In this world, everyone is faced with many troubles and difficulties no matter what age they are, what kind of situation they are in, and what kind of experience they have.

  In fact, most of the time, we are troubled by external causes. It is your state of mind and state that determines and influences your emotions.

  In fact, there is no universal antidote and good recipe for a happy life in this world, but you can live a little free and easy and calm when you do the following three things.

  The first choice, let go.

  Everyone's first half of life is constantly adding. In the latter half of life, we must learn to constantly do subtraction.

  Maybe when we were young, we were carrying a heavy load and we were under a lot of pressure. For this reason, we suffered a lot of grievances, suffered a lot of losses, and walked many detours.

  But after a lot of hard work, we have gained insights, gained experience, and increased our wisdom. At this point, you have to learn to reach a settlement with everything you couldn't put.

  Learn to let go of some people, after all, getting to know one is a fate. Getting along with one game is also a doom. Since there is no chance to reunite, it is better to learn to wave goodbye instead of entanglement. Letting go of others is also treating yourself.

  Learn to let go of some things, after all, whether it is wrong or over, stayed in yesterday that could not go back. Whether important or not important, it has become an unchangeable fact. In this case, it is better to learn to clear the past and lightly move forward.

  Learn to let go of a section of road, if there is nowhere, there are other options and room, do not have to stick to a dead corner that cannot be reached, and feel sad. You don't have to stay in the same place, insist on not being able to go with yourself, maybe turning a corner, going around, it will suddenly open up.

  When you learn how to put it down, you learn how to start over. When you learn to relieve yourself, you learn how to make yourself more relaxed and simple.

  The second choice, forget.

  There will be countless experiences in a person's life. Some may become beautiful memories in your heart, but some become scars and pains that cannot be healed.

  If we put everyone, everything, every beginning and end, keep in mind. In the end, it will be on the verge of collapse and despair because of overwhelming.

  Learn to forget the harm others have to you. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, the martyrdom of others will pass, and you don’t have to worry about it, and you don’t have to remember it.

  Learn to forget the kindness you have given others. When you lose this sense of giving, don't overdo it, your heart will be much more balanced.

  Learn to forget those unpleasant pasts. Those insignificant people and things, insignificant accidents, in the heart for too long, easy to hide, smudge, ash, it is better to leave them behind. Just thinking about it will only make you physically and mentally affected.

  In this life, there are still many things worth remembering.

  Maybe we can't decide what kind of experience we will encounter, but it is your right and freedom to invite people and things that are not worthy into life for too long.

  The third option: cherish.

  Sometimes when we are still trying to recover what we have lost, we try to fight for what we have not got, but we are unknowingly losing a lot of things we originally had.

  So most people will fall into endless remorse and be unable to extricate themselves. In fact, when we learn to cherish, we learn how to create happiness.

  Learn to cherish the present. Don't be lazy, slack and procrastinating when working hard. Only when it is solid and good at this moment, a beautiful future will come as expected.

  Learn to cherish the people in front of you. Give more people to your side, some understanding, care and care, don't leave the worst temper to the person who loves you the most. Don't wait until you lose them before you think about saving and making up.

  Learn to cherish life. You never know tomorrow and the accident, which one comes first. Every day you live should be grateful . Whenever you are, you can't make a bet on your own body, and you can't have any negative thoughts.

  If a person learns to cherish and has everything he has, it will reduce a lot of greed and reduce many regrets. Naturally, he will not live so tired.

  Many of the unhappiness we face, probably stems from the fact that we often linger in persistence and abandonment, and we are confused and confused.

  We always remember what should not be remembered, and forget the inscription, so it will be entangled and remorse.

  When we are always in possession, we don’t cherish it enough. When we lose, we regret it, so we will have regrets and sighs.

  In fact, the road to life is full of bumps and thorns. And when faced with many choices, you have to learn to choose, to judge, to measure.

  No one can tell you the shortcuts once and for all, and no one can give you the experience of copying the whole copy, and no one can help you make a foolproof choice.

  In short, don't be reluctant when you put it down. Don't be competing when you forget. When you cherish it, don't be willful.

  Live a little free, a little calm, simple, life will become more beautiful, clear and transparent!