The top ten exams in the college entrance examination
  1. Do you want to read the paper first? 
  This issue does not require a unified understanding, and it is completely in accordance with the habits of the candidates. Some candidates are used to browsing the papers and then answering them. Some candidates are used to doing one problem. However, the essay questions of the Chinese papers must be taken first, and you can probably know that you can't answer the previous questions and conceive the composition. This is easy to make mistakes. 
  2. What should I do if I don’t meet the question? 
  In the formal college entrance examination, there is a problem of time allocation for answering questions. Usually, training should consciously cultivate the habit of assigning time for answering questions. If you encounter some questions that can't find the incision or you can't do it in half, you can make a mark, put it aside for the time being, and do the following questions first. Staying too long will not only delay time but also affect mood. 
  3. How to deal with new materials and scenarios? 
  The material has not been seen, the situation is new. This is the original intention of the proposition, allowing the candidates to face the hot and difficult problems of the society, allowing the candidates to use existing knowledge to explain, analyze and solve these problems. New materials and new scenarios can be solved with the knowledge we already have and the capabilities that we already have. 
  4. How do you get high scores for multiple choice questions? 
  One volume of multiple-choice questions has one correct option, and the other three are called "interference terms." First, we must clearly define the specific requirements of the multiple-choice questions. Second, we must carefully examine the questions and determine the content of the test questions. Third, we must improve the ability to filter information. In addition, we must be confident , concentrated, and exclude the pressure of scores. Exclusion or selection can be used. 
  5. What is the problem with the beginning of the problem? 
  Candidates should not be nervous when encountering such a situation. The college entrance examination is a difficult and speedy test, and it is also psychologically paralyzed. When a candidate encounters a problem, the thinking is locked and psychological barriers are generated. This is an immature performance. There are individual problems in front of them, and it is not necessarily difficult to follow the questions. Proposition experts also set one or two puzzles in front to examine the psychological quality of candidates. Candidates must be psychologically prepared to develop their own good psychological qualities. 
  6, learn to "squeeze"!
  The high exam questions are “the fortification of the title and the title of the title”. Each question of the high examination questions is “long teeth”, and each question is “biting”. On the other hand, the high exam questions are divided into steps, and you can get a few points in a few steps. Therefore, candidates should learn to “squeeze” when answering questions, especially for liberal arts subjects. Write more points to improve their score. 
  7. What should I do if I can't answer? 
  Candidates above average level can complete the full volume within the specified time. There is a question to remind candidates, is it not hopeless to go online? This is not necessarily! First, it is a total score to decide whether to go online or not. There is not enough total score for a certain two subjects. Second, "doing it" and "doing it right" are two concepts. If the individual questions are not finished, the front The correct rate of the question is high, and it is also possible to get a high score. Therefore, as long as the candidates are normal, they can take time to answer questions. 
  8. Do you want to check if you can't finish it? 
  Some candidates can't finish the test papers within the prescribed time, especially mathematics and science synthesis. In this case, do you need to take time to check the previous test questions? The conclusion is yes. When there are still about twenty minutes left in the exam, if there are still some questions that cannot be done and will not be done, then simply give up. It is meaningless for the average candidate to spend too much time. It is better to use this. Time to carefully check the questions that have been done before. The practice of the college entrance examination for many years proves that many candidates can check the previous questions in the last period to find out the mistakes, recover the losses, and win the scores. This loss is worthy of consideration for the candidates. 
  9. Is the last question the most difficult? 
  Not necessarily! Many candidates have a certain understanding of the gradient of the test paper. They always think that the last question is the most difficult. When the time is not enough, they don’t even look at it. If you go out of the examination room and look at it again, this question is not very difficult. At least it can be Do a few steps and get a few points. Therefore, every question must be carefully read. Every question must be carefully considered. It can be done in a few steps. 
  10, give the candidates a jingle
  "slowly do the right to seek the right, steady to do the mid-range problem, one point is not wasted, give up all will not." Last sentence"Should not go all out" should be used with caution. The high exam questions are not a matter of sight. The information needs to be refined, the knowledge must be integrated, and the problem can be solved. "Should not go all out" means a very difficult question, and you can do half the problem of not doing it. If you don’t see it, you won’t get it. For outstanding students, it is not only impossible, but also to be right. As long as the candidates can grasp these elements well, the college entrance examination goal will be achieved.