I have seen such a story: a couple opened a small shop to sell gimmicks, and wrote a name on the red paper to the door. An electric steamer does not steam a few drawers a day. Neighbors are worried about them, can you survive this day?

  Who knows how many people have come to buy gimmicks for a few months, and a few words have been added to the red paper to start selling flower rolls, sugar triangles and hair cakes. After a few more months, I added boiled sticky rice, homemade miso, salted duck eggs and pickles...

  The author wrote that the family "is like a grass that shakes after the rain." Yes, this strain of grass though weak, but there is a touching life force.

  A pair of ordinary couples, through a hard day's hard work, life is getting better and better. However, there are also some people who feel that they have not held a good hand and gave up early.

  Xiaotang Xiaoqiang graduated from junior high school and dropped out of school. He worked everywhere, worked as a courier, a decoration, a car repairman, etc., but he didn’t do it every time. He also always complains, either saying that the work is too tired, or that he is earning too little.

  Once, I met my junior high school classmates and saw that the other party was a graduate student. When I entered a big business, the cousin felt extremely lost. I began to blame my parents for not advising myself to continue studying. I blamed the elders for not having the ability... now he has In his 30s, the money for working can't support himself, and he still loves Internet cafes every day, and he completely renounces himself.

  There is a saying that is good: in the Taiping era, there are very few people in desperate circumstances. Every corner of the society can be seen as self-defeating and seeing the vitality of going to the light.

  And life, will never be ill-treated by people who manage it.


  Simple reason, but not everyone knows.

  Going to a friend company to work, met a girl crying in her office with pears and rain. It turned out that the friend company recruited two new people a while ago, and now only one can stay, the girls who are eliminated to ask why.

  why? The friend said that when the two girls first came, they felt that the qualifications were similar, but after half a year they were divided. A girl is handy, B girl has passed.

  The friend said one thing: two female employees of the company had taken maternity leave at the same time, and the workload was relatively large. They often worked alone for two people and worked overtime. Although A girl is not proficient in business, she is trying to do everything well. In addition to her job, she often helps other colleagues to run errands and order food. B girls do things very carefully, no mistakes, but the efficiency is particularly low.

  Once, my friend heard B girl and A girl say: Don't be so stupid, do more, and credit is someone else's.

  The friend went on to say the second thing: the two girls lived together in a two-bedroom, one-bedroom house where the friend was idle. One night, my friend went back to get something and found that A girl’s room was clean and tidy, with a hint of lavender fragrance, a few pots of small flesh on the window sill, and a green radish; B girl’s room, bed full of clothing And cosmetics, it feels difficult to sit down.

  A friend said that in normal times, B girl is more beautiful than A girl, but she did not expect to be so sloppy in private.

  A person who is so perfunctory in life will not have much interest. Those who work hard to live will be full of hope and have unlimited possibilities.

  Time will not live up to a calm effort.


  Over the years, we have been motivated by wave after wave of success stories , looking to celebrities from all walks of life, envying their lives and eager to replicate their success stories.

  But we must clearly see that in this world, if we do not work hard, we will succeed. I want to achieve great achievements based on many factors such as growth, environment, and opportunities.

  Most people are unknown.

  But this is not the reason we stopped. Because life is not as easy as we think, and it is not as heavy as we thought.

  As long as you work hard to live the best of the day, and not let go of every small opportunity and effort, then the bitterness you have eaten will eventually become the road to the future.