Yesterday, Lin Zi and colleagues from another department, because of disagreement, made a lot of noise. Fortunately, several of us were in peace, and this dispute with gunpowder was calmed down.
  But Lin Zi returned to his seat, and he was still looking forward to his arms. When I didn't knock a few words in front of the computer, I complained with dismay and sighed, and I couldn't work at all. When I was communicating with my colleagues, she did not hide it. The bad mood was revealed on her face.
  In the end, one day, not only did my work be delayed, but my colleagues also complained about her attitude.
  When several of us got off work together, she still didn't give up on this matter, and she did not bother to say that she was right.
  The group leader said to her with a heavy heart: Let's take a step back and say that even if you are right, you will lose afterwards. You see people talking and laughing with colleagues all day, and they are doing their work. But you are caught up in this matter and can't extricate yourself. It both messes up your whole day's mood and affects the emotions of the people around you.
  Indeed, if an adult's emotions are not handled well, it will only make their situation worse and worse.
  There are so many experiences in life: when you go out and meet someone who is unreasonable, the good mood of your play is gone; because a friend hurts, you will toss and turn, the night can’t be stunned; You can't afford to work on your next job...
  There are good and bad days, and if you are on the bad side, you will miss the good.
  There is such a small story:
  Autumn is coming, and the little apprentice stares at the withered orchids all day long. When Master couldn’t stand it, he took the little apprentice to Maple Grove, not far away. At that time, the red leaves were as bright as fire. The little apprentice said with a sigh: "I didn't expect the maple leaf forest here to have a taste."
  Master said this: "There are all withered orchids in your eyes, even if you are not far from the flowers, you can't appreciate them. If the orchids are withered, throw them somewhere, don't take it anymore. If you miss it, it will not come back to life."
  Think about it, what do you do when you come to the world?
  Don't forget to embrace the warmth of the sun because of a faint sigh; don't stop moving forward because of a lame sand.
  I have always admired the way my cousin handles problems. Every time she quarrels with her brother-in-law, she will hide for a little while.
  At first, I thought I was persuading very clearly: "Oh, husband and wife, if you talk about it, you will not finish it. If you ignore it, it will only deepen the misunderstanding."
  My cousin smiled and explained: "It is true that it is correct, but it depends on the situation. At that time, it was mad at him. He was not pleasing to the eye anywhere. It would be easier to talk and talk about it. Let's calm down first, there is a buffer time and space."
  When the cousin finished, I realized it. Don't make decisions late at night, let alone make decisions when your mood is unstable.
  We all know that impulsiveness is the devil. How many people are eager to vent their emotions when they encounter problems and encounter contradictions. When fighting with the girlfriends, the gas rushes to the brain, and it is the singularity that comes out of the mouth, and regrets afterwards. When there is a contradiction with the lover, let your emotions linger, and the small things become big things until the point of divorce.
  Everyone has a temper, this is human nature. But letting the temper overflow, it is your own fault. Listening to Lu Xiucai in "Wulin Biography": "The world is so beautiful, you are so violent, this is not good, not good."
  If you are arguing with others, it is better to take a step back and first cool your emotions. If you calm down, maybe you will have another village.
  Life is complicated and complicated, and every day there are all kinds of things coming in and there are countless external factors that interfere with us.
  Everything that cares too much will only make you exhausted; every time you are filled with emotions, you will only have to take care of your life.
  I have seen someone asking for help online: their own life and their emotions are easily affected. How is it good?
  One of them is half-heartedly and half-jokingly enlightened: Whenever you encounter troubles, you will comfort yourself. These are the big things of sesame, why bother for it, why bother with it. Our ideal is the stars and the sea. We should not affect the mood for the uneaten cones falling on the ground and watching the movie slots full of these chickens and garlic.
  Although this is a bit of self-entertainment, it is undeniable that adults should know how to filter out unhelpful emotions. If you can't properly put down some bad emotions, then you can't move forward in the distance.
  There is no hurricane that can't go through, no haze that can't be removed. The sun rises every day, and hope will always be there.