Everyone's life is accompanied by many feelings, experiences and experiences.

  They are good or bad, right or wrong, or make you happy, or make you suffer, but it is these processes that make you step by step to maturity.

  Perhaps we used to be young, frivolous, and sharp, and there is a new born calf that is not afraid of tigers. As we get older, we slowly learn to be a gentle, peaceful and quiet person.


  The first sign of a person's maturity is that the temper is getting smaller and smaller.

  Once upon us, encountering things that make you unpleasant, things that make you difficult, and those unexpected accidents and injuries, will be thunderous, hysterical, and desperate.

  But later, we gradually learned to converge. Even if there is emotion in the heart, it will maintain a basic decent, be careful, behave properly, and behave reasonably.

  As soon as we begin to understand, the body is its own. If it is ruined, it is only you who suffer from sin. Moreover, it is not worthwhile to punish yourself with mistakes made by others. And if you are more competitive with yourself, it is not necessary.

  Second, we began to understand that anger can not solve the problem, but it will make things worse and worse. Because no matter how difficult it is, you have to face it, and when you are in a bad mood, it is easier to make wrong judgments, choices, and decisions.

  Furthermore, we began to understand that time and energy are limited. Therefore, there is no need to entangle the trivial things of the trivial. You don't have to make a big move for those misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and defamations, as long as you are safe and open.

  In fact, the bigger the temper, the more exposed you are not repaired, the pattern is small, and the realm is low.

  When you are in the society, after you have been crawling for a long time, you will gradually smooth out the edges and corners that you should not have, flatten the excess spirit, and then calmly go to life , instead of using your temper to expose your ignorance, shallow And childish.


  The second sign of a person's maturity is that expectations are getting less and less.

  We used to treat anyone and everything with full expectations.

  But until we were wronged, we planted our heads, and after we hit the wall, we discovered that the original effort was only necessary for success , but it was not the only condition. If you work hard, you may succeed, but if you don't work hard, you will not succeed.

  So you just go to work, struggle , and do your best, even if you don't get what you want, at least you have done it without regret.

  It turns out that we treat people with sincerity, but the other party does not necessarily compare the heart, or even falsely. So you have to lower your expectations of others, and you can't overestimate your relationship with anyone, because the higher the expectations, the deeper the damage. The bigger the hope, the bigger the loss. Keeping a normal heart will reduce many unrealistic fantasies and huge sense of emptiness.

  It turns out that we are good people, we should have the quality and cultivation, but this does not mean that from now on, you will not encounter bad things, and even people will report you.

  You can not control other people's words and deeds, you can only manage yourself, as long as the hearts of righteousness and justice there, kind man , clean things, so that a clear conscience.

  When you are alone, slowly reducing your expectations of others, the results, and everything else, you will not become entangled, persistent, and demanding, and become more rational, clear, and wise.


  The third sign of a person's maturity is that the mentality is getting better and better.

  We used to, but when it comes to something unsatisfactory, it is easy to complain. If you meet someone who is better than yourself, you will like to compare it. If you encounter a temporary dilemma, you will easily fall into a depressed state.

  At that time, we were full of negative energy, as if the whole world, we were against us. There is also nothing that makes you feel satisfied. But the more you blame, the comparison, the sinking, the more you will get worse.

  So later, you learned not to complain. If it can be changed, it will change. If you can't change it, accept it. Do not do meaningless internal friction, both for the purpose of stop loss in time, but also to not affect others.

  You have learned not to compare. Most of the time, we only see the sweetness of others, but we can't see the bitterness hidden behind others. Happiness is a feeling of contentment, not a desire to fill.

  You have learned to think about the good side. In fact, everything has two sides. You pay more attention to its positive, optimistic , sunny side, which can attract the same energy.

  Slowly, you will understand that in fact, a person who has a good life has little to do with the people he meets, the things he has done, and the environment in which he lives. It is related to his mentality. If the mentality is not good, the world will become dull. When the mentality is good, life will be clear and clear.

  The maturity of a person is to introspect from the inner state of mind, to adjust, to heal, rather than deliberately seeking from outside, difficult to find comfort and help.

  Everyone is eager to mature.

  In fact, when a person's ability is bigger, the temper is smaller, because they have already trained in the ability, level and strength to face all difficulties, hardships and difficulties.

  When a person's realm is higher, the expectation is less, because he knows more about how to do things first, then listen to the truth of the fate, and more and more will ask himself, rather than hope for others.

  When a person is more optimistic, transparent, and optimistic, the mentality will be better. Because they have already cultivated a good quality of chaos, cloudiness, calmness and calmness.

  Maturity has nothing to do with age. It is a peaceful and enthusiastic state of mind. It is a kind of cultivation that is indifferent to life. It is a mature lifestyle and an attitude of being human.

  May you and me, in the path of life, live more open, open and calm!