Candidates who failed to write to the exam
  who failed to write for the exams At the moment they knew the scores, their hearts filled the evening. 
  I used to look up at the tall branches. I am my own Danqing master, the future picture is warm and dreamy, but a hurricane will cut off the branches, and the heart that looks up will fall vertically. The originally anticipated plot has such content, in the true envy of others, with low-key words to reply, full of happiness in the bottom of my heart; even in the face of the defeated flowers, the scenery is full of scenery ... but now all this It’s turned into powder, and where is your future? Is there a future? All the tomorrows have already passed before the morning, drowning themselves in the bitter tears. The increasingly old parents are sighing with sighs in your infinite mourning, and they are tempted to make people. 
  The situation of picking up the lights and reading at night Su Sheng is in the boundless thoughts. The back of the mother is accompanied by his own eyes. The teacher said that the pay is directly proportional to the result, but why is his own effort evaporated? A farmer has worked hard to adapt to the arrangement of God. How could his fall be dry? In the ocean of words, I have never caught such a trick and desolate. 
  The volunteers are coming to an end, and they are still sinking in the mud. They say, "I don't want to go to the middle school." When I heard this emotion, I was stunned. When some people hear that they are likely to read such a school, their hearts are filled with happy bubbles. Why are they completely categorized? Why is the uneven atmosphere not to be scattered? Probably knowing that those who are not as good as themselves have an ideal place to go, probably those who share their own shoulders have a good home, or perhaps we have instilled in the school before the exam, it is equal to delivering their future Give the result of rubbing a shoulder... The 
  former is the former, how can you calm their hearts? In the face of the sea of ​​life, although they know the changes in the tides and tides, how can there be no logical reasoning in the fluctuations of others? Why is our education so arrogant and confining the sea to their own individuality, but the lack of broad thinking that connects everyone's sea? This makes them unable to calm their own storms in the face of reversed logic, and lacks the power to unload their inner dusk.
  Or maybe the latter, scrolling through the past with them, vaguely remembered that they had thrown such remarks. You are the only one in your family. Jackie Chan and Chengfeng are rooted in the hope of the heart; they believe that they will leave a clear mark on the path of the muddy. Under such guidance, they practice the teachings of real knowledge, so they are not in the shadows. The days of fantasy are dazzling. On the journey to the fate of the fate, even if there are occasional intensive clouds, they do not bury themselves in the gray, the wind and the sun is a step closer to the next step. They have the confidence and strength to defeat the small reefs, because they feel that the small reefs are tempered by themselves, because they are determined to be the final decision of their own. But the final conclusion is that it deviates from the human heart, and it is not shameful. It is obvious that you can't avoid it. Tears can only sink and can't lift the results. 
  In their dignified eyes, my heart is full of sorrows, and I can't stop thinking about it. For the seeds that happen to fall into our education fields, what kind of education should the teachers give them to be the real human education? That should not be the inheritance of knowledge itself, it should not be a simple, fanatical pursuit of success , it should not be just the courage and strength to move the small reef. 
  Before the crucial test comes, we not only tell them that “there is not necessarily a result, and there will be no result if they don’t pay.” Is it still worth adding that the logic of life is not the logic of our imagination, not the experience. The superposition, but the existence of our unreasonable interpretation according to common sense. Just as someone who doesn't go to college is still alive, and someone who has read college is still alive. Not all life is predictable. What you have to prepare is a bright state of mind. Even if you fail, you should be high-spirited. Even if you fall, you must have dignity. When you can't stand it, you have to learn to use your smile to relieve pain for your parents. When you plant it, the rope that holds the spirit stands up again, silently treating the pain of your inner blood, suggesting that all the pain in your youth is to let you go. Got a walking stick that goes further, gaining deep peace of mind, deep water, and rushing to the majestic life.ocean. Think of falls as spiritual practices, and those who fall and stand up again are not more profound and not more sincere? Children, the road of practice is always lonely, there is no moonlight night, put on the inner lantern, walk with a good foreboding and auspicious wishes, and walk through the early morning of one bird after another. 
  You endure loneliness, you enjoy your wisdom, because wisdom comes from loneliness. For some people, life is a tragedy in which wisdom is a step forward. May your wisdom come early.