Write to you who will be taking the college entrance examination.
  Write to you who will take the college entrance examination. In particular, art candidates! 
  Look at the time, it is already the early morning of May 7, 2013. I suddenly realized that another month, I will be the annual college entrance examination! My heart slammed a bit, because at this time a few years ago, I was in a dilapidated bedroom in a re-reading school in my hometown. 
  At that time, I was like you, worried about my dreams , but worried about whether I could successfully pass the cultural class. I can hardly use words to express my inner fear and pressure, because at that time I got the professional test certificate of the Chinese opera, but that was only the only one, and I was 21 years old at that time! I know that God will not give me another chance. 
  My experience is different from what you are in front of the computer. Most of you are freshmen, and at most you only repeat for a year or two. And I re-entered the re-reading school after retiring from the army, and it was in the environment around the crowd, except for my mother , who was skeptical, joke, and mocked by me. I remember the first monthly test after retirement, I only scored more than 150 points for the total score of 750 points, and that is already November of the year, which means that I have to participate in the art test for more than 2 months, only not Give me 4 months of cultural study time. Forced to help, I only rushed forward with a hard scalp. Although I have successfully passed the professional examination, the admission score of 420 points or more in the Chinese opera, plus the single-score score of 90 in the language and 70 in the foreign language is still difficult for me to overcome. 
  After the professional exam, I didn't stay in Beijing for a day and hurried home. I simply ate a meal at home, and my mother took my hand and went back and forth to school. I was still licking her at the time: Can I let me rest at home for a day! I am really tired. But my mother didn't. I went to the re-reading school. I lived in the dormitory of the students. The students were not familiar with it. Many people thought that I was just a person who had not been able to read the cynicism in the army and had no way to repeat it. In such an environment, I secretly vowed that no matter What happened, I spelled it.
  Our family has no power and no power. I know that there is no way to rise except for the college entrance examination. So in the remaining three months, I stay at the desk for no less than 16 hours a day. After all the classrooms were turned off, I ran to the toilet with the buddies who were studying hard at the re-education school. In the stinking toilet, the nose was stuffed with toilet paper, and the words and liberal arts knowledge were recited in the mouth. Here, I would also like to thank the re-education school that year, although it is dilapidated but very vital, the students are also very hard to move forward. Because the college entrance examination in Hunan is too high, we all know that we can no longer fail. This is the fact of our year.
  In such an environment, my grades began to improve. The language rushed to the passing line from the previous dozens. The text was memorized at night, and I had been doing paperwork in the army before, from the beginning. The dozens of points rushed to more than 100, and from 100 points to 150 points or more. Here I would like to thank our class teacher, who taught history. In the classroom, I was always impressed by her passion, and she also placed great expectations on me. I don’t understand the problem, just say, she I will put down all the things in my hands to help me break down. I also thank my geography teacher, a young handsome guy transferred from Yiyang High School. Although he has no good words, he always looks at his naughty eyes in class. I. I am also in my heart. The language and the text are better. Math and foreign languages ​​are too difficult for me. I don’t know math first, I don’t understand foreign languages. I ran to ask a foreign language teacher, remembering that the foreign language teacher only said a few words to me. She said that foreign languages ​​are first words, and you can only do the following things if you remember the words. At the same time, she said that she gave me a word book. I looked at the word book and bite my teeth back to the classroom. So in the next three months, I spend more than 13 hours in the memory of foreign words every day. I don't listen to other subjects except math and essay. I don't know where I came from, and the memory is especially fast. From the first word a at the beginning, to the last word ZOO, I really came back and forth and didn't know how many times. I don't know if this is the use of anyway. It is just that the classmates around me are representatives of foreign language classes. If I don't understand, I will ask her, and she will answer me. After more than a month of this, I found that memorizing words is really useful. At least in the choice of questions, you can understand what the meaning of the sentence is. In the next exam, I also touched a dozen questions, and the results went from the first 20 points to more than 40 points. This is a great victory for me, and in the last month I continued this method of death, and also recited more than 20 English writing essays to prepare for the final question of the foreign language test. As for listening, I basically learned from the same table. Every morning, she took me to read a sentence, asked me what it meant in the simplest sentence, and then put it on again, I tried to do it. As for mathematics, I was doing a good job of abandoning it completely, so I only spent my main energy on mathematics multiple choice questions and the first and second big questions.
  This has passed the last month. My weight has dropped from more than 130 kilograms in the beginning to more than 90 kilograms. During that time, I didn't pick up any phone calls, except for a good friend I met with the art test--- my later college classmates sent one or two text messages. I haven’t played outside for a minute, and I’m basically going to take it with my classmates. When I drive the night train at night, the aunt of the commissary will occasionally prepare two eggs for me. Here I would like to thank the aunt who was a woman who was very honest and did not spend a lot of time. It is also very good for me. Although just a few eggs. ( High school motivational article ) 
  This spent the last two months. In the last mock exam, my language finally broke through a hundred percent. The foreign language reached 60 points, and the text comprehensive score reached more than 200 points. The mathematics was almost the same, but Also got more than 30. Although other cultural subjects can reach the qualifying line, the foreign language is still a bit worse. I looked at the foreign language test paper and wanted to cry a little, but in a few days I was going to take the college entrance examination. I silently looked at the sky outside the classroom window, and said in my heart: Listen to the fate. 
  In this way, I am going to enter the college entrance examination room. I didn’t have any big moves the day before the college entrance examination. I slept well when I slept. The first day was the language, the second one was mathematics or what I forgot, the next day 4 How many points are there? I walked out of the classroom with all the candidates in our county. On the way back, I only felt that my body was particularly tired. When I got home, my mother and sister prepared a lot of food. I ate a little and slept. I slept for three days 
  after I slept... I was a little bit sighed when I wrote it here, maybe it was a little excited at night. It may also be that I have never recalled this for a long time. On the eve of the score down, I pretend to be a little joke, but I will send text messages from time to time. On the day when the results really came down, I dialed the number and sent my transcript. Language, mathematics, and foreign languages: I have more than 80 foreign languages...
  The reason I write these things is to tell all the candidates who have poor grades! Especially the art candidates, I know that the impact of a better university on your future life. Please believe in yourself as you believe in your mother's love for you: cultural achievements can be improved. In today's increasingly fierce competition, since we have no choice, in today's increasingly tense employment, we have no way out, then let go! 
  Remember: don't give up! Not give up! Even if the landslides are cracked, even if the seas and stones are rotten, concentrate all firepower on the culture class. I believe that miracles will always come to those who do not abandon! The body of the person who does not give up! I also wish all the college entrance examination students all over the world! College entrance victory!