Ten years of dreams, dreams are like flowers
  In May in Beijing, the air was filled with dry warmth; in May, Peking University was full of lush greenery, and the campus was full of busy figures; under the Boya Tower in May, the sun was shining, and the unnamed lake reflected the early summer of the lake; In May, I recalled the two-year high school I had traveled. I don't know how to describe everything I have done in order to step into this ivory tower in the past two years. Can only say: a dream of ten years, a dream is like a flower. 
  HELLO High
  School When the curtain of the June college entrance examination fell, we were pushed into the ranks of the third year. We are still talking about the new things in our second year of high school. When we are discussing the senior school seniors and being admitted to the top schools, we are so embarrassed to enter the third year of the third year. 
  The teacher said: Welcome to the third year. The teacher's tone is still the same, the smile is as usual, but we don't realize the meaning behind the teacher's smile. After that, I used the time of two years to taste the meaning of this smile. I think that in the past two years, I have experienced the unique charm of the third year of high school, or the charm of being persistent in my dreams. Full of envy, full of confusion about the future, I stepped into the third year. Since then, this is destined to become a lonely journey. Struggling
  with the classmates who have been together for two years in a familiar classroomWith. We talked, laughed, and made trouble. However, the superficial jubilation can not hide the tense atmosphere of the third year. No one knows what the college entrance examination means. No one knows where the college entrance examination in June next year can take us. But this is the unknown, so that everyone keeps fighting and working hard. I went to the classroom every morning and went to bed while eating breakfast. Every night, wearing a starry sky, with exhaustion and tiredness, count the rest of the day, go home alone, and start another journey in the evening. In this way, the college entrance examination deprived us of all freedom without knowing it; in this way, the college entrance examination unconsciously compressed our youth from a three-dimensional compression into a plane. In such a special period, all our emotions and sorrows seem to have been abducted by the results. We are happy because of the fluctuations in each grade, and we are sad. We are entangled and relieved because of the process of solving a certain math problem. We are moody, huh, we are helplessly ridiculous. Perhaps this is the imminent but unreachable college entrance examination that brings me the most intuitive feeling. 
  Every monthly exam at the beginning of the school made me feel nervous, lacked the tempering of the exam, and over-emphasized the monthly test scores, which made me more and more unconfident. In the face of dreams that seem to be within reach, I am less and less calm. I am afraid of the monthly exam, but I am eager to prove my ability through the monthly exam. Those who have not experienced this time may not understand our tangles and mess. I think this entanglement has made me move forward, let me keep working hard, let me make up for this uneasiness and incitement in my efforts. Later, slowly, with the increasing number of monthly exams, as I gradually became accustomed to the rhythm of the third year, I became more and more in love with this kind of life, pure, monotonous, but let us full of passion and full of enthusiasm. Constantly monthly exams, more and more understand the meaning of the monthly exam, no longer value the results, let me become more and more humiliating. The creed of Heavenly rewards encourages me to step by step and become more determined. I am careful on this unknown road, but I have no hesitation. 
  When the dreams pass by, the
  time is rushing through the busy, more and more June, the increasingly scared glare of the sun is on schedule. In the early summer, the noisy cicada made me feel the approximation of the college entrance examination. I began to become overwhelmed, thinking that the college entrance examination far away came to me in an instant. The college entrance examination is like a date, but I am a little caught off guard. I am scared. I began to become anxious, insomnia into the night, or was awakened by my ruthless college entrance examination results in my dreams.
  In this way, I entered the examination room of the college entrance examination. I thought that the dream will be realized soon, but the reality gave me a cold water after smiling at me. I am getting worse when I have problems with the English listening equipment for college entrance examinations. The ruthless reality has poured out all my enthusiasm about the future and about dreams like a heavy rain. I am lost again. In the face of the students who have achieved the test, I can't let go of their bright smiles. Ten years of obsession, ten years of hard work, are now cruelly degraded by several exam papers. I don't know what else I can do tomorrow. I don't know where I lost. In the dilemma, I chose to come back. Making this choice is one of the most difficult things in my life. I think, maybe I can go to a school that listens to okay and read a good professional. Since then, I have to say goodbye to my dream Peking University, so that I don't have to suffer from a year without a holiday, no freedom, and a stressful junior. However, in the face of Peking University, facing the dream of ten years, faced with countless times. I chose never compromise. 
  The sun always comes in the
  blink of an eye, and September is coming. I am sending away my classmates who are carrying their bags away from their hometowns to the dream school. I hide my bitterness under a stiff smile, and I have imagined such a separate scene. But I did not expect that I would just send away others. Reluctantly refused to cry, reluctantly chose to return to the original point. Regaining the textbook and starting a journey that is the same but different. 
  In the face of a group of students I don't know, I don't know how to say hello to them when they are full of passion and who are full of dreams. As always, I am confused, as always. I am not only unknown to the future, but also doubt that I will give up everything to gamble on a future full of variables. I sat in the corner and started to sprint with them again. The painful lessons of the college entrance examination allowed me to grow rapidly in a few months. In the face of them, I finally found out where I lost: I was too concerned about the results, and I was eager to escape this must-have journey. I forgot to look back at the road I have traveled in my busy life, and more and more deviate from the normal direction. Care about the results. I don't know how to release the pressure, which made me feel overwhelmed and let me panic when I faced the exam later. So, decided to make a change.
  I don’t think about how to make my own performance better. I don’t think about how to make myself able to reach the other side of my dreams when I step on my lonely journey again. I don’t just think about how to be a winner. I smiled brightly on the other side. I am more concerned about what I have experienced and what I have experienced in this process. 
  I like to listen to "The Original Dream" repeatedly every night. Fan Qiqi's clean voice is reluctant to stick to the original dream . Every day when the night is shrouded, the feeling of beating notes striking the eardrum is quietly felt, like someone whispering in the ear, telling you how strong the initial desire is. This song accompanied me through the most difficult time, but gentle but gentle, but also contains the desire to endlessly want to rush out. And this is the strongest feeling I have in my senior year. I slowly fell in love with this feeling. I still study hard every day, and I still laugh with everyone every day. What is different is that I no longer fear the college entrance examination. I learned to wait for the opportunity and leave all the anxiety about the unknown to time. Do what you should do every day, don't worry. 
  When the axious sun in June approached again, the noisy cicada was like a battle song for me. I think, finally, I will wait until this day. Wait until the last level is about to reach the other side. I smiled and was as quiet as I was going to meet with my long-lost friends. 
  The two-day exam, no imaginary tension, is not as difficult as imagined. The ringing of the final volume sounded, but I was too late to leave the examination room. Facing the test number attached to the table, I remembered the same day last year, and found that time passed, leaving me with growth, leaving me with unspeakable love and hate. Leaving the examination room, there is an impulse to cry. One year, another year, I have been through this for two years. 
  At the end of the college entrance examination, take the car through the city. Sunlight draws the architectural shadows of the city long and long. At this moment, the deprived freedom and joy have been doubled at this moment, and all the grievances and sadness have been released at this moment. I think, this year, learning to wait quietly is my biggest gain. In this way, I ended my two-year lonely journey. I ended up with double the time to end the lonely journey with a winner's gesture and reach the other side of the dream. 
  At the moment, the flowers are blooming, and a dream is ten years...