A sophomore liberal arts students wrote their own inspirational paste
  [A recently this hypocritical gossip ing]
  1, look at that proud of the winter it 
  to see if he would break the blood temperature cemented with each breath a thin stick
  numerous convictions I fell down on the knees and the tears in his knees instantly became ice 
  . How could I be willing to be willing to be willing to be 
  willing to make a few sneers in my own words and enthusiasm 
  ? How can I be willing to pay for the efforts to be drowned in the darkness, 
  how can I be willing to wait for the same person? spotlight smile at each other publicity 
  how this may be willing to fold under oath cowardly crying 
  recent cooling so cold but every man's jealousy and madness they are actually in the heart of discrimination and the owner himself exalted high above 
  I am such a person So I have to see how many clouds in the sky when I look up, soaring in the wind, 
  waiting for the survival, sang, laughing, drinking arsenic. 
  Even if the winners and losers tear up the dream, I should laugh too much 
  . You know, you want to go to Zhejiang University. People! 
  3, do not always chat during class or break, you can look at the English-Chinese dictionary from the beginning, see the words you know with a pencil, and skip the words you know the next time you look at it. 
  4, sleep time to ensure, is the guarantee of learning efficiency. I almost slept at 11 o'clock in the evening and started at 5 o'clock in the morning. I am enough for six hours.
  5, do not want to see the mother everywhere to call around and ask for help after two years, they are not willing to do with the transcripts and can do nothing. I don't want to hear the teacher's snoring screaming at me, and I don't want to see the unexpected expression of my classmates on my target university. So I can't ruin my life like this. I tell myself that no matter what others do, you should do what you should. Regardless of the speed of others, you must be convinced that efficiency is the most important. 
  [Anything in love with a sentence]
  1. When you can swim, you must indulge in your love, because you do not know when the madness will come, and take away all hopes and dreams. There is no way out of life, because the years of whistling wrap us all the way forward. We are forever long-distance runners, and our goal is always the next one. Life is like an arrow. After opening a bow, you can only go forward, even if the blood and bones are scattered. I can do my best, but I want to be innocent. 
  2, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Grasp the present, don't think about the future. 
  3. Hope is a dream when you are awake. 
  4, mechanics such as strength, Qin Zier knows. Mo Daosang’s evening, the sky is still full. 
  5, Mo Dao Erer said the dream, who said that the boy is poor, Yu Ma Youlie. 
  6. Abandoning time is also abandoned by time. 
  7, to be dark, in order to see more stars. 
  8, wait a second, wait for me, come and freeze our cold. 
  9. The loss and the gain, the pain and joy, the fast and slow, the destruction and save you, they are called life. 
  10, people must be firm and decisive, in order to do one thing, must not say goodbye to the nostalgia. The past time and another road that has no choice, even if it is better, is dead. 
  11. Some people can clearly hear the inner voice and live with it. These people are either crazy or legendary. 
  12. "He is sinking, he falls." You laughed again and again, and you know that he fell above you. He is very sad, but his glare is close to your darkness.
  13. Everyone is trying their best to go to the feast. I also hope that I will escape from madness. Self-deception, when you want to hurry, your heart will tremble. Hundreds of pages of paper are torn off at the end of the feast or the bones are broken or the moon is covered. 
  14, in my eyes / you / is green / is tender / is young Fanghua in my eyes / you / is Tiancheng / is good / is radiant. 
  15. If I want to choose in the future, I will still be single-minded. 
  16, the road ahead is still very far, you may cry, but must go, must not stop. 
  16. Knowing that life and death have been fixed ahead, he is still heading to death. 
  [After talking about nonsense, positive and negative energy coexisting] 
  August 2011
  , the ability is practiced, it is forced out by day and night, is sweat and accumulation. It’s not that you’re cocking a lang leg and you’re going to put it in your mind. It’s not that you say that you are lazy every day as you can’t face the excuse of failure. You are just weak, you just don't dare to try, because you are afraid of hard work and try, but you get the result of failure. You are afraid of getting the result that you are just an ordinary person, so you tell yourself a lot of vain reasons, accept people who don't know the truth, appreciate your intelligence, and then, this seemingly full of life. 
  2, people must have a goal, otherwise, even if you work hard, do not do anything, I want to ask, you are so desperate, what is it for? For a sigh of relief? Why do you have a sigh of relief? Because you have to show others your ability. Why give others the ability to see you? Because you want to prove that you are better than them, not what they can look down on. Very good, this is the goal. 
  3. No one wants to remember the occasional glory of your past. You occasionally stand out from the crowd. It is their nightmare. It is a broken nightmare that they think they are 100 times better than ordinary people. So don’t show off again: I want to be someone else... It will only be an understatement: What? How can I not remember? 
  4, to be wonderful, always wonderful, will be worshipped, will be looked up, instead of being despised and ridiculed as above. 
  October 2011
  1, please turn back, the future road is waiting for you, don't let a person smash his own efforts to let go. 
  2. Don't stop, forget all the lies that you have given yourself. After hysterical crying, you will walk forward with great enthusiasm. 
  3, all the bitterness and blood and tears that have been lost in the past, those things that belong to you. 
  4, all of you, once overlooked you.
  5, is trying to lift your head and trying to see your arm. 
  6. Everything you win at this time is not what the person can give you. 
  7. Things should be seen now, don't walk into your own cage and tear your own future. 
  On December
  1, 2011, I was punished by the light of others, but I did not want to admit my mediocrity. I tried my best to disguise my inferiority, not the person I hated. 
  2, I don't want to become the kind of disgust that I hate after many years. The clowns maintain their shallow self-esteem. They live like ants, but they are insignificant, but they are ignorant of their ignorant illusions. 
  3. I don't want to look at myself in the mirror desperately one day in the future, and then I regret to cry, thinking that it feels disgusting. 
  September 2012
  1. Your eyebrows make my cheeks too hot, and your cold smile makes my chest hurt. I tried to understand you in the past, but I fled without saying a word. Yes, I heard my weak cry. You listen to the sound of the world quietly in the distance, but my voice can't reach you and can't reach you. 
  2. I can't see your face. I hate myself like this. 
  3. Is my heart right? I am not eager for you...so it will be like this now... like this? 
  In November 2011
  , a whole month, nothing happened.
  2, I dare not face the real results, the weak choices put the results into the unknown, thinking that this can be expected. 
  3, ah, yes, give it a try, don't try to know how I can't? If you always worry that you can't do it before you do it, you will never progress. 
  4, do not face up and thick up, will live forever in the cracks of others. 
  5, has been on the computer does not know what is in the idle! Is competitive! Lost is competitive! 
  6. I am so proud of how I am willing to be looked down upon by others. How can you be willing to sneer at your goals? How can I not be able to complete my own ideals and become a useless ants. How can I be willing? 
  7, not to cloud, swear not to look back! 
  8, want to do, want to do a good job and try your best, that is enough. 
  9. Why can I be so determined when I make up my mind, but I am also comfortable with it when I break my mind, and my heart is struggling, but my behavior is in violation and I am funny. I think this is the success of the differences are and where ordinary people. 
  10. Goals and plans are not played by themselves. They are used to restrain and self-discipline to improve themselves. 
  11, you want to be a mediocrity, no one will sympathize with you, the people who run with you on the road squint at you, the people flying in front of you are too lazy to look at you, the people who walk with you secretly steal, hi behind you The people rise up and chase you to the ground forever. There is never a day to go. Will this be my life and future? 
  1, 2012 , I am weak, have been procrastinating, have been doing other things to fill the time, but have been reluctant to sit down and enjoy learning. I have been awakened to the end until countless times, and I will continue to reincarnate after the end. In the self-satisfaction, resurgence, firmness, laziness, self-disgust, and non-stop circulation. What am I escaping? Is it still difficult to move? In short, it is an annoying character. 
  2, seeing others climb step by step, and I quickly retreat. When the results come out, will I be sad for a while and then as always? In that case, my life can only afternoon, only lifeThe next person, destined to be a mediocrity, spends the rest of his life between complaining and regretting, and still succumbs to death when he thinks he is smart and just has no chance. 
  3, I don't want to die like this! I don't want to live in the cracks of others, just become an ordinary person! 
  4. I want to tell myself! I am a liberal arts student to be a geography god! Yes, I have to change from geography to geography! 
  5, do not indulge in failure, do not need to be unsuccessful, to understand your own mistakes from failure, bravely come out, I have to believe that the previous failures are for the success of the future! 
  6. I know that I am looking forward to it, which is much higher than it. 
  7. If the lost time is not traceable, then use the current efficiency to fill the gaps in the past, and catch up with others with the highest efficiency and persistence! 
  1, 2013 , can't you stick to it? Why do you change every time you get home? Sorry, my dream, I always betray you, but I really want to focus on you, I hate such a self but it is difficult to change. I am confused, but I am sure that this is my own problem, that is, my belief in you is not enough, and I am lucky. 
  2, I hope that everything is still too late, I hope that everything will not be my hope. 
  3, you can't stop me from moving forward, no matter what you are, whether failure is inert or desperate, can't stop me. 
  4, I hope that all will be reported, let the youth die without regrets. 
  5, is to talk about it has become a laughing stock, or down to earth, depending on your own beliefs, and your insistence on faith. 
  6, come on, Ah, you should be very clear that what you are holding by others is your weakness. As long as these weaknesses are removed, everything will vanish. Some people are destined to not be friends, just as some people are destined to be confidants. I know the words of those who are not important, but I don't care. Only when you are sharp and sharp will it hurt me. 
  7. Is this what I want? This life of inaction is the future I am destined for? You know, these, all of this is caused by me. Success is, failure is also.
  8, here. Are you going to bury your head and move on from now on, or do you just pass it, and become their laughing stock, constantly dreaming of being conceited when you are young? Do you want to look down on them, smile confidently, or look up at them and smile bitterly? 
  9. You are really stupid. Even if you don’t know what is important, you should have no achievements. You should only be in the middle school. You should be trampled on your self-esteem. The ideals that you should say are laughed at. You are not filial, you are so tired, my mother is You feel shame because you are not awake. 
  10. Can't you wake up? Waiting for me in the future, not waiting for my dream in the same place, the future I want. What is it and success? But why, I am not willing to do it, fell in love with the feeling of dreaming? 
  11. Don't take a break if you haven't done it. You have had so much rest in the last few days. They are all prepaid. Why do I go to rest because I have not done it? 
  12. Don't think that you are, don't work hard, I am nothing. 
  13. Going to read a book, want to cry, give me a book, forget someone’s arrogant face? Have you forgotten the determination to make a secret decision? Forget the dream of the future? Do not forget! Don't look back, everything will be fine, just stick to it. 
  14. Pursuing success is the step I can't stop and the way I must go. 
  15 Are you dreaming or dreaming? Are you a dog who wants to work hard for success, or is it a person who has to do it and who will only fail in the future? Failure or not, success or not, is all done by you. It’s all made by you. It’s all made by you. I want to do these things again. Time does not allow you to regret it. If you think about it, decide whether you want to do something that doesn't make sense. Do you want to let this boring thing waste your time, waste your chance, and waste your life. 
  February 2013
  1. Struggle is not just for yourself, but also for those who love it.
  2, see the Douban activity "Do not let your dreams grind in the Dead Sea of ​​time" then let him drown in the torrent of time haha, the dream will only hinder you. It is enough to hinder you from taking the road that they have paved for you. You only need the goal. You know that this is doomed to nothing, and you will go to the sea of ​​millions of young people like you. You have to go, you have no choice, you finally know the reason why you always evade, you also know why you are afraid of failure to refuse to try, because you are tired of learning, you hate to learn for others, for things that are not interested, you You can't face it for a lifetime, you want to cry, but you can't resist. 
  3. People live to find their own value. I want to be worthy of the people I care about, rather than treating their expectations as a shackle. 
  4. This, you have to give up the pleasure in time to embrace the future. 
  March 2013
  , staying for two days is nothing, waiting for you to insist on 20 years and then laugh. 
  2, watching others study hard, you will not be flustered, not nervous, not inferior! Why are you always so indifferent or are you really hopelessly proud? Try to enrich every day, don't waste your life, this is your basic creed, face it. 
  3. I know, I don't want to regret, I don't want to!
  4, time will not wait for us, we can only keep on chasing. So much time wasted before, and now I need to double my efforts to get back. If I really have the heart that is not convinced, I should think of all the pain and then accept it with eagerness and will not look back. This ambition, from then on, no longer talks about rhetoric, and will only proceed step by step. I will not talk about ideals for people, but will only hold dreams in my heart. This is my ambition. I will not be recognized by my surroundings or my ambition to live in the world. You, there is no ambition? Have you found out that it exists in your own body? I have been discovering it for a long time, and I don't want to ignore it at this moment. When I said these things to you, my still trembled. It didn't appear before people, so I was afraid that you would hate it. It trembled because it was still unstable. It trembled because of sorrow I never listened to its voice. Now I am going to run to it. Dreaming of this kind of thing, people with different dreams can really understand each other's feelings about it... I have abandoned it for a long time, I want to take it home, I want to take it to see that I am going step by step for it. The road that I walked through, took it into the blood that I was about to rush for it. 
  5, I became like this, becoming irritable and irritated, I think, perhaps because I can no longer calmly watch my future decline, and I am blind to the darkness of nothing. ...so I can't just look back. Finally, I hope you will hear the screams that it struggles for, for the sake of dreams, for our better future. 
  6. Realize the goal of this realization in order to pursue dreams freely in the future. Is the capital of dreams not to fight for it now? Everything is now paid for the freedom to let go of the future. 
  7, greedy people are not a big device! 
  8. I don't want to live like that for a lifetime. 
  9, so I can only believe in time, can only believe that time will give you my answer. Those who are good and bad, I believe. Everyone's life, no matter how hard or smooth sailing, as long as it is alive, comprehended, and fought, it is worthwhile.
  10. I hope that I can live as seriously as I have said, live decently, pay slowly, and get paid slowly. I hope that what I do is worth doing. I hope that tomorrow will no longer be idle, and keeping up is the creed of my life. I hope that everything is well, friends and relatives, strangers themselves... I hope that the world will become gentle... oh, I am saying hope again, hope more, and only live in hope.