Dream back to the third
  year of high school students who have not experienced high school, most of the high school three-year life imagination is not very accurate, that it is only endorsement, calculations, stacks of papers, piles of grass paper, sleepy eyes and five or six points in the middle of the night A big suffering caused by the alarm clock of the clock . When I experienced the third year of high school, I really realized that the third year of high school is actually a dream of condensing life. There are hardships, sadness, joy, and true love... 
  "What is moving. June apricot flower laurels; who urges me, Three more lights and five chickens." At the beginning of the third year of high school, the teacher's and parents' teachings are always ringing in the ear, such as "grab the minute to learn" "to collect the heart" "work hard, now It’s up to you.” It has been said that it has been said for more than ten times, and it has been heard that it has been heard for more than ten times. The speaker is suffering and the listener is guilty. However, both sides are willing and involuntarily. The willing pain is deeper than the pain. Only at this time, bitterness and love are intertwined, but here, music and hate are sublimated. 
  The study of the third year of high school is really tired. In one day, the language sends ten papers, and the mathematics sends ten papers. Ten hair rolls in physics... In the evening self-study, the chemistry teacher announced with the blushing eyes that after three nights of the teachers of the chemical group, I have sorted out the 100 college entrance examination simulation exercises, and now I’m going to continue, I hope everyone As soon as possible. Before the class, the most fashionable topic was how to solve the last question of the last night's paper. In the early self-study of reading English, a large number of buddies and sisters were squatting on the table to make papers, which made the English teacher mad and thunder. Hair curling, making a roll, talking about a roll, changing a roll, and sorting a roll. It constitutes a "highly beautiful landscape" in the third year of school... It 
  was stunned by the scrolls and had to be awake in physical education. Struggling from the sea of ​​questions. How brisk is to hold the ball to the playground. Some people who admire the high school and high school students have no worries. In fact, I said that the most enjoyable is the third year. The mood of the high school on the court. It is quite like the mood of Sun Wukong just getting liberated from Wuzhishan. Play basketball, play football, and ping pong. No matter who they are, they are all stinky, their hair is unkempt, and their clothes are dirty.
  Perhaps it is the high school brothers and sisters who have a special heart, a class is like an inseparable whole, and even rises into a cultural phenomenon, such as a friend of mine called "high three." Opening and closing is how "we are three high". The "high three" is indeed very special. Many high school and high school students can't do it, and the freshmen's brothers are not interested. Had to do it by the "high three". Such as: singing on the road in front of everyone. More than 50 people in the class went to roller skating and so on. Maybe it’s time for the third year to break up. The exchanges of the students are also unusual, and often they will be friends with special intimacy. On the evening of the high winds and high winds, ride home, sing and talk about life ideals and national events. This said that he is not a Qinghua, and that the test is also open to the South; this said that the US Embassy in the South Embassy is too bullying the Chinese, that said China should use the bulldozer to razed the US Embassy, ​​so many, and so on . The "high three" is so happy to give themselves fun under heavy pressure. It is really hard to say that suffering is too good. There is a "high three" very philosophically summed up: "Only a big bitterness, can have great music, high school, is the best combination of great suffering and big music." 
  This is the third year. The study of the third year of high school will be the foundation of success for the people ; the friendship of the third year can be old and long-lasting; the seniors and teachers are like the father and son, the mother and the child are very serious, the teacher is strict and even strict to the students, but can not help but reveal kindly. The fate of a lifetime is determined by this, the world view is formed, and the voice of the shouting is no longer naive, and the steps taken have begun to be steady. The waving arm began to be strong, the activity of the brain began to be orderly, and the person began to mature. The third year of high school has contributed to a real growth. Both the body and the mind have a leap. Losing the third year, life lost a passion, lost a pure innocence, lost a hot calorie, lost a maturity; and grasped the third year, it took hold of the whole life. 
  Now that I left my third year of life and left my alma mater, it was vividly seen yesterday. Back to school to see, to find just gone yesterday, the classroom, on the playground, I am in the shadow ...... yesterday all the high school senior from me so close, yet so far ...... in fact, 
  recollection of high school, dreams of the third year, a Full of youthful dreams.