1. Q: What is fate?
  Life is an excuse for the weak;
  2. Q: What do you want to tell young people when they meet each other?
  From now on, do what you are afraid to do,
  Then you will find that it is actually not the case.
  3. Q: Why do people have to work hard in this life?
  If you learn the same skills and how long you have, you can say less about asking for words.
  4. Q: What is the sentence that you have been telling yourself in your heart ?
  Don't spread your heart everywhere, because there is more than one story in this world.
  5. Q: Why are people tired?
  The reason why you are tired is because you can't be lazy.
  6. Q: Is pain a wealth?
  Pain is pain, and thinking about pain is wealth.
  7. Q: Why is maturity just let go?
  Sometimes you put things down, not because you are willing to give up suddenly, but because the deadline is up; if you have enough self-willedness and mature, you know that this page should be turned over.
  8. Q: What is the feeling of loving someone?
  It seems that suddenly there is a weakness, and suddenly there is armor.
  9. Q: What is growth? What is change? What is a breakthrough?
  Do what you have never done is to grow up, do what you don't want to do is change, do what you dare not do is a breakthrough.
  10. Q: What do you think of life?
  Live, live, give birth, live.