In our family, my mother has a special identity: communication messenger, a communication messenger that connects me and my dad.
  After the Chinese New Year, I packed my bags and got ready to leave home. My mom rushed into my room and asked, "I have put your fried fish in the box? Is there any money? Do you want to give you money? Cold medicine belt Is it?"
  Her series of questions were closely linked and did not give me the opportunity to answer.
  "Oh, why are you still so embarrassed?"
  "Your dad asked me to ask you, if you forget to bring something or have no money, your dad will blame me." Mom smiled a little embarrassed.
  I was packing my luggage and stopped standing. I couldn’t help but laugh at the bedside: "He cares about me, why don't you ask me by yourself?"
  This is the case when you are away from home, as is the case for tuition and living expenses when you go to school.
  When I told my roommate about this situation, she laughed like me and laughed. She nodded and told me that her mother was also the "communication messenger" at home, connecting her and her silent father.
  After laughing, I can't help but fall into meditation: I have always been sensitive to the love that my parents have never said. If I have some thick lines, what if I don't feel it?
  Why do many parents prefer to abandon all love for their children, preferring their children to misunderstand and guess, and would not be straightforward to say it?
  Love, isn’t it precious to say it?
  This is the case with family, and many people’s love can’t escape this model.
  I used to fall in love, ignorant, and I don’t understand how two people should get along. In the face of the true feelings in my heart, I am always not too embarrassed to speak directly, often in a passive state, so that it does not seem to like the other side.
  I remember that in the days when I was getting along, if I didn’t see you for a few days, the other party would tell me that he missed me and then asked if I thought about him. “General”, under his questioning, I only responded with a “thinking” word. .
  This kind of communication is like a person who takes the initiative to learn what sweet words are, and deliberately wants to show all his characteristics. He also said, "I am super interesting, I can be interesting," but only accept it. Arrived at the other party's "Oh" word.
  Probably, no matter how strong enthusiasm or high expectations, it will be ruined by such a short word.
  Occasionally talk about emotional issues after work, we will take a picture of the people and things in the past, like irrelevant, the mouth still has to add a cool sentence: the children's love really affects me walking the rivers and lakes.
  I remember that my friend asked me that I regretted the feelings that had no results. I shook my head and said that I didn’t regret it, but I regretted it.
  I don’t think about the result. What I regret is that in the youth that has no money, no way to see the future, and a need to express feelings directly, it’s important to say “I miss you very much”, but I often bite. Tightly close, let the sincere heart waiting for a response disappoint.
  I always think that it is good to have this person in my heart. What does it matter if I don’t say it? In the past, I have already defaulted in my heart. I don’t need to express myself when I get along. Naturally, I don’t express it. This is not, it’s not the mouth, it’s not psychological.
  He wants to hear, I think in my heart, because I don’t express it, neither of us heard it.
  He is not happy, and I am not happy at the end.
  There are many people like me in this world. They are good at playing the inner play alone for a hundred times and a thousand times. The face is still cold and cold, and it doesn't show off the sound. It is always the tip of the iceberg.
  It is a pity that human sorrow and joy are not the same, and emotions are also.
  I don't say, how does he know? He wants to know, but I still don't say it. A piece of untrained feelings, where can you withstand so much uncertainty and test?
  Everyone is an isolated island in this strange world. They are looking for another island in their lifetime, occasionally finding them, occasionally not finding them, and occasionally finding and losing them.
  The time spent in the world is very short, and those who are still deliberately hiding their feelings are really unpredictable.
  Probably a sentence in Li Huan's "Laughing Field" can be a far-fetched explanation: Xiaobei, I miss you, there is no special pattern, but it can be said to be tragic.
  Some people have explained the phrase "I like you": I like you, not that I have liked you for ten or twenty years, but that I like you at this moment, so that I have the courage to say it. I like you.
  Perhaps, the expression of the mouth needs more courage than the silent love, and it is more worth cherishing.
  Later, I was confessed by others. When I was euphemistically rejected, I would say something to the other party: Thank you for your kindness, you let me know, in fact, I am also a good person.
  From small to large, we are all educated to be euphemistic, to have reservations, to be subtle, and to say that we are never worth more than the preciousness of action. We have taken care of this side, but we have forgotten another fact: there are not so many opportunities for us to express our love directly.
  Someone has experienced "the desire to raise and not to wait."
  Someone understands, "Later, I finally learned to be brave to love, but unfortunately you have already disappeared into the sea."
  With the loved ones who do not express themselves, because we live together day and night, knowing the bitterness and suffering of others, all his actions are easy to understand, understand and forgive. But who doesn't like him for many years?
  An inexperienced person ran into a relationship. Without the instructions, the person always had to fall to the point and pay a price. Therefore, he was often forced to use the regret to thoroughly understand the truth.
  In the past, I also like my father. I care about my family and always do a lot of things in the back. I rarely say it in person.
  Today, we are all changing.
  In the video call to parents every week, they urged me to take a good rest and eat well. I will also swear a lot, as if I have to finish the next week, let them take care of their own things, and then hang up the phone, in order to worry about their own affairs.
  In the following week, perhaps they still didn't have a good rest, still not willing to buy things for themselves, still did not listen to the small advice I gave, but I always felt that my words played a certain role, as for what role, it is not so Important.
  Regarding the care and love of the heart, if you want to say it, don't worry, it will never become precious because of export.