Xiamen University, I can finally meet you. The
  college entrance examination is over, the points are out, the newspaper is volunteered, the admission is made, you can go to Xiamen University. 
  About the third year happy memories of pain let me draw tears of rest, a dream come true. 
  At this time last year, I was a normal high school student. After every day of inspiration, I forgot my vow of "deathly studying" before going to sleep. I woke up annoyed the next day, repeating day after day. Any day of progress. 
  At this time last year, I also came to this group, sent a punch card, and encouraged each other with the Douban friends. In fact, I didn't have any very specific goals at the time. I just thought that the third year was probably a year of greatness. 
  In the first half of the third year of high school, in addition to my progress in mathematics, everything else is still average, and the teacher called the office to preach, such as "Why can you be good at a good university?" "You know the teacher is watching you." How annoyed is the lack of effort!" Wait and so on. 
  There is probably a sloppy factor in my nature. I have never been able to do it. I have always been "almost" in learning. It is not bad or bad. This is also a bloody girl. Unfortunately, the time of burning blood has never exceeded three days. 
  In the Spring Festival of 2012, for various reasons, I bid farewell to my hometown, made a dear friend, and went to a foreign land to complete my third year. The days of loneliness and loneliness began. 
  Mom is with me, but I still feel that there are no familiar friends, no kind of comrades who can rely on, and the loneliness that overflows from the heart is helpless. I know that from this moment on, in the future, I will fight alone. 
  I set my goal at Xiamen University because it is beautiful because it is very good, because there are so many, I write down on the wall in front of the desk. "Xiada is waiting for you." Whenever I want to give up, I feel like this. When I am fine, I will look up at the sentence, the agreement I wrote alone, and then continue to study hard, in order to go to this appointment.
  In the new class, everything needs me to adapt. The tension of learning makes me unable to meet my classmates. I know that those who have fallen before must catch up in this remaining semester. I have a lot of discomfort. There are a lot of people who don't understand. After class, they hurriedly chased the teacher to ask questions. When the class bell rang, they rushed back from the office. Perhaps the impression I left on my classmates was the rushing figure. 
  The school’s evening self-study is ten o’clock. When I left school, it’s about ten and a half. The whole school is silent, the black-painted only sporadic street lights are still standing, the wind in the late winter and early spring is still very cold, I am carrying The schoolbag, holding a heavy stack of books, look at the night sky, see if the moon is round again, and see how long I can go home. I am really a crying person. Whenever I am alone, I think of my agreement with Xiamen University, and I have to sneak in tears. 
  When I got home and rushed to clean up, I started to endorse. As a liberal arts student, geography is my short board. I hold the review materials over and over again. In the second half of the third year of high school, I never slept before half past two, and I was sleepy. No, lying in bed holding the words of the small back words, back to sleep, the lights are always bright one night. 
  I only have three or four hours of sleep every day. I can only rely on coffee to support me. I joked with my mother that coffee is indeed my good companion. Five bags of coffee a day, barely support the energy of the day. In the last semester, I drink. At least 500 bags of coffee, at the end of the drink, I smelled the coffee and wanted to cry. 
  When the geography is not good, I will memorize geography. The knowledge points that the teacher said in class are followed by a little bit on the paper. Later, after the college entrance examination, I finished my papers. Each of them is red, green and black. If the math is not good, I will try my best to solve the problem. Every wrong question is arranged on the book. After the red pen is corrected, I will write the analysis with the green pen. After the college entrance examination, I will sell the copy of the wrong book and sell it. One hundred yuan. It is an affirmation of the sweat of my efforts. 
  When winter comes to spring, the tender green begins to render the earth, and the flowers outside the window bloom unconsciously. The sun is warming up day after day, and the end of more than one hundred days, the end of twelve years, has come. 
  Into the examination room of the college entrance examination, I am very calm, I think, for the sake of dreams, I can do everything, nothing to fear.
  Although the answer to the question is not the best, but it is also handy, the last English test, the sudden feeling of relief, I really can't forget. 
  One day in the middle and late July, my friend and I went to Hangzhou to travel, lying on the bed of the hotel. The phone suddenly rang. It was my WeChat sent by my dad. He said, "I hope you can wake up in the morning and hear this news. We learned from friends that you have been accepted by Xiamen University. "I spent five seconds in bed and listened to this WeChat again.  I did a very strange move. Covered his head with a quilt and cried. 
  Look, I said that I really love crying! When I saw the official admission result saying "XXX classmates, you have been accepted by Xiamen University, congratulations to you", it seems that there is electric current through my whole body, tears in full. 
  I am fortunate, the last semester of desperation, let me come up with a dream come true. 
  Yu Minhong said: People must have a period of life that reminds you of tears and tears. 
  The third year of high school is such a time. Recalling, tears filled with tears. 
  Now, I am back to this group, I hope to share my story with every schoolmate who is about to embark on the battlefield of the third year. I hope that you can learn my lesson. Don’t know the hard work until the third semester of high school. Please ask From the beginning of the high school, I will unswervingly move toward my goal. 
  I hope you don't be afraid of difficulties. 
  I hope you don't be afraid of suffering. 
  I hope that you will face every setback with courage. 
  I hope that you firmly believe that as long as you pay for everything you can pay, God will see it clearly! 
  High school, I cried many times, how can I cry when I can't do math problems, but I cried when I tried hard but my grades didn't improve. I cried when I couldn't go back to the history book that was repeated and repeated, so much better. time. 
  There is a movie line: One day, those things that make you sad, you can laugh and say.
  Yes, now I can smile and talk about my high school story because I was working hard at the time. 
  My dear schoolmates, the road you are going to set on is very bitter, you may cry, but please don't look back, always believe that you are going. Please also believe that what you have paid and what you have done will respond. They are not missing, just need time to arrive. 
  Finally, end with the lines of a movie I like: If you have a dream, you have to defend it. Those who have nothing to tell you can't make you big. If you have a dream, go for it. achieve. In this way 
  , the feeling of the moment when the dream comes true is really wonderful. 
  It is worth your hard work for it without hesitation.