The first is health.
  Losing health is sometimes an irreversible process. The body is overdrawn, and it is difficult to adjust it later with more time and money.
  I have a friend who works in an advertising company. Working overtime until two or three in the morning is a normal life, sometimes even overnight. He has a fitness card, but he has only been there three times a year, with almost no sports throughout the year.
  At the beginning, I was just getting in, and my body was quite good. After a long time, as long as he stayed up late, he was dizzy the next day, and even some disgusting and vomiting. What is even more frightening is that once he went to the bathroom, he suddenly stunned his head and almost fell to the ground.
  Fortunately, there are other people in the family who quickly sent him to the hospital. After the examination, the doctor said that the blood vessels in his brain were ruptured, but it was a very fine blood vessel around him, and it was not a big disaster if he was sent to the hospital in time.
  Looking closely at the rules of life of a friend, you will find that there are many commonalities among young people. They often stay up late, have too much pressure, and have little exercise. The consequence of this is that the body is being squandered more and more.
  In this world, except life and death, it is a small matter. In the days that follow, I hope that you can take care of yourself: nothing to sleep early, learn to decompress yourself, never give up exercise. The so-called "the world is yours, but also mine, but in the end it belongs to those who are in good health."
  The second is money.
  When I was a child, my grandmother often said to me: "It is necessary to prevent rain from falling." It means that everything should be prepared. In the favorable season, it is necessary to prevent unfavorable seasons; when there is nothing, prepare for something.
  We pursue a high quality of life, but we don't mean to spend all our money to overdraw our lives.
  To know a girl and pursue the so-called "exquisite" life, we must use the best. When you pay your salary at the beginning of each month, you use it all to pay your credit card. Others may be "moonlight", she is "month owed" - monthly deposits are negative.
  Once, the family was in urgent need of money, and she did not save any money at all. In desperation, I can only find friends to borrow around, and I managed to make up for it. After that time, she discovered that suffering without money is the greatest suffering.
  It is necessary to prevent rain from rain and to have money to prevent it. Do not squander money, learn to rational consumption, and make reasonable use of your every income is king.
  The third is love.
  Have you ever had such an experience, there was once someone who loves you especially, but you have not cherished it. Everyone is good to you, and you should take it for granted.
  But you forgot that the feelings of people are like slaps. If a person always pays unilaterally but does not receive any response, the slap will not ring. One day he will be cold and desperate until he leaves, and will not come back.
  I was particularly impressed by a plot of the movie "Charlotte of Charlotte".
  Xia Luo sat on the sofa and held the fennel noodles that Ma Dongmei gave him. Unfortunately, he said to Ma Dongmei: "I once had a dream, dreaming that the two were married, but the days are not happy. I am drinking all day long. The wine provokes you to be angry, but when I get into the winter, I will get a stomach ailment, and you will heat up the stomach for me. Once I got rid of the incisors in the well, you will stay with me and accompany me. While you are licking the seeds, who knows, the melon seeds that you took out are all for me..."
  At the end of the movie, Charlotte found that the original life was a dream, and his beloved Ma Dongmei was still around. Fortunately, fennel noodles are not only eaten in a dream.
  There are so many in life. Many people, many things, will never come back once they miss it.
  This heart is the strongest and most vulnerable. When a person loves you, the heart is strong and can give everything for you. At the same time, the heart is particularly vulnerable. Once you don't cherish and hurt the other's heart, he will slowly fade out of your world.
  In the sea of ​​life, we will meet countless people, but it is really not easy to have someone who loves you. Never squander his love.
  In this life, health, money and love are top priorities. Can not squander, but also can not afford to squander. When you learn to cherish these three things, your life will not be worse.