My friend Xiaoli has been quite depressed recently. She worked in a company. At the end of last year, she missed the "excellent staff" because of a bit of mistake in the business assessment. It has been two or three months since the incident, and Xiao Li is still worried.
  Everyone advised her to open up. She snorted: "In order to win this quota, I have worked hard to work overtime and work hard. I originally tried to get the qualifications for three consecutive years, and I will be able to raise the salary level. Who would think this would be the case? As a result, I understand that the truth is that life is not as good as it is, but it is not reconciled." Xiao Li sighed.
  Yes, many people understand that many things are easy to guide others, and it is sometimes difficult to put them on themselves.
  Why do we feel entangled in the face of established facts and are unwilling to face it? The answer is simple: we often expect too much from the results.
  We hope that all our efforts will pay off, and when this expectation fails, we will feel that we are being lived and rejected by others. But as long as we calm down and examine the reality, we will find that the reason for this result is precisely because we are too concerned about it. Like Xiao Li, people who usually never make mistakes in their work, if not because they are too nervous during the assessment, may not be leaked.
  It's like a vicious circle: the more you focus on the outcome, the more stress you have, the harder it is to calm down and get things done, and the easier it is to be dissatisfied with the results. Further, the more disappointing you are, the more you will fall into self-doubt, until you become more and more deeply entangled, losing the courage to move on.
  I heard a story: An old man planted a tree. He has made many plans for this tree, hoping that it will grow into a towering tree, cover the sun for the children and grandchildren; and want it to become a pillar, to build a building, to make wood; he also wants Take the tree to the village to build a bridge to benefit the villagers.
  To this end, he is constantly expecting to water the tree repeatedly, looking forward to it growing up quickly. It didn't take long for the tree to wither. Seeing the old man's sadness, the eight-year-old grandson said the reason: "Grandpa, the little tree is as young as I am, you can't pour too much water on it, let it grow up slowly." Suddenly realized that the tree was no longer watered every day, and the tree was restored to life.
  Many times, the one who is always eager to seek success, always expecting too much, and losing too much panic is not like the old man in the story?
  Born to be human, we all have our own responsibilities and missions. Whether it's a crucial exam, an imminent task, or an unanimous agreement, the results seem to affect our lives, and we can't afford to shrink and make mistakes.
  However, the results are ultimately impossible to force.
  Everything you desperately want to grasp will be like the quicksand in your hand. The tighter you hold, the faster you will disappear. The only way to keep it from losing is to spread the palm of your hand.
  Because when we hold our hands tightly, there is often nothing in it; only when we open it, we will face up and face the whole world.
  A predecessor in the workplace said a word : There are three great blessings in life - a long-awaited reunion, a lost and a false alarm. This is also the philosophy he has always been a human being. Every time he encounters unhealthy things in his life, he will use this to enlighten himself.
  A few years ago, because of the adjustment of departmental posts, the location that originally belonged to him was robbed by a relationship household. Many colleagues have been unfair to him, but he particularly wants to open: "These are missing the horse, knowing that it is a blessing. It is most important to do the work in your hands, and the other is given time to arrange."
  It turns out that he is right. A year later, the company set up another important department. This time, with his outstanding performance, he naturally became the undisputed supervisor.
  Life is like an unpredictable drama, and how many pre-designed plots deviate from the envisioned results. Some scripts, even if you have performed countless times in your own heart, may not escape the fate of being tampered with. Instead of paying attention to the results and entangled in it, it is better to learn to use your own mentality and live a natural life.
  Do everything you can to take your eyes back from unpredictable results and put them in control of the process. By the way, it is to let go of the excessive expectations of the results, to lose more and more to lose, and to complain less.
  After all, the results are important, but the process makes sense. As long as you live your heart, love it, and come with ease, even if the results are not satisfactory, you will get something.
  Because those experiences and tests have enriched our lives invisibly, tempered our souls and helped us become better people.
  Don't let yourself be stumped by the "results" of the moment. Please believe that only the one who has worked hard and can work hard can bring you the best ending.