Some people say that many people are already dead at the age of 30, but they are buried only when they are eighty years old.
  But in fact, the opposite is true. Before the age of 30, we are still in the embryo. After the age of 30, it is the real beginning of life.
  A few days ago, I read an article about Huang Wei.
  When he was 19, he debuted because of the "blue sand" sing-along combination, but the record company refused to pack him because of his ugliness. He could only go to Yang Yuying.
  He sang the karaoke for 7 years before and after, and he worked as a dance teacher for 8 years, but he could only maintain his life. When he was in his twenties, he often had to stay for half an hour after he got up, think about it. Well.
  Gao Xiaosong said that the youth is like a mourning, this is the portrayal of Huang Qi’s youth.
  He sang in the bar and was killed by the guests. He went home to open a factory to do business. As a result, a financial crisis made him lose his money.
  At this time, his small high tiger let him go to the crew guest, he unexpectedly found the actor this road, at the age of 26, he took the Beijing Film Academy dubbing department.
  However, in the entertainment circle where Yan valued his life and death, he undoubtedly embarked on a dead end.
  No way, no retreat, he can only work hard and desperately polish his acting skills.
  Watering himself with blood and sweat year after year, finally at the age of 30, he became famous for making "The Stone of Madness."
  Since then, it has become more and more good to blossom on the road of performing arts.
  Once the pain and frustration fermented in time, it became the nourishment of his life's wisdom and talent.
  Everyone's success requires an obscure effort. Before that, they are polishing themselves before they can become true self.
  Many times, we will miss youth, but it is undeniable that in our youth, we are actually not happy.
  During the Chinese New Year, eat with your cousin.
  Speaking of the time of youth, I can't help but sigh: If we can go back to that time, it would be fine.
  The third brother immediately said: I don't want to go back to that time, think back to the age of ignorance and ignorance, and feel like a fool.
  When the third brother just graduated, he was inferior and sensitive. He tried to find a dream come from afar . He refused to follow the arrangement at home and secretly bought a train ticket to Beijing.
  When I arrived in Beijing, I discovered that the city is so big, but there is no place to place him small.
  He managed to find a job that was not right, but because he was too young, he did not understand the world, he was bullied by his boss, and he was young and angry, and he did not have to pay. He left.
  But wherever he could go, he refused to go home, lived with his friends in the basement for more than a year, and lived a meal for more than a month.
  At this time, his favorite girl ran to Beijing to see him. He couldn't afford to respond to his feelings because he was so embarrassed that he could not afford a lipstick. He could only miss it.
  He said: When we are too young, our ability can't bear our dreams. The mind can't afford a relationship. We can find a place in our own world, but we can't see the road ahead.
  We are like a seed buried in the soil, struggling desperately in the dark, wanting to break through the ground as soon as possible, want to see the world and see yourself.
  Finally, when I was 30 years old, my feelings have come and gone. If I have a direction in the future, I will not be so flustered. I finally have the ability to live the life I want. How can I go back?
  We say that people live in three levels: alive, living decently, and living alive.
  We are young and lively and ignorant. We are so embarrassed that we are so decent, and we only begin to understand when we are thirty, how to live.
  I have seen an advertising video "I am thirty years old."
  At the age of thirty, the protagonist resigned from his steady work to pursue his dreams and become a photographer.
  Yang Lan said: From the age of 20 to 30, maybe you have tried many different choices. Which one is best for you? Through the review of the past 10 years, I began to truly understand myself, know my own style, no longer imitate others, and have the confidence to act according to my own style.
  Before the age of 30, we have always been the explorers and explorers of life. After the age of 30, we have the ability and confidence to choose the life we ​​want.
  Just like the grown-up girl in the advertisement said to her parents: This is the way I chose, don't worry, because I have confidence.
  When we were young, we were like a boat that had just left Hong Kong, desperately trying to explore the world, undulating and bumping in the stormy waves.
  It is time, let us grow up, after seeing all beings, seeing the heavens and the earth, finally seeing the true self, then it is time to begin to harvest life, whether it is wisdom or success.
  Before the age of 30, life is testing the water. After 30 years old, we have a certain direction of life. With the courage to face the storm and the ability to grasp our own life, who said that 30 years old is not the real beginning of life.