Can we continue to do this?
  You can study in nine classes and two nights a day. You can write two refills at a time to make at least three sets of papers. You can get up ten minutes early and sleep ten minutes to remember a few words and idioms. you can use the phone's play time to understand a math problem, finished an English reading by reading magazines of the time, you can watch movies K song playing party games of the time spent in learning on. There are always people who work harder than you. What is terrible is that you are harder than you. 
  The number of college entrance examinations is 9.15 million, of which 9.077 million are not in the same province as you. Among the same province, 10,000 of them have been sent, 2,000 people have no confidence in post-university employment, do not participate in the college entrance examination, 8,000 are naked, 9000 can not play normally, 1,000 will be late, 42,000 will not test with you School, the remaining 1,000 people, 630 level is not as good as you, 369 will have psychological problems. Your opponent has only oneself left. 
  No matter how many hobbies and interests you have, more social relationships, and deeper feelings of aversion to hard work. At some point in your adolescence, you will understand that learning is more important than all. You have to be ignorant, you have to learn to be alone, you have to push yourself to the greatest potential. No one will pay for your future. You either try to climb up or rot in the bottom mud of society. This is life. 
  Because you have no money, you take her shopping, she is not a line, you save money to send her brand-name bags, she took the counter to check the true and false. But because you have money, you take her to eat food stalls. She thinks you are true enough. You forgot to give her a birthday present. She understands that your work is busy. Because she is not pretty, she cooks for you laundry, you are too dull. Because she is a goddess, she is unreasonable and does not understand you, you will say she is cute. You ask me what is true love? 
  It is very difficult to get up at six o'clock. It is very difficult to recite words. It is very difficult to calm down. But there are always some people who can get up at five o'clock, recite six words a day, and read a book patiently. No one has super powers, but he can decide what to do in one day. You think there is no way, in fact the road may be just a little ahead. Those who are stronger than themselves are desperate, what reason can we stop?
  If you want to change a new phone after the college entrance examination. Buy a computer. Go see a concert. Enjoy a single trip. I can wake up every morning and wake up naturally. Don't worry about the endless work. You don't have to listen to your parents any more. I confidently said that I went out to play. Pulling the hands of lovers is crazy on the street. When I met the class teacher, it was even tighter. Then, go to work hard. At least 18 years old summer vacation needs you. 
  Effort is another name for miracles. 
  Which university do you want to take? Don't say anything, just dreaming, the college entrance examination, the last year has sent a count of the number of exams, you don't try, how do you know what the future is? 
  Do you want to meet someone you once loved in the street or anywhere after ten years or even longer? I once laughed at the classmates you despise, and told you that you can never have a good teacher. I once refused you because you are not beautiful enough and not good enough. The so-called top students who have never seen your eyes before, can proudly raise their heads and smile and say that Laozi is now better than you. 
  You are still running, still worried about life, but I have lived the life I want.   If you want to have a moment, then one day, then pick up your book, any great dream can not come out of fantasy, and any glorious moment must be one minute Second effort comes. 
  You have nothing now, but it means that you have unlimited possibilities. 
  Your mom and dad are for you to struggle , this is the reason why you want to strive.
  The human brain has unlimited potential. You can now see my post to prove that you are a normal person. If a person's brain is fully developed, it is said that you can remember the 26 languages, the entire contents of more than 4,000 books, the smartest in the world. Einstein has only developed 12%, so don't use your own stupid excuse. If you really worry, you are the next Einstein who knows. 
  Believe in one sentence : No one will let you lose unless you don't want to win. 
  Yes, I said that I hate learning, really, I can't understand what the second trigonometric function is. I agree with Ke Jingteng. Ten years later, there must be no mathematics LOGO in my life, but I can still live very well, but this is not the reason why you don’t study. Speaking of the custom, you were born in China, in China. The score in this exam-oriented education is king. If you don’t have the score, you will have no confidence when you put your head up. 
  Are you stupid? No, why not study well? You can imagine that when your grades are very good and the teachers are coming to please you, you can proudly dismiss them even more than the middle finger. You can also scream: It is a cool thing to ask you to look down on Laozi. 
  You are still playing stickers now, immersed in the virtual network every day, you can't extricate yourself. Well, you play, wait for you to play enough, then look back, your classmates and friends around you are better than you. They have abandoned you, they have already achieved academic results, and you are left alone in the computer, you have nothing, you have not lost the capital qualifications of Dongshan, you are afraid at that time, there is a fart ? 
  If I can meet you again in a few decades, whether it is in a rich club or a dark basement, or a public toilet, I hope to recognize you. No matter how much the face on your face has changed, I hope that you can retain the goodness of your heart and not be assimilated by the world. 
  What three things do you do after you are 18? 
  1. I want to go to Tibet alone. 
  2. I have to tear all the math books from junior high school to high school. 
  3. I want to confess.
  But the premise is that I have realized my dream. I know, I know, learning is very good, maybe it’s really not very rich, it’s very powerful, but you don’t think a lot of characters, English can only say Hi, on the surface, you can see the past life, actually Isn’t it really good to have nothing? 
  To be honest, no culture is terrible, and I know that it is really difficult to stick to it. Give it a try.