Wang Tianyao: Every opportunity to do his best
  . Wang Tianyao, 18, is a high school student affiliated to Jilin University. In March of this year, she received an acceptance letter from the University of California, Berkeley College of Arts and Sciences, the world's number one public university. Double Happiness is that she also applied for the “Student Leadership Scholarship” that the university has awarded to freshmen. 
  The teachers and classmates who are familiar with Wang Tianyao have a common impression on her: the thin body often holds the Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary, which is the "largest on the market." 
  In fact, when he first entered junior high school, Wang Tianyao also “had not learned English very much”. Once, the English teacher told an English joke that most of the students in the class were laughing, and she was in the cloud. 
  There is a tradition in the English class in Jizhong High School: the first 10 minutes for student speech, and one student per class, in turn. For the speech in the English class, Wang Tianyao began preparations one month in advance. Wang Tianyao, who refused to admit defeat, "can also be very good at proving his English ability", specifically looking for an article with many new words. When Wang Tianyao recited the full text in front of other students, the response was: "I didn't understand anything except the conjunction." 
  This experience allowed her to taste the joy of literary English and “small sense of accomplishment”. 
  Wang Tianyao has two English-Chinese dictionaries, one big and one small. Large on the desk, small to carry with you. "In the process of looking up the dictionary, you can see the extended content of other forms and usage methods of the new words. Other words on the page where the new words are located can also be recited together, and you can get more." Thanks to the frequent translation of the dictionary, Wang Tianyao became The "living dictionary" among the classmates can freely pick up a strange word. She can tell the various forms and usage of the word. And the Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary, which followed her for 6 years, has several layers of glue strips on the corner of the cover, and the side of the dictionary is black. 
  The class in which Wang Tianyao’s junior high school is located is an experimental class in the affiliated school of Jida University. “The students are very bullish.” Some people have completed junior high school courses through extracurricular classes or self-study, while others have studied according to their own plans. 
  Wang Tianyao never reported an extracurricular tutoring class. In her opinion, students who have completed their textbooks through remedial classes or themselves are “very confident in the classroom”."But because she didn't learn the course in advance, she was more serious when she was taking classes, and her class was more efficient. "The idea of ​​following the teacher in class, the task of carefully completing the teacher's assignment is the only rule." 
  Wang Tianyao said that in the later period. During the study, the students who have completed the course in advance will gradually disappear. "Because in the exam, my grades are comparable to them. 
  " "You can choose not to learn ahead of time, but you can't make a mistake for the second time." Wang Tianyao said. To this end, she prepared two books for each subject, one for recording the heavy and difficult knowledge points, and the other for the wrong questions. In the 
  middle school, Wang Tianyao scored 594.5 points (out of the score) 600 points) was among the best candidates in Changchun in the same year. When I was 
  in high school, because there were only 4 students in the first International Department of the Jida High School, the students’ self-reliance was stronger, but Wang Tianyao still insisted on completing the task assigned by the teacher and then proceeding to himself. The study plan. 
  From elementary school to high school, Wang Tianyao, who did not attend the tutoring class, used his weekends and winter and summer vacations to learn his favorite dances and guzheng. Because the dance was good, the instructor suggested that she choose to be a professional dancer. In high school, she also took the highest level of the guzheng amateur group. The 
  school girl likes to call her the "goddess" of the international department. They are very willing to ask her to study together. "There is no difference in the local gas field of Wang Tianyao. will consciously quiet study. " 
  on semester sophomore, Wang Tianyao first entry TOEFL teacher Wang Ling. encouragement :" the first test, do not be too concerned about Performance, take it easy, when you look at the kinds of questions. "Wang Tianyao's idea is, "If you want to spend time, you have to do your best, regardless of whether there is still an opportunity afterwards." 
  After careful preparation, Wang Tianyao's first TOEFL score of 104 points has met the requirements for applying to American universities. Subsequently, she began to fully prepare the SAT exam. 
  when sophomore summer, Wang Tianyao see the school summer school (summer school) project, we try to apply when viewing the Harvard University website. application successLater, Wang Tianyao went to Harvard University alone, and spent two months studying two courses in statistics and psychology, and earned 8 credits. 
  During Harvard University, Wang Tianyao traveled to the dormitory and library every day, living a two-point line. In the end, the results of both courses are A. The psychology professor told her privately that her psychological score was the highest score among the same batch of students. 
  Wang Tianyao’s mother, Hou Xinhua, said that her daughter’s best attitude is the habit of growing up from childhood. When Wang Tianyao began his first year of elementary school, his mother would not allow her daughter to eat and drink while she was doing her homework. The influence of his father, Wang Pei-lun, on his daughter is "to be the first to be brave." Wang Tianyao has always believed that "not being the first is not me", "although it is impossible to take the first test every time, but every time I hold the champion's mentality, I will fully prepare."