Doing these six points before the college entrance examination will win 
  one and have strong motivation. 
  What is a strong motivation? The strong motivation is that they have sufficient reasons. You must have a reason to take a high score. You can't think that the test doesn't matter. It doesn't have a big ambition. I don't know what the benefits are after success. Indifference to fame and fortune. 
  Second, to be successful, you must be with the winner. 
  There are two kinds of people in this world who can help you quickly improve your score in 47 days. The first one is the fabulous person who raises the score because he has done it himself. The second one is that you think that you can quickly improve your score in 47 days. Because he has deeper experience, he may give you some advice. 
  Third, the winners, take the initiative and decisive action. 
  Success and excuses will never live under the same roof. If you choose to succeed, you can't have an excuse. The person who chooses the excuse will certainly not succeed... If you can't stand it during the training, find some excuses for backache and leg cramps. Please cut your waist and legs, then you won't have back pain... This method is 100% effective. 
  Fourth, successful people are often people who have done more than others. 
  When everyone is depressed, they are looking for a lazy, who will succeed? People who do more than one step, those who stick to the end. Remember, the narrow road meets. The brave wins, think about it, if it is because of the last chance to rise. You, because you didn't do it once, or did it with someone who competed with you, so that countless people will surpass you and remember. What is the law of the battlefield, such as the battlefield: the battlefield is always only the first, and the second is just death and failure. The first is not to say that your first grade is to do more, better, and work harder than others. Then, in the eyes of everyone, you must be the first. 
  5. You believe that you can, or you can't, you are all right. 
  One's beliefHow big is the impact on his potential? There was once a hypnotist who hypnotized a patient, then he picked up a small piece of ice and wiped it on the patient's arm. Then he told the patient that it was a charcoal that had just been taken out of the stove. As a result, after the person woke up, his arm was burnt. How did an ice block burn a person's skin? Faith is very important. 
  For example, when you want to sleep, feel that you have insufficient sleep and need to stop training to prevent your body from being cumbersome – remember, I give you a belief: You are born to be a person who does not need to sleep. With this belief you can keep telling yourself before you faint in bed: I don't have to sleep, I don't have to sleep. You will find that sleep is just a habitual concept... 
  When your thinking is mixed and you can't concentrate - I will give you another belief: your brain is just a chip, you are a robot, the robot will pay attention Not concentrated? Your computer will send out "I love you" as "I hate you" because you don't concentrate because you are not talking.
  You may say when you really can't stand it: I am so painful, I am suffering. Here I want to give you the last conviction. With this belief, when you feel your pain, you have to keep reminding yourself: I love pain, I love pain. Think about it, if a person loves pain, will pain still become his obstacle? With these three beliefs, you will find that the people around you are so incompetent and fragile, so the success of the college entrance examination scores is just a handy sheep for you. 
  6. The past does not equal the future. 
  Many people have experienced failures in learning, and he may be devastated. What I want to tell you is that success is not how many times you have fallen, but whether you have the last time to stand up again.