Looking for a dream, not to bear the tricks
  Author: Zhang Xiangyan, 2012 Fujian Province college entrance examination liberal arts champion, is now studying at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. Hobbies: Playing Chinese chess and reading books. College entrance examination scores: Chinese 120, math 147, English 139, Wen 261, provincial outstanding students plus 10 points, a total score of 677. 
  Wang Guozhen wrote in the poem "Love Life": "Since you have chosen a distant place, you will only care about the wind and rain." 
  This sentence was painted on the stairs of the school, with red letters on white. On the fifth floor of the classroom, I am tired and full of complaints every day, and when I look up, I will see these two lines. Over time, I am familiar with it and can never forget it. 
  This is not an inspirational story in the traditional sense of pursuing the Yan Garden and fulfilling its long-cherished wish for many years . 
  My dream was not originally Peking University. 
  When I was young, Tsinghua and Peking University often appeared side by side, becoming the ivory tower in every child's heart. The rhetoric of "I will go to Qinghua University in the future" can always be easily said by people, and it is always like a cloud of smoke, leaving no trace. Although I can't remember if I said this, I have definitely thought about it. Is this a dream? This is not a dream, because I have not really known Peking University. 
  When I was in junior high school, I knew a little about people and read a little. The image of Peking University in my heart gradually became full. Peking University is not only a first-class university, but also a capital university university. It is the home of the masters of Chinese studies for themselves. It is the bonfire that the "May 4th" raging. Hand care history, I am more and more yearning for Peking University, but the childhood drama can no longer be said. Because, when I saw the beauty of Peking University, I also saw the unattainableness of Peking University. I know that I am not good enough, so Peking University is just a special existence in my heart. I dare not think about it and dare not fight for it. Is this a dream? This is not a dream, because Peking University has not yet become the goal of my struggle.
  In high school, it was a coincidence that I visited Peking University, Tsinghua University and Hong Kong University in a short period of time. The night tour of Tsinghua is just a glimpse of the light, and there is no deep feeling, I dare not comment. When I visited the University of Hong Kong, it coincided with the recruitment activities and the naming ceremony of the "Hong Kong Star". I felt a very energetic and free. During my four days in Peking University’s summer camp, I almost traveled to every corner of the campus and visited the famous “Bao Ta (Bai Ya) Paste (Unnamed Lake) Tu (Library)”, which was exchanged in the department. In the event, I got a deep understanding of various colleges and majors. The once-unreachable Peking University suddenly opened up her whole picture to me. I breathed the heavy cultural atmosphere on the campus. The Yanyuan dream broke through all the barriers that I could not think of. I can finally say that I have a dream, this dream is Peking University. When Peking University became a dream, this road was destined to work hard. 
  This road has come, I have always remembered such a sentence "Evertried.Everfailed.Nomatter.Tryagain,failagain,failbetter." Before the 
  third year of high school , my life was smooth. At the beginning of Xiaosheng, I went to an expensive private school, but I got a scholarship with excellent results. At the time of the senior high school entrance examination, I was the first in the city to vote for the best, and successfully entered the best high school. Before the division, my arts and sciences were the first in the grade; after the division, I still maintained the first grade. 
  However, as soon as I entered the third year of high school, I couldn't find the right feeling. I couldn't get into the state of sprinting. The scores fluctuated and fluctuated. The ranking fell to the seventh place. Even the academic advantage was lost. The most stable and best subjects also lost frequently. During that time, I fell into a trough and began to deny myself, constantly hesitating. 
  The bumps are far from over. In February of last year, I unexpectedly obtained the qualification for the self-enrollment written test, but unexpectedly took a test. With a score far below the score of the Peking University, I only got a bonus from a provincial university and the University of Hong Kong. Interview qualification, remember the day of the checkpoint, looking at the cold numbers on the screen, I smiled and said to myself, it doesn't matter, I don't care about this. However, how can I not care?
  At this time, the words that bear in mind are floating on my heart. Adjusting my mindset, I am fully committed to learning. Perhaps it is because my mentality is no longer impatient, perhaps because I have perfected myself in the failure. After the provincial and city simulation exams, my performance has risen rapidly and soon returned to the original level. 
  Perhaps on the way to chasing dreams, every fall is an opportunity to make yourself stronger. What we have to do is not to fear failure, but to perfect ourselves in failure. 
  In the third year of high school, the most difficult thing to change is the state of mind. The most difficult thing to change is the mentality. And the mentality just determines whether we can play our own level. Adjusting your mindset in failure is more important than success, so learning to face failure is a compulsory course in life. 
  Method The
  learning method has always been "if people drink water, they know how to keep warm." Everyone should find the way that suits them best. So what I want to share is some of my own feelings in my studies. 
  First, try and then stick or give up. In high school and high school, you can try a variety of learning methods, depending on the effect to decide whether to implement for a long time. In the third year of high school, you must have a relatively stable and long-term adherence to the learning model, and let your performance steady and rising. 
  Second, dare to adjust. At each stage of learning, there are corresponding different learning methods. This stage is a smooth way, and it may take a while to become the source of annoyance. Just as the theme of "Who Moved My Cheese" is changed - we must dare to change, dare to adjust, and make progress in learning methods. 
  Social Responsibility
  Some people, when they only care about their own affairs, never look up at the world; some people, with the world as their own duty, always have a sense of historical mission. 
  We cannot be mediocre, and we have not yet been able to become great men. As a student, we cannot ignore our learning tasks and cannot ignore the college entrance examination. As a person in society, we cannot be separated from society and cannot have no social responsibility.
  Even in the third year of heavy study tasks, we still can't forget the basic social responsibility of being a human being, and we must cultivate a broad vision and heart. In the third year of high school, after class, I always talked with my classmates about the world. Perhaps we have only naive and shallow views. Perhaps our debate does not have complete and detailed logic, but in the discussion, we always feel a strong sense of social responsibility. This sense of responsibility drives us to personal desires. Outside the country for the people to work harder to improve themselves. Chasing dreams will give us a kind of courage, and social responsibility will give us another kind of more endless power. 
  Cherish and
  cherish those days, those people. 
  The third year of high school is a special special time, so that everyone can approach with an indescribable jealousy and fear, and then with unspeakable nostalgia and reluctance to go away; it is an indescribable memory, obviously bitter, but can be bitter It produces unforgettable sweet and sour. 
  Living in the third year of high school, I naturally feel that the days are hard to bear, and every day is exhausted. Then, after standing in the third year of high school, I deeply feel that there is a different kind of beauty in my third year of life. In the 365 days of the sprint, I tried my best to achieve a goal, and the feeling of being compact and full of dreams is hard to have. 
  Living in the third year, the happiest is the memories of working hard with the students. Those days and nights that are hard-pressed, those moments of laughter or sadness are plated with a layer of Phnom Penh because of each other's support. 
  After a few years, I will not only remember this road, but also remember the students who have an umbrella in the storm. This is the most memorable memory, this is the most precious friendship.