is irrelevant is going to follow them. Tolerance and understanding of parents are the best filial piety.
  Yang Lan said such a small thing in "We Are": I had a quarrel with Zhong Shu on a ship that was going abroad, for the reason that it was only a French pronunciation. I said that his accent was accompanied by a local accent. He refused to accept it and said many words that hurt his feelings. I also tried to hurt him. Then I asked the Frenchman who spoke English to speak on the same boat. She said that I am right, he is wrong. Although I won, I feel bored and very unhappy.
  There are always differences between husband and wife, and some people must fight right or wrong. I don’t know, I won the result, but I lost my feelings and I am not happy.
  Unfortunately, many people don't understand this truth. They care too much about some small things: you want to go to the yoga class, Ta doesn't say buy a mat to go home; you have to go out to eat, Ta is not saying that some restaurant oil is not good. You said that the sea is very beautiful, Ta does not say that the sea has drowned a lot of people... Who is right and wrong? In fact, there is nothing wrong with it, but it is different opinions and small things.
  After arguing with the companion for the trivial matter, there was always someone asking: What is a good marriage?
  There are small stories. A couple quarreled and the husband always gave his wife. The wife asked: "I clearly made it wrong. Why did you still let me?" The husband said: "Because I am afraid of winning, losing my feelings and losing you, I will lose all of my life!"
  In life, there are no two people who are exactly the same. There will always be differences between family members. Good marriage, three views are important, but more important than the three views, you understand me, I understand you, encounter problems, not arrogant, can calmly discuss and resolve.
  Home is a place to hide love. The "battlefield" that knows how to withdraw from the family is not a deserter, but a wise man.