Did you have a rich second generation without a college entrance examination? 
  "Do you have a rich second generation without a college entrance examination?" Does this sentence make sense? 
  This is an old topic, but it is another year of the college entrance examination season, the college entrance examination will briefly occupy the front page of the major platforms, recalling the two years ago, it is really a thousand emotions. Since no one has mentioned this question yet, I would like to hear what the insights of the big guys have. 
  I know that the college entrance examination is an important opportunity for ordinary people to fight against the fate of helplessness, but I don't want to see the media, the government, and scholars repeatedly emphasize this, and never mention the problem of uneven distribution of educational resources. 
  Harvard students are more from wealthy families, and American scholars are studying the uneven distribution of quality education resources behind this phenomenon. China’s Tsinghua University has such problems. I hope that our media, government and scholars can care about it. Aside from all kinds of extra points and recommendations, the college entrance examination is fair. If you can't get it, you can't get it, but the contest is not started at the moment of the college entrance examination, but starts from kindergarten. Quality kindergartens, quality primary school secondary school degrees, and family education are all “naturally” tilted towards the rich. At the time of the college entrance examination, it was a contest of more than a decade of education gap under a fair competition rule. 
  Yes, this is very free competition, competition is affected by ability, ability is affected by personal wealth, and it is very fair. Ordinary people can blame themselves for not studying hard, why not invest more in their children's education, can agree with such an environment and free competition rules, and can agree that the college entrance examination is a very important opportunity. However, the government, scholars, and the media should not be satisfied with such fairness. Such fairness brings about the inequality of education among people of different wealth. In the end, the proportion of the children of the rich is larger and larger, and the poorer students The more you fight, the more children of the rich.
  Now our government, scholars, and the media are still at a level that is satisfied with the "high school entrance examination is an important opportunity for the poor students." This is really the people's misfortune. Education and medical care should minimize the impact of personal wealth. I don't believe that it can be absolutely unaffected, but I am willing to see progress again and again. Governments, scholars, and the media are discussing these issues instead of using fairness to cover up. equality. A good government will make fairness, equality, and freedom a dynamic balance, and on medical and educational issues, it should be equal. 
  The government is the rule maker, the scholar is the think tank, and the media is the mouthpiece. When these three things are satisfied with the concept of "Everyone is equal under the college entrance examination", and fail to make a comprehensive investigation of the current educational situation, we can only say It is a dereliction of duty and a blind eye. 
  Once again, I think that ordinary people and poor students should not be too self-defeating. Don’t think that there is no chance in front of them. The college entrance examination is really an important opportunity. Although you have to struggle for many years and work hard for several times, you can sit with those people. Drink coffee, but this is really an opportunity. 
  However, the government, scholars, and the media cannot be satisfied with this level and give up thinking, let alone instill this in the ordinary people. Don't you feel embarrassed? 
  Originally, I only said that I have a view on this sentence, but there are many discussions on education in the comments. Let me also say a little. 
  I know that there is no absolute equality and fairness. This is to undermine free competition, but the problem now is obvious lack of equality. Just like the US presidential campaign, free competition is relative. In order to reflect fairness and equality, the amount of elections is limited. Economic freedom is dominant, but it does not hinder the government's intervention in the economy and the formulation of social welfare. Medical care is based on equality, but it must also be introduced to the market freely. On the issue of education, free competition is good, but the result of lack of freedom and equality and fairness is that poor children are more and more difficult to educate their children.
  I don't know what hatred you have with the rich second generation. I think that on this issue, we can see the words of "enrichment". Your hatred of the rich second generation is too big... I think the "rich children" I said above. "It is very neutral. If there is bias, you can leave a message and I will modify it." As far as I mentioned, education should balance fairness and equality. It is not to obliterate the children of the rich, just as social welfare and relief will not hinder the wealth of the rich. (Of course, I feel that equality and fairness are on the issue of education. It is higher than social relief). 
  The key is how to find the balance point. Yes, I can't find it. I don't have any practical suggestions to solve this problem. I think these problems should be handed over to specific people, but it does not prevent me from saying two words. Comments, so don't yell at me "You can you come a!" (and you are the first language), I don't need to play football to comment on the national football.